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Previews of What's to Come

The New Class a response to a challenge from Ghostanimal

From Chapter 5

Team Phantom stayed in the back and struggled to keep from laughing as Jack and Maddie ATTEMPTED to give a guided tour of the Ghost Zone as this was THEIR first time in it

"Jack, you told me you knew where we were going" Maddie whispered once they got lost, but Danny recognized the place as Paraiah's keep

"I thought you knew" Jack told her. "After all, I keep having to recharge the Speeder"

"Well, SOMEONE'S been using the…" Maddie pointed out before she realized that two other people had access to the Speeder "Jasmine and Daniel Fenton!"

The brother and sister look at each other and gulped

"Have you two been here before?"

Jazz shook her head. The closest she's gotten was the map on Danny's laptop

"Only a couple of times" Danny said. "I accidentally knocked something into the ghost zone so I came to get it. Walker wasn't too happy with me…or Phantom who saved my butt"

"From now on, TELL us" Maddie said giving him a look that said that he was in trouble

"Fine." Danny said. "But I bet you would like us to get out, right?"

"That would be nice" Jack said. "I need some fudge"

"You know how to get out of here?" Dash asked skeptically.

Danny, Sam, and Tucker smirked at each other. Danny pulled a key out of his pocket, tossed it to Tucker who opened the glove compartment, and pulled out a piece of paper. Sam then took the wheel from Jack and turned the Speeder around

"Okay." Danny said as he looked at the map that he had updated recently after a few visits with Frostbite by copying the Infi-Map. "Sam, go straight, hang a left at Pandora's, then a right at Aragon, go up at Clockwork's tower, left at the Far Frozen and we should be there within the next 15 minutes."

Sam slammed on the accelerator and Tucker grabbed the radio

"Ladies and gentlemen, coming up ahead you can see Pandora's lair…."


The Twin the story I had been working on when I got the idea for "The Purfect Present"

From Chapter 2

"HEY!" both Phantoms shouted

"YOU!" the parents shouted and pulled out their weapons and pointed them to the ghost boy that they were looking at. Seeing that the other was looking the wrong way, they checked behind them and saw a duplicated ghost boy

"How are you doing that?" Jack asked

"Long story" Danny said with a shrug as Davy crossed his arms

Maddie looked at the two boys. They looked like they could be twins. However, they probably died at different times as one of them had on a jumpsuit and the other was in a black shirt with a gold oval on the chest and gold jeans and black and turquoise tennis shoes

"You know, you ghost hunters blame US for scaring people" Davy pointed out. "Yet look around you at all the scared faces"

"That's because you're here!" Jack pointed out

"We came because we heard a kid was scared of something" Danny argued

"Besides, ghosts have a Christmas truce. No….schemes or fighting during the holidays. We're just here to lecture"

"I thought you jumped from 4 to 14. Not 4 to 40" Danny teased

Davy responded by sticking his tongue out at Danny

"That age jump was NOT part of my plan for that day" Davy retorted "YOU were genius who got himself trapped in that damned thing that just HAD to open where I was sitting"

"Hey. I thought that damned thing was busted. And it wasn't MY idea to put the on button INSIDE"

"Oh well" Davy said with a sigh before smiling at his brother "What does it matter? We're together again."

"Yeah" Danny agreed with a similar smile "For Christmas…say! We should get Plasmius a cat!"

"Did I miss something?" Davy asked

"You have no idea and you're better off clueless" Danny told him

"Like you are when it comes to a certain friend of yours who's name rhymes with 'ham'" Davy teased

"David" Danny warned

"Don't you use my real name, Daniel" Davy retorted


Camping sequel to "The Files"

"What do you want Plasmius?"

"Oh PLEASE Daniel!" the halfa exclaimed. "Isn't it obvious by now? To kill you and your idiot Father"

"HEY! LEAVE MY BOY ALONE!" Jack shouted

Plasmius shot Jack with an ectoblast

"DAD!" Danny exclaimed as Jack was grabbed by the vulture ghosts.

"I'm okay Danny" Jack confirmed

Danny turned to Vlad, eyes glowing green

"Ooh. The scary eyes" Vlad said sarcastically

Danny looked over and saw Jack struggling. Danny's breath was caught when he realized that his father was injured.

"Now the question is," Vlad mused. "Which to dispose of first? The idiot father so that his hero son could watch helplessly as he can't protect his father, or the hero son that the idiot father could watch helplessly."

Vlad turned to Jack expecting a clueless look. However, he hadn't been expecting the defiant look in Jack's eyes completely unfazed by the 'hero son' comment.


Bonding Response to Ghostanimal's Challenge

From Chapter 2

"Just…you know what today is?" Phantom asked

"Mothers' Day" she confirmed

"So you see why I'm REALLY missing her right now?" Phantom asked, tears reforming in his neon green eyes.

"Why don't you visit her?" Maddie suggested

"She hates what I became. She doesn't realize I'm her son and is in denial of my death. You see…the accident that killed me vaporized my body" Phantom explained "So there's no real proof. And she's like you and Jack when it comes to Danny Phantom."

Maddie, the scientist in her shocked at herself, felt her heart go out to the now sobbing ghost boy. She placed a hand on his cold shoulder (literally) and gave it a gently squeeze.

"The worst part of all this," Phantom continued his rant. "When I was younger…we had a GREAT relationship. We shared everything from secrets to sodas. But then it got uncool to hang out with one's Mom so I started to pull away. When I realized I was never going to be popular…I wanted to get back the relationship. I found the PERFECT way too. She's a scientist…much like yourself. And one of her inventions wasn't working right. Broke her heart. She worked MONTHS on that thing. So…I tried to fix it myself and…and…"

"Got yourself killed" Maddie realized

"She thinks I ran away" Phantom said after a few moments as if trying to come up with a cover. "She doesn't know it was me that fixed the invention."


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