Nagisa/Shephard Residence, Tokyo-2
November 18, 2041
1517 hours

Asuka was, simply put, bored. At this time of the day, she always had to put up with the fact that she was alone because the others were busy with their respective things. Her father with work, that uppity Nagisa with God-knows-what. Even on the first day he got out of the hospital (idiot once again got caught in the fighting; how, she had no idea), he crawled off somewhere with those useless idiots he called friends.

While this gave her excellent opportunities to do certain... activities unmolested, that was no way to pass time. She lost count how many times she listened to the music Mari gave her, even though the incomprehensible lyrics and nasal voices grated on her nerves so much she decided never to listen to J-trance music with actual lyrics.

Right now she was occupying herself with a news programme on one of the national TV channels. The guy just switched to a new topic. – "In response to growing civil anxiety due to the situation in Tokyo-2, President Keel issued a press release today. He confirmed the event that happened two weeks ago as well as the ones in the prior two months were minor battles between the military and an unidentified force he refused to comment on. He once again reassured the public that the situation is under control and that the military contractor founded in response to last month's attack, now identified by the codename 'Neo-Evolutionary Research and Virology', is actively working to repel these attacks..." – she tuned out the rest as the doorbell rang.

This was a bit strange; she never called Mari or Hikari over so that left three options: someone interested in Nagisa (she knew his looks gathered him a few fangirls in school; stupid trollops, all of them), someone looking for her father or a door-to-door advertiser. She already chased away a few from the last category, mostly with threats of violence. It always worked.

Asuka rolled off of her bed and walked to the entrance door. Unsealing it (a habit of hers whenever she was alone, to prevent interruption of her... activities), she opened it just enough to look outside at who rang. What she saw wasn't what she expected. 'I think I can rule out option no. 3...'

"Asuka Langley Shephard?" – asked the woman in a white labcoat, the two men in suits silently sweeping the area for dangers.

"Uhm... if you're looking for dad, he's still at work. Come back later."

The woman chuckled and crossed her arms. – "Your father works for me; I know exactly where he is right now. Oh no, I'm looking for you."


"But look at my manners... I am Dr. Yui Ikari of the Artificial Evolution Laboratory."

"Well... nice to meet you, I guess. What are you here for?"

Yui snapped her fingers to get the attention of her guards who she addressed over her shoulder. – "Wait for me at the stairs." – They nodded and immediately headed off. – "They don't need to hear this. Like I said, I'm here for you. Miss Shephard, I understand you're a trained battleframe pilot?"

Asuka instantly went to alert. – "How do you know about that?"

"I have my sources. The reason I am here is connected to that: your knowledge and the fact that you have no affiliation with the military makes you rather... valuable. I am here to make a business proposition for you; a job, if you will."

Now Asuka really didn't know what to think. – "Job? What job?"

Yui smirked. – "Prototype testing."

[Credits roll]


Kaworu Nagisa – Atsushi Abe
Rei Ikari – Fumiko Orikasa
Asuka Langley Shephard – Rina Satō
Yui Ikari – Atsuko Tanaka
Adrian Shephard – Katsuyuki Konishi
Adam – Sōichirō Hoshi
Lilith – Yumi Tōma
Tōji Suzuhara – Tomokazu Seki
Kensuke Aida – Tetsuya Iwanaga
Hikari Horaki Junko Iwao
Mari Makinami Maaya Sakamoto
Zeruel – Takaya Kamikawa
Sammael – Norio Wakamoto


Kaworu Nagisa – Johnny Yong Bosch
Rei Ikari – Brina Palencia
Asuka Langley Shephard – Tiffany Grant
Yui Ikari – Michelle Forbes
Adrian Shephard – Richard Dean Anderson
Adam – David Shaughnessy
Lilith – Ellen McLane
Tōji Suzuhara – James Lewis
Kensuke Aida – Seth Green
Hikari Horaki Leah Clark
Mari Makinami Trina Nishimura
Zeruel – Keith Szarabajka
Sammael – Peter Jessop


Shut Up And Explode
by Boom Boom Satellites


Somewhere I Belong
by Linkin Park


by Promobox

Evangelion and its characters belong to GAINAX. Mari Makinami belongs to Khara. Half-Life and its characters belong to Valve.
This fanfiction was written by me [amitakartok]. Plagiarise at your own peril.

Kaworu: Annndd now, the thing you've all been waiting for!
Asuka: Shut the hell up, idiot! I'll handle this. Next time, on Ascension...

"Ta-daa!" – grinned a plugsuited Asuka from the top of the stairs. Her expression instantly faded when he saw the boy. – "What the HELL is he doing here?" – she screeched as she pointed accusingly at Kaworu.

"Doc..." – Shephard began. – "Who the hell is that?" – he asked slowly as he pointed at the white-and-red Evangelion slowly floating downwards with a pair of devices that consisted of four deep blue energy fields mounted like feathers of a wing.
"I don't know..." – the woman responded, just as dumbstruck. – "That's not ours."

Effortlessly dodging all attacks, the unknown Evangelion abused a hole in the Angel's defense to jump in and grasp its core with it's massive gauntlet. Then the external speakers came online. – "Say goodnight, sucker." – declared the pilot casually, almost bored. Then the gauntlet erupted into a crimson red storm of energy and the Angel suddenly found itself in a world of PAIN. Kaworu and Rei simultaneously winced at its shrill cries crawling their way directly into their heads.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I present you..." – Yui pointed with her arm at the opening hatch. – "Project Evangelion!"
Then the silver form of Unit-01 with it's arms folded in front of it emerged, drawing from the audience a massive applause after a short silence of astonishment.

Kaworu followed the humming until he came to a door marked AUTHORIZED ENTRY ONLY. Peeking inside, he saw a single person sitting with their back towards the door. As soon as he set foot inside the room, the figure stopped humming and spun around, revealing it to be a boy about his age.
"S-sorry, d-did I bother you?" – he stuttered at Kaworu, not making eye contact.

"I-I designed it!" – came the boy's timid attempt at bragging.
"Really?" – asked Kaworu, astonished. – "That thing's awesome! How did you do it?"
"I've been d-designing things s-since I was little..."

"What are we going to do with all this stuff?" – asked Tōji as he ran his eyes across the crate's contents, the others checking the rest of the shipment.
Kaworu grinned. – "Isn't it obvious? We're gonna kick ass and we're gonna do it with

The floodlights came on, illuminating the large group of masked figures standing on the building's roof, their bodies covered in pitch black body armor and a similarly colored trenchcoat. Much to the police officers' alarm, two black Durandals flanked them from the sides, weapons at the ready. Above the group, a large black flag waved in the breeze, revealing a white logo: a blazing eye within an inverted pentagram, all of it encased in an upside-down triangle.
Suddenly the silent figures parted, giving way to a single one whose shoulder plates had golden edges, denoting it as belonging to the leader. The masked figure slowly looked across the shocked commotion below then bellowed out with his voice artificially amplified to unnatural levels. – "People of Tokyo-2..." – he yelled out with passion in his voice. – "FEAR US OR SEEK US!"

Yui shook her head in disbelief. – "This is an insane plan, colonel. No one has ever tried anything like this before."
[Scene: three Evangelion silhouettes flying towards the camera from the Sun, the Earth occupying the lower portion of the screen.]
"That's why we won't know if it works or not until we try it."

"We're getting our asses kicked up here, any tips?" – warned Asuka as she dodged another creature intent on ramming her.
"We're working on it - HOW'S IT COMING?" – yelled Shephard to behind him.
"A-almost done!" – called out Shinji as his hands flew across the two keyboards.

"Foolish creatures" – the Angel boomed. – "There is no point in opposing inevitability; the inevitability of your death."
"Not if I can help it!" – yelled back Kaworu. – "Don't you know? My lance is the lance..." – he reared his weapon back – "THAT WILL PIERCE THE HEAVENS!" – he stabbed forward and at the same time fired his rear thrusters one last time, sending his Eva hurtling towards the Angel like a bullet.

The lights suddenly went out, casting the CIC into darkness.
"Maya... was that you?" – asked Yui slowly.
The tech's answer was proven when the main screen suddenly turned on, alien glyphs running across it in vertical columns while a horribly distorted mechanical voice boomed across the chamber.

Shinji summoned an image enhancement program to process the silhouette into a concrete picture. His eyes immediately widened. – "Impossible... is that-?"
Thousands of kilometers away, Keel smirked. – "Did you think Evangelions are the only weapons capable of fighting Angels?"

"Why the hell are you always stalking me?" – yelled out Kaworu angrily, leaning straight into the girl's face to emphasize his point.
Asuka instantly turned beet red. – "W-w-w-w-what the hell are you talking about? I'm not stalking you! Stupid pervert! Why would I do that?"

"That motherfucker..." – Kaworu seethed, radiating so much fury Yui backed away in fright. – "He had done it this time! I don't fucking care if he's protected by a whole army, I'LL KILL HIM DEAD!"

"TREMBLE, MORTALS, AND DESPAIR! THE DAY OF RETRIBUTION HAS COME!" – announced Zeruel as he lashed out with his tentacles, bisecting five destroyers and killing hundreds in the blink of an eye.

"KAWORU NAGISA, YOUR HEAD IS MINE!" – screamed the Angel as he shot off towards his foe.

"RADIOLOGICAL ALARM!" – yelled Hyuga with pure panic in his voice. –"WE HAVE AN INBOUND NUKE!"

"Come on guys, they're not getting' past us!" – screamed Tōji over the loud gunfire. He aimed carefully and put a short burst into another soldier's head who collapsed like a ragdoll.

The entire Geofront shook as a fountain of particles shot to the sky and branched out into a cross shape. Two glowing hands emerged and grabbed the edge of the trench. Their owner slowly pulled Itself above the edge, threw Its head back and released a bone-chilling roar. – "ZEEEEERUUUUUEEEEEEELL!"

As Yui covered under the terminal to avoid getting hit by debris, a single thought ran across her head. 'Dear God... what have we unleashed?'

Shephard: The stakes are higher. The bad guys are stronger. Events are building up towards a final confrontation. The cast returns next time, in Ascension verse 2: Consecration. Coming soon.

Reika: Aww... why didn't I get any lines, Oneesamaaaaa?
Rei: It is but a matter of time. Be patient.