The Foreign Land

I watched as my breath mingled with the air. Heavy fog blanketed my surroundings, preventing me from seeing more than a few feet in front of me. It was night time, or at least I think it was, the fog made it hard to tell. I took an uncertain step forward and heard a dull thud. It wasn't the kind of sound you heard when walking in a forest with soil moist from rain and littered with leaves, it was different to any surface I'd ever walked upon. I crouched down slowly, my hand reaching down to touch the strange surface. The closer I got to the floor the more I felt the freezing cold; when my hand finally came into contact with the ground, I shivered. I was on ice.

I took a deep breath, dragging air heavy with precipitation into my lungs. I didn't know how thick the ice was, it could collapse at any second, plunging me down into ice cold water, or worse, I could fall into a fissure and be stuck in an ice cave until I froze to death. I inched into the vast darkness, all the while praying silently. I kept my senses open, waiting for any sign of life, but I came across nothing.

Eventually the fog cleared a bit. I looked up and saw the moon shining faintly from behind the fog, casting silver threads around the edges of its cottony surface and lighting my path with its eerie glow. As I continued I saw shapes, small at first but steadily growing in stature to match my sense of foreboding; when I was so close that I had to crane my neck to see the top of it and the moon was lost behind its immensity, my legs refused to take me closer.

There were five of them, all oozing with menace. They stretched up, piercing the fog and snagging the indigo belly of the sky with their knife-edged finger tips. The largest was in the middle with the others stemming off of it, they were all black and seemed to swallow the night. The one closest to me was twisted with jagged ledges protruding unnaturally in almost every angle imaginable, each one glinting obsidian in the moonlight. They rose from the ground, untouched by the ice that encased the barren wasteland I was trapped within, like grotesquely broken teeth.