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Summary: Ever wonder what's on Danny's Ghost Files? Maddie Fenton does and hacks into Danny's account on the lab computer to find out. What she finds is not what she expects

The Files

Maddie Fenton went down to the lab one night and froze on the bottom step. Her fifteen year old son was sitting at the lab computer typing something.

"There" Danny said as he saved the file, exited out of the program, logged out, and stood up and yawned. "And with everyone in the ghost…"

Suddenly, a light blue mist escaped from his mouth. Maddie had seen this mist before. It usually came from his mouth just before a ghost attack. Of course, she thought nothing of it.

She assumed it was a side-effect from the tiny jolt Danny got a year ago when he turned on the portal.

(A/N: Yes. She SERIOUSLY thought it was just a tiny jolt)

Danny grabbed a Fenton Thermos from the desk and looked ready to fight

"BEWARE!" a ghost yelled as it materialized "FOR I AM THE BOX GHOST!"

"Oh. It's you" Danny said with an eyeroll before sucking the ghost up in the thermos as if it was the easiest thing in the world

Maddie was impressed. Usually when she and Jack fought that ghost, there was a bit of a battle. But Danny handled it calmly and peacefully. But what REALLY impressed her was the fact Danny knew how to work the thermos

"Mom!" Danny exclaimed jumping a bit. "I didn't see you there"

"What are you doing down here Danny?" Maddie asked a bit suspiciously

"Just… uh… getting passed a level on Doomed 2.0" Danny said. "I'm heading to bed now. Night"

"Goodnight Sweetie" she said

Danny ran upstairs and vanished. Maddie then turned to the computer. She knew her son hadn't been playing Doomed. She would have seen the avatars. It looked more like he was typing something up for school

Curiosity getting the better of her, Maddie sat at the computer amazed Danny didn't turn it off. Probably figured that Maddie would use it to pull up some blueprints like she had planned

She jerked in shock when she saw the user name that was still in the slot as Danny had forgotten to clear it out


August 12, 2004 was the day Danny got the portal working. But why was the user name Ghost boy?

She smiled as she clicked on the password box

Paulina Fenton

When the computer let her in, she rolled her eyes. When was her son going to get it through his head that his heart was Sam Manson's?

Maddie smiled as she thought of her son's goth friend. Sam was the only Manson Maddie could stand, though the girl's grandmother was fun to be around. And it was so obvious Sam had a huge crush on Danny. And that Danny had similar feelings. It was probably his fear of rejection and the possibility of their friendship being lost that prevented him from acting on his feelings for Sam

The smile was suddenly wiped off her face when she realized what her son's wallpaper was:

It was the Danny Phantom logo.

Was her son a Danny Phantom fan? SURELY not! But then again, Phantom WAS popular with the younger crowd and both Danny and Jazz defended the ghost boy.

Maddie decided to ignore it and noticed a the icons on the screen in the top left corner of the screen


She right clicked the Doomed 2.0 file and checked the property. Just as she thought, it was last used a month ago.

Wondering what 'Ghost Zone' meant, she opened the file and found that the screen had turned into what looked like a map of the Ghost Zone. She ran the mouse over to one that looked like a hunting zone with a skull

A caption popped up:

Skulker Lair. Home of Skulker. Avoid

She then ran the mouse over to what looked like a castle

Pariah's Keep/Fright Knight's Castle. Home of Ghost King Paraiah Dark and the Fright Knight. Safe to visit, just don't touch anything.

She then ran the mouse over to what looked like a frozen wasteland.

Far Frozen. Home of Frostbite and his subjects. Safe.

She then noticed a vortex over by Pariah's keep and ran the mouse over to it. The caption stunned her

Vlad's portal. Goes to Vlad's place. Avoid if possible unless pranking him

She left the Map. Apparently, Vlad had a portal himself, but didn't want to think on the matter.

Wondering what 'Ghost Files' meant, she clicked on it and found a folder with three folders labeled: Friend, Foe, Neutral

It suddenly hit Maddie. Danny's sudden reclusive-ness around his parents, his sudden interest in ghosts and the Fenton inventions, his defense of Danny Phantom…

Danny was into ghost hunting. But so not to be embarrassed by his parents and/or be stopped by them when it got dangerous, he decided to help Danny Phantom for some reason.

The question was why help the ghost boy?

Was it because Phantom had already made friends with Danny's friends? Could it be because they had the same first name? Did they find some things in common interest wise?

So Danny probably got the information from Phantom himself. The knowledge could do who knows what to Maddie's ghost hunting career.

Science winning over moral, she opened up the Foe folder and saw a bunch of files.

This was going to take awhile