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-X.M A.K.A Yukiko Misaki

Everyone hates Mondays. It doesn't matter if you're a morning person, an enthusiastic person or in this case a twin that is getting her ear screamed off. The weekend was long since over and only one of the Misaki children bothered going to school that uneventful Monday, even so she didn't pay attention. She doodled the day away, ignoring every single teacher that bothered to stand in front of the class and speak. No teacher really cared enough to scold the girl for not paying attention to them since they all knew well enough of her departure, but this was the last straw for Mrs. Beaks, the strictest Algebra 2 teacher in Ouran.

"Misaki!" Beaks screeched, slapping her ruler on the desk the girl sat behind. The classroom turned to the scene unfolding in front of them, catching the attention of the Hitachiin brothers and female host that had a front row seat to it.

"I know mommy is not here right now and we don't know why, we fear how we feel inside. It may seem a little crazy, pretty baby but I promise momma's gon' be alright." The teen sang in a whisper to herself, following the lyrics of a song she knew all too well. Her eyes were closed, her head bobbed back and forward to the rhythm of the music that blared in her ears.

"Yukiko Misaki! Speak when spoken too!"

"I'll go back to the jeweler who sold it to ya and make him eat every carat don't fuck with dad." A chuckled escaped Yukiko as she eased off the headphones, fixing her messy choppy black hair with her fingers. "You say something Ma'am?"

Haruhi let out a groan and shook her head in disappointment. As the days counted down, it seemed that Yukiko began to care less and less about school. The brunette shared almost every class with the twin and to every class; she brought nothing other than a sketch pad, one pencil, one sharpener, one eraser and her aged iPod. She had scolded Yukiko for it but only received a shrug in response. The tension between her, Hikaru and Kaoru was gone; they simply wouldn't look at each other and ignored the other existence. Haruhi noticed Hikaru trying repeatedly to scribble down a note to try and talk to the twin throughout the day, but he chickened out at the last moment, scrunching the note into a small ball and shoving it into his pocket with defeated sighs each and every time.

"I don't care that you leave next week, you are still a student in my class until the very last day and you will pay attention! Is that clear?" Mrs. Beaks yelled, straightening up and crossing her arms firmly over her chest.

"Crystal." Yukiko responded dryly. Beaks gave a curt nod and walked back up to the front of the class, leaving a frustrated teen behind to huff a puff of air up to her bangs. "Idiot." She murmured.

"Yukiko pay attention just for today." Haruhi whispered harshly. Yukiko shrugged, twirling a strand of her hair.

"What's the point?" She flipped open her sketch pad and quickly took a glance as Haruhi; studying her quickly much to the doe eyed host's discomfort. With a nod, the twin turned around and began sketching. Haruhi let out a disappointed sigh and shook her head once more, turning her attention back on the teacher.


Hikaru stared at the notes he had collected throughout the day. His appetite dissolved into thin air when he read over what he had awkwardly written.

'Please, can we talk?'

'Hey, do you have time after school?'

'When are you leaving again?'

'How have you been?'

'There is something I need to tell you…'

'I really need to talk to you Yuki.'

'I miss you.'

"Not having an easy time huh?"

Hikaru was snapped out of his daze by Haruhi's voice, he quickly collected the notes he opened and shoved them back into his pockets.

"Look Hikaru, It would be a bit selfish of you to let her go on thinking you hate her right?" Hikaru frowned slightly, he was getting scolded by the most oblivious person when it came to love… and she was actually making sense to him. While Yukiko made no attempt to talk to him, if she walked past him or near him or even locked eyes with him for less than a second she would hang her head low, a look of sadness glazing over her for a moment before being replaced by pure indifference.

"I guess…" Hikaru murmured before becoming defensive. "But it isn't my fault!"

"I know." Haruhi stated, opening her bento box and taking out her chopsticks. "But worrying the host club and Kaoru is." Hikaru couldn't help but look surprised at her bluntness. "Kaoru is upset too you know."

"Yeah I know."

"So why not put on a smile, make him feel better?"

Haruhi began picking at her rolled omelet and left Hikaru to his thoughts until Kaoru made it back to their table from the lunch line. The older twin glanced at his little brother, seeing the glazed look in his eyes set as he began picking at his food as well. The brunette gave him a side glance when he slowly stood up from his seat, finally catching Kaoru's attention.

"Hikaru?" Kaoru mumbled in confusion. "Where are you going?"

"Nowhere Kaoru. I'll be back soon." Hikaru tried his best to give a smile as he walked off, ruffling Haruhi's hair on his way out of the cafeteria. He felt Kaoru's confused stare boring into his back until he was completely out of sight but still proceeded to walked down the halls to the Third music room. He decided to take the route through the abandoned hall way, one that was normally only used by the middle school students travelling to the high school, but even they had stopped using it. Hikaru drew to a halt as he looked around himself in a moment of realization and sadness, his eyes scanned the tall hedges where he or his brother hid, the pillar where they would wait for their victims, the silence that only made the girls they toyed with all the more tense. Without thinking, he pulled out all the pleading notes he had written again, letting his eyes glance over at the small opening into his feelings. 'This was where it all started.'


Yukiko had skipped out on lunch and decided to not head to her class early. Since her interest in school diminished there was no point in being early anymore. Her body automatically took her to the path to the Music rooms, ready to slip into the First or Second to play around with the instruments before her next class began. She didn't realize what path she was taking before she found herself behind some very familiar tall hedges. Her lips twitched into a sad smile, touching the coarse leafy stand. It was the very spot where all her troubles began. What she wouldn't have given to destroy everything that surrounded her at that very moment, just for a few second of peace and forgetting. She slumped down onto the soft grass and pulled her black sweater's hood up and over her head, leaning against the hedge with a sigh.

She sat there, feeling the cloudy day's faint light hitting her covered head. Her body stiffened when she heard footsteps on the concrete behind her. The footsteps stopped close to her and Yukiko couldn't help but tuck her legs close to her chest protectively. She heard a sigh and then the footsteps began again, walking, from what she could hear, away from her. Slowly, Yukiko pushed herself off the ground and, with her hands shoved into her pockets, walked out from behind the hedge, accidently slamming hard into someone's chest.

"What the hell?"

"Ow…" she murmured, pulling her hood down and rubbing her forehead, wincing in pain at the contact. "Watch where you're…"

She caught herself, stopping and controlling herself before she let out strings of cusses and swears. Instead she simply stared with disbelief, letting herself be drawn into the amber eyes that stared down at her. 'Wow Yukiko, What great luck you have…' she thought sarcastically. She didn't know what to say to the man that stood in front of her. If anything she had tried her best to avoid any contact with him.

"Sorry Hitachiin." She murmured, seeing that he just stared at her. Yukiko notice during their rough encounter that he dropped a few papers on the ground. She bent down to pick them up and saw him instantly tense.

"I'll get it!" He called out, nervousness lacing his voice as he rushed to collect the notes that surrounded them.

"It's fine." She retorted, picking up a few papers that were near her feet. Without thinking, her eyes scanned over the paper in her hands and she froze in confusion and curiosity. She stood and let her gaze drop onto Hikaru who was shifting in discomfort. "What is this supposed to mean?" she asked, extending her hand and showing him the paper.

"Um…" Hikaru didn't respond, he stared at the paper for a while and almost let out a sigh of relief that she didn't get her hands on the one he was worried about.

"I really need to talk to you Yuki." She recited off the paper in a mocking voice. "What would you need to discuss with me?"

Hikaru couldn't help but notice that she didn't seem at all happy that he was talking to her again; she didn't seem relieved that he wasn't yelling at her; if anything his kind acts were infuriating her. He could still remember how when he confronted her about her lies before, his accusations and yells brought her to tears. The girl that stood in front of him; truly had changed, she had roughened up. Her eyes narrowed onto him when he didn't respond and only stared at her blankly.

"Well?" No response again. "Whatever then." She shoved the paper into his hand, throwing the other that she didn't bother to open onto the ground and briskly walked away. Hikaru tried to say something to stop her, anything at all that would come into his mind. He thought of so many things while she walked away from him for the god knows how many time, but this time it seemed to sting a bit more than all the other. He tried to speak, tried to yell and scream at her to not walk away from him, but nothing would come out. Yukiko was gone when he finally got his first word out.

"I…" He let out an exasperated sigh and bent down to pick up the last note, defeated and upset that he let the opportunity slip away from yet again. Using his thumb, he forced the note open and bit onto his lower lip staring at the note. "I miss you."