Chapter 1
Being Back

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Author's Note- for those of you that read the last chapter or 10 years the beginning of this will sound familiar to you. Just scroll down a little.
Tamaki- Father
Kyouya- Dad

René stood with his family at the airport. He was excited and a little scared; this was the first time he would be traveling without them. Family was important to him and leaving seemed strange. Knowing how much his dad hated flying and hated taking drugs to help him relax whenever they did he convinced them not to fly over with him.
"Michael is picking me up at the airport father, remember."
"Right, sorry. Promise you'll call once you get to the room." He could tell his father was trying not to cry right now.
"I promise."
"Do you really have to leave René?" Sophia was holding his hand since they arrived at the airport. She had stayed close to him since he told her he was leaving.
"I do. But I'll be back before you know it and you can always contact to me over the computer so it will be like I never left." He lifted her in his arms. "Stop growing, when did you get so big?"
"You could always lift me René you're so strong. Who will I play with now?"
"You have Kane and Lilly to bother every waking moment like you bothered me." He put her down as his flight was called. "Guess that's me." Saying good-bye to his siblings he moved to say good-bye to his parents.
"Bye dad." Kyouya grabbed to hug him.
"Take care of yourself. You know that if you need anything just ask. I'm sure school will be no problem for you."
"Thanks dad." He pulled away to smile weakly at Tamaki before Tamaki wrapped his arms around him to hug him tightly.
"I know you will continue to make me proud, no matter what. I love you so much and wish the best for you. If you see your grandmother before I do tell her I said hi."
"I will. Take care of yourself okay father."
"Don't I always?" Neither moved from each other until the flight was called again. Tamaki started to pull away so René could go.
"I love you father."
"I love you too René, now go before you miss your flight." He smiled brightly at him making René smile back.

Kyouya wrapped his arm around Tamaki's waist as they watched René walk away. The kids were waving and yelling good-bye besides them. Their son was well on his way to becoming someone greater then he already was. They knew he would be fine in France and do what he set out too. He had his own motivation to drive him alongside his families support. His dreams would come true no matter how his story unfolded from here.

René walked out of the terminal to look for Michael. He was hungry and knew as soon as he ate he would pass out. Hopefully the dorm wasn't too far from here. He had to call his parents still so they didn't worry.
"Look who is finally back in the country, and for more than two weeks a year."
"Hey Michael, how's it going man?"
"Hope your hungry my mom has been cooking all day for you."
"Great I'm starving." Grabbing his suitcases they loaded this car and headed to Sara's. So far so good, he could handle being away from his parents and siblings. Sadly he said that now when he hadn't talked to them yet. He couldn't help but laugh as Sara ran up to hug him before he reached the door.
"Come in, come in, dinner is just about ready. I bet Tamaki is a wreak so call him so he knows your safe. And know that just because you and Michael will be living in a dorm room that doesn't mean you can't stop by here. Especially if you want good food."
"Thank you ma'am."

René called ready to hear his father cry and he did. Part of him laughed, the other part wanted to cry too. He had to get over it though because he would be here for at least four years. And besides he was moving back to Japan after graduation, if he thought like that then he would be okay. The goal was to take over for his dad so he had to move back. If he did well and stuck to the plan then his dad could retire early. Sophie had dreams to take over for their father when she was old enough. There was no pressure on her though as Tamaki didn't care if she took over for him or not. His dad said there was no pressure on him either but he had to succeed, that was the agreement he made with his grandfather years ago. In order for his dad to marry his father he had made an agreement to rise above the rest of his family and prove he was worth something. He could do it, he knew that. Once he got past the homesickness he could handle being away from them.

René sat at his desk working on his school work. It was hard as Sophia was talking to him on the computer. Waiting for her reply he looked at the picture his father gave him of all of them. France was great but it didn't have his family once again he found himself thinking of how his father could handle being away from his family for so many years to raise him. To never be in contact with anyone, he didn't think he would have been able to do that.
"Hey René you should come out with me and the team. You can study for that after."
"I don't know, I really need to focus."
"You're always studying. One night, that's all and the team wants to hang out with you since you refuse to join us."
"You know I can't join the team."
"Why because your grandfather won't let you. Come on man just this once, just hit the club with us."
"It's not just him. Fine I'll go but I really need to study so I can't stay out too late."
"Deal, you have strict guidelines. You know René you can live a little and have fun. You're here without parents so stop trying to follow their rules.
"Alright already I said I would go." Getting off with Sophia he grabbed his coat to leave with Michael. He didn't understand the pressure he felt. He had to make sure he did well in school and not make the same mistakes as his father. That was something his parents had talked to him about a lot back home, not having sex until he was older. They didn't care who he dated but they enforced waiting. He did to, he knew how hard it was on his father growing up and he didn't want to put anyone through that as well. Aside from his parents guidelines he knew he had to prove himself. His grandfather was always reminding him that he had to rise above his cousins and stay on top to keep his dad safe. If he slipped up his dad could lose everything. He couldn't do that to his dad, besides he had to prove to his grandfather that when he was born held no important to how great he could be.

"René why again did you pass up coming here on full scholarship?"
"Because I can't go for baseball." He sat at a club near the school with Michael and the baseball team.
"You played in high school though right? So why can't you play here?"
"That's for me to know." Soon another player walked over with drinks for them. He knew he could have come here for baseball but he had turned it down. He had to; he needed to focus on business, not baseball. Baseball only held worth until he turned forty then he would have to retire. He never even told his parents about the scholarship, there was no need. Baseball was a hobby not a career, just as his father's piano playing was just a hobby. He couldn't afford to try and go pro even after an agent talked to him signing him back in Japan. Michael thought he was nuts, if he could study business and play then he could too.
"Yo René that girl is eyeing you."
"Are you sure she isn't starting at you, you seem to have that burger all over your face." The guys started laughing as the other freaked out to wipe his face.
"Dude go get her."
"I don't know."
"Don't tell me you have a girl back home."
"No but," He looked up to see the girl staring at him. "Alright fine."

It wasn't that René didn't like the clubs or hanging with the guys but it felt strange. It was as if he didn't fully belong with them.
"You're cute. Come dance with me." Putting a hand on her hip he pulled her close to dance to the music together just as she wished.
"You're friends are loud. Are you a player too?"
"No, I'm not and yea they are."
"If you don't play then you must work out a lot."
"I played back in high school."
"Oh, very nice."
They guys watched from their booth as the girl tried to advance. Michael could see him pull back he knew René wouldn't get to close to her; he was the only one that knew his back story. Getting up and away from the guys he followed René out, ignoring the booing towards René.
"Bro wait up!" René was halfway down the street by the time Michael caught up.
"Sorry to bail but I have to go."
"What happened? You know I'm not the other guys"
"I can't do it. I can't let her get close to me. I never got to close to my exes; that is why they are exes."
"Is this from your parents? You know you could get close to a girl without getting close."
"It's a lot of things. I'll see you back in the dorm."

René collapsed on his bed frustrated with himself. A part of him wanted to get close to people. She wanted to mess around, he wanted to as well but he couldn't risk it. Being safe was the way to play it. There was something else that stopped him as well. Something he wasn't sure he wanted to explore more. It seemed that he would though, that it was part of the college life.
"Oh fun."


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