Chapter 22

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That night as his family got ready to leave René reached up to grab his father's hand. Grabbing it Tamaki stopped and turned to see what was wrong.
"Father, can I talk to you for a minute?"
"Sure René." He turned to Kyouya and had him to go to the car with Sophia to wait for him outside. "Do you need something?"
"Father there is something I need to tell you." He tightened his grip on their hands. He could do this; this was the right thing to do. "Father, I…I'm pregnant. Please don't be angry with me. I'm sorry."
Tamaki just stood there taken aback by what René just told him. Seeing tears ready to pour out from under his sons eyes he sat on the bed and wiped them before they fell.
"Don't cry its okay. Everything will be okay René. Thank you for telling me." Bringing him closer he hugged him the way he used to when he was still little. When they pulled away René saw his father wasn't angry with him, he didn't even look disappointed. He did look concerned though.
"Is that why you collapsed, from the stress of worrying about my reaction? Or were you trying to do something else?" If René didn't want to have a baby then he would support that. While it wasn't a choice in his mind he would not force his ideas on his son.
"No, I really did collapse from stress but I'm scared I may have no choice." He told Tamaki all that had happened before he realized he was pregnant and his fears.
"If something comes up know that I'll be right here for you. I'm sure your dad will be too. We love you René and will support you every step of the way. I know it can be hard and your fears only make it harder. Have you told Michael yet?"
"I have and he promised to stand by me. He is going to tell his parents tonight."
"Okay. I'm sure Sean and especially Sara will be supportive and helpful as well. You'll see René everything will be okay I promise." He saw this sadness on René's face, moving his bangs he tried to get him to smile. "You're not me you know."
"I sure feel like it, no offense."
"None taken, you are telling me all this, and your still with Michael, and your not planning on suddenly leaving the country right, right?"
"I'm not planning on it father…unless I go home to Japan." René managed to half smile at his father.
"Good. Do you want me to tell your dad or no?"
"If you wouldn't mind." He knew he should have told them both at once but he was really scared about his dad's reaction more than his fathers'.
"He won't be angry René I promise. And you know I'll kick his butt if he is. Now get some sleep I'm sure you need a good night sleep. I'll see you tomorrow." Getting off the bed he left the room leaving René to relax and sleep the best he could in the hospital.

Kyouya sat on the end of his bed covering his face with his hands letting what Tamaki told him sink in. Breathing into them he rubbed his face before looking up at the wall.
"René is really going to have a baby?"
"He is and he is scared for a few reasons. I told him you wouldn't be mad."
"I don't blame him for being scared and I'm not mad, just surprised. What is he going to do?"
"It doesn't sound like he is planning an abortion unless something should come up but he gave me the impression that he might have been planning to give the baby up for adoption. I don't know if that will change since we know now but still. No matter what he decides I plan to support him."
"Of course, I'm not questioning that. I just am surprised to know that he is going to have a baby. He really isn't ready."
"Well of course he isn't but this is why we have to stand beside him and help. He is mature though, I'm sure he will be a great mother."
"He is mature for his age and I'm sure he will be fine as well but he is still only twenty-two. He has his whole life ahead of him."
"True but this is happening now and since he is so young and doesn't have anything like a house or a job or his own money we have to help him. And, to be honest I already saw him getting married soon after he left school and maybe in a few years starting a family. He'll be fine Kyouya; he does take after you after all."

Later that night Sara and Sean came over so the four of them could talk. Michael decided to stay at his parents' house for fear that Tamaki and Kyouya would be upset with him. He didn't know their reaction from when René told them. They all figured the boys would move to Japan when they were able since Michael was contracted to play for the Giants baseball team and René was planning to work for his uncle last they heard. Sara already suspected Michael was going to propose soon even before he knew René was pregnant. She knew Michael always wanted to get married in the hall she had married Sean in and it was clear to everyone they were still madly in love with each other.
"Just think Sara you'll be in my family after all and you didn't have to divorce Sean and get with Kyouya's brothers to do it."
"Oh that's right. I had mentioned it to you before." Kyouya and Sean were completely lost over what they were talking about. But, then again, they rarely knew what they were talking about.

René opened his eyes hearing footsteps in the room. His heart picked up when he saw it was his dad not the doctor like he thought.
*Please don't let him be angry, please don't let him be angry, please don't let him be angry.*
"How are you feeling today?"
"…Pretty good I guess. Considering I slept here last night. It's hard to get comfortable with wires in me stopping my movements."
"Well one at least should come out now that you're awake." Both fell short for a moment before Kyouya said something René knew was coming.
"Your father told me last night. He wanted us to talk. Did you think I would be upset or something?"
René played with his hands, he knew dad already knew the answer.
"You've always reminded me to be careful, to use my head and I messed up. I got careless when Michael came over for the summer, we had been careful but not that careful apparently."
"I'm not mad René and I want to help you the best I can. I want to make sure you achieve your dreams and still do something great with your life. I know too many stories of where futures are lost from unplanned pregnancies; your father is a great example of what I don't want for you. I want you to finish school and work in the field that you have wanted to. I know you fear of doing what your father did and I want to help you make sure you don't give up on everything just because you are pregnant. I don't want to see you struggle because you're too proud to ask for help. You're a lot like me you know that."
René just smiled not really sure what to say.
"Think it will be okay dad?"
"Honestly? Yes, because there is no reason why it shouldn't be. But for now don't worry about what is coming and just rest so you can get out of here. We can talk more about what you can do once you are home."

No more wires, no more horrible hospital gown, freedom was amazing. To make things ever better he found out yesterday that the baby was fine. He was going home with his parents to their summer home on doctor's orders. He had to take it easy for a few weeks and they planned to stay to make sure he did even before they found out he was pregnant. Tamaki sat at the kitchen table with Kyouya, Sophia and René. He was watching René who was just staring at the dinner on his plate. He hadn't said much since he told them at the hospital the other day.
"René we really aren't mad at you. Please don't worry and eat" Tamaki really wished he could get through to his son, knowing that he couldn't look at them because he felt ashamed to was horrible.
"It's not that." René whispered, this wasn't good he had hoped this was over.
"René?" Tamaki was really watching him now since he didn't understand what he just whispered. "Are you okay?"
"I feel sick." Pushing back his chair he ran over to the sink to get sick. Tamaki was on his feet faster than Kyouya was and rubbed his back trying to help him feel even slightly better. Slightly moving to lean over he rested his forehead on his arm, he didn't stay that way long as Tamaki moved him. He could tell René was upset and crying.
"Don't cry its fine. I promise you everything will be fine." Getting him to look him in the eyes he smiled at him, "Why don't you go lie down in your room and I'll get something you can stomach."
Nodding to accept he walked out of the kitchen and upstairs to his room. Tamaki just followed him with his eyes before sitting back down.
"Is René okay father?"
"He is fine Sophia, but why don't you hang out with him later. I'm sure he would enjoy it."

René walked into his bedroom, and just sat on his bed allowing his head to hit the pillow. He felt so stupid for crying but at the same time it felt good. Stupid hormones, he couldn't wait for this to end, and the morning sickness. He had been fine in the hospital so it never occurred to him that it would still be going on. René opened his eyes hearing sounds in his room. Seeing Sophia in his room he sat up, she brought dinner it seemed.
"Father asked me to bring this to you." Carefully he brought the tray closer, he seemed good so far. It smelled good and wasn't making him feel sick; as he brought it to his lips he soon inhaled it for it tasted fantastic. His father's cooking was still the best, how he missed it.
"So you are going to have a baby?"
"That is the rumor it seems."
"You shouldn't be so worried René if dad and father say everything will be okay then it will be okay."
A part of him wanted to flip out on her, she was eleven what did she know. But, the part of him that won just looked at her and smiled. Maybe she was right, maybe it would be okay. He really wanted it to be.
"Excited to be an aunt?"
"Yes! And I hope it's a girl so I can make her look so pretty and fashionable."
"Sorry but, Michael's betting on a boy and he will probably be right."
"Yea, well, tell him he is on."
René started laughing, something he hadn't done in a while. It felt nice to laugh again.
"Where is Michael anyway?"
"He went back to attending his classes now that I woke up. And just between us I think he is scared to face dad and father."
"Ohhhhhhh, coward."

The time spent with his parents and sister was great. It felt nice to be able to go to them and ask any questions and getting Michael to come by a few times helped him feel like everything would really be okay. Once they left René went back to living in the dorm with Michael. He was glad he stopped by the house a few times. Michael needed to see that his parents were willing to help them.
"In two weeks we can learn the sex of the baby." René sat on his bed with Michael watching TV together. For once they weren't studying.
"I'm telling you it will be a boy."
"I'll laugh if it's a girl. Since you're so sure it won't be."
"Well even if it turns out to be a girl I don't care too much as long as she is healthy."
"Who are you trying to convince me or you cause we both know you'll be crushed." René started laughing as he messed with Michael. "Are you flying home with me for Christmas?"
"Not unless your parents invite mine. If we move to Japan after graduation this could be the last Christmas I can spend with mine for awhile. I don't want to leave you but I really should do this for my mom."
"I understand completely. I would stay here but my parents really want me to go home. Especially right now and I want to talk to my father about what we talked about."
"Don't sweat it; we shall do what we've done for the other years. Just think next year we'll be a family, the three of us."
"The three of us."
René put a hand on top of Michaels' that was resting on his slightly raised stomach. Both were excited for their "son", though not as much as they could be. There was this nagging doubt and questioning they couldn't put to rest yet, soon though.

René really hated finals. Even hate wasn't a strong enough word to describe how much he wanted them to die. Even in the classes he wasn't having trouble in the final review packet was overwhelming. Why did they have to have finals anyway, either you understood the material or not in the class, did they really need a test to prove that? Shoving his textbooks towards the back of his desk he stood up to get some fresh air. Michael was in class still so he couldn't get his mind off of it with him. Perhaps he would walk the few miles into town and pick up a few things for his family for Christmas. That would work to, get him fresh air and the doctor did want him to get exercise so long as it wasn't straining. Grabbing his coat, wallet, and phone he walked out of the room to go. It was nice to just be out and enjoy Paris, sure the school was in it but there wasn't much near it. He enjoyed smelling the bakeries ever since he was little. Walking down the street he couldn't help but get swept away by it all. Seeing the shops brought back memories and the thought that he never spent New Year's here, well not at one of the many parties that took place. He had been too young back when he lived here and now that was old enough he spent New Year's in Japan with his family.
"Maybe one day I will come here for New Years, maybe the three of us will, you, me, and your father. Yea that would be nice." Hearing his stomach growl he chose to stop and eat something.

Michael met René after his last class so they could head to René's doctor appointment. He couldn't wait for this one, to find out the gender. He still believed it was a boy but he wanted to see him and know that he was right. Both sat in the waiting room excited as they waited for René to be called in.
"I bet your father can't wait to see you when you fly out."
"Well he has always been happy to see me but yea, now he really can't wait. Me being pregnant and out of the country is driving him nuts. He feels he should be "here" for me but right now I don't really need him."
"Think he'll fly out later?"
"Probably and then I'll be happy he is. I mean if something came up now and I needed to talk to someone I have your mom here so it's not like I am alone out here."
"True my mom thinks of you as her son so she would help you with anything."
Both stopped as they heard René's name called, both started smiling as they stood up.

"Well everything seems to be right on track. Do you want to know the gender?"
René nodded his head up and down like a bobble head.
"Okay then," Dr. Heckerd moved the transducer to try and get better picture of the baby. "Any names?"
René took his eyes off the screen to look at Michael for a second and then back at his baby on the screen.
"Not yet, finals have been taking over our life."
Dr. Heckerd just started laughing remembering that from her days at school. "Well I can make it easier for you both; you can look into boy names." Michael started laughing at what she said.
"Am I good or what?"
René laughed with him, seeing Michael's face so bright and happy like a kid at Christmas made it hard not to. He hoped this happiness and joy on Michael's face never left.

Once they left they walked the streets near the doctors and ended up near René's old apartment. It had been years since he came here.
"Want to go to the top?" When René just smiled Michael took his hand and led the way on the path in the woods. The last time they were here together René was telling Michael he was moving to Japan. Still though, it seemed that nothing had changed over the years in their favorite little spot. As they watched the city Michael moved behind René to wrap his arms around him. They stood together not saying anything, just enjoying each other and watching the sun set over the city.
"I'll miss you when you leave on Sunday and our son of course."
"I'll miss you too. Honestly I'm surprised my family didn't invite yours to spend the holidays with us."
"I told you they were mad at me."
René sighed and moved from him, "How many times do I have to tell you they aren't mad. Maybe your mom just decided not to go with me because I'm sure my father invited your family."
"Maybe, but I still feel that they are mad at me."
Both stopped talking as they heard Michaels's phone go off. Waiting for Michael to get off the phone René sat on the log from a fallen tree bored, yet he was curious to see why Michael looked nervous, or giggly about something.
"Michael what's up, everything okay?"
"Fine, you're gonna laugh at me but. My mom just called, she forgot to tell me my family is flying out with you on Sunday."
René did start laughing as he shoved him a little. "Oh yea they are so mad at you I don't think they'll ever forgive you."
"Oh ha-ha jerk."

"René!" René was under attack by Kane and Lilly as soon as he stepped into his parent's house. It felt great to be home again. It also didn't hurt that Michael was with him. Seeing his family again also helped make the day great just by walking in.
"Your not sick anymore right René?"
"Nope I'm all good."
"Yay!" They started running around the hall laughing. René leaned back to whisper to Michael, "I hope our son isn't like this."
"I don't know, it runs in your family I think."
"Oh no, what have we done?"

Christmas was great; everyone really loved having both families together. It was a shame they lived so far apart that this couldn't happen more often. A few days after the guys laid in René's bed together. It wasn't really big enough for them but just like they had in the past they made it work. Michael wouldn't sleep with him so he could get comfortable at night but just laying as they were was fine. Michael loved to keep a hand on René's stomach where his son was. Both couldn't wait until they felt him kick, though the thought made René a little iffy. Not that he didn't want to feel him; it was just, well actually he couldn't describe what it made him feel. His hand went to where he felt something, something that he knew was his son.
"Michael." He whispered moving his hand over to where he just felt it.
"That's our son René." Michael was in awe as he felt his son kick through René. "That's so amazing."

René walked down stairs the day before New Year's Eve looking for his father. He had to go back to France in a few days and he still didn't talk to his father about something that had been bothering him and Michael. He saw his father sitting on the couch watching Isabelle color.
"Isabelle can I borrow father for a few minutes?"
"Sure René!" Taking what she was working on she left looking for Kyouya.
"What's up René?"
"I need to talk to you are you busy?"
"No come sit." Tamaki moved the pictures Isabelle had made for him so René could sit.
"Michael and I know everyone wants to help us but still, we, the thought of adoption still pops up. Did you ever think about putting me up for adoption?"
Tamaki said nothing at first but he smiled.
"One day I knew you would ask me this. I never knew how I would answer because I wasn't sure how old you would be when you asked. Yes, I did think about. When I was still pregnant with you I had gone to talk to someone at an agency, I even was given a few couples to choose from but the more I thought about it the more I couldn't do it. I already loved you and I couldn't let that go. I know I had been selfish, I figured I couldn't just go back to Japan and act like everything was fine. But, I thought about it again once you were born and I was having a lot of trouble always having the money for you. As you'll see soon enough babies' take a lot of time, and money. Now I know you aren't seventeen, alone, and broke but you wouldn't be asking unless you had some reason too."
"It's just that Michael and I have been thinking. We know technically we have nothing, no money really, no place, no job, and a baby on the way. Dad has already told me he doesn't want me dropping out of school and I don't want to either, I'm so close to graduating. Technically I don't have to since I finish right around the same time, I can probably take my final a little sooner then the others. But even with that I don't want to rely on you and dad or Sara and Sean. This child isn't your responsibility and we don't want him to be."
"René we know you both don't want to involve us and that's why we want to. Actually we are telling you to involve us. I know firsthand how hard it is out there with nothing and I know you know you how hard it is too. Is that why you were thinking about adoption? So you guys wouldn't have to rely on us to support you?"
"Yes? Thought crossed our minds but we don't really want to but we know we have to do what's best."
"Follow your heart René and know that we want to help you even though you haven't asked for it. I followed mine and I fully believe I made the right choice. You taking initiative is the right thing and we see that."
"So you don't think we are relying on you too much?"
"Oh no, it's like pulling teeth to get you to let me help."
"Thanks father."
"While you're here and we are talking I want to talk to you. I was thinking about flying out to France in either late March or early April to be there for you and help you get everything you'll need before you have your son."
"If you can't fly out right away then I understand."
"I can fly out whenever I have to. So March or April?"
"March I guess.
"Okay! I'll let you know what day exactly when it gets closer."

René loved Japan and his family but for some reason he was happy knowing he was back in France. Though being back meant school again. He thought last semester was hard, that was easy compared to this one. Three weeks in and he was swimming in assignments and homework right now he really wished he wasn't in business classes as well. At least those were a little easier but still the extra work wasn't really wanted. To help give himself a break he would hang out with the guys during practice. Not being able to play kind of sucked because he loved it so much but he really had no one to blame but himself. Because he couldn't play this year he pushed Michael to play and continue with his plan to play once out of school.
"I shouldn't though so I can help you."
"But you don't start until next year since the Giants have already started for the season. Please don't give up your dream for me."
"Why though? I thought you would want me to be home with you more. So you don't have to take care of our son alone."
"Well I do but see; I want you to achieve both of our dreams since I can't anymore." Seeing Michael confused he continued, "Last summer my dad made a deal with me, if I was scouted this year and it was a good offer I was to except it. I was to play on a simple two year contract and when it ended I could end it or continue depending on if I wanted to. Since I wasn't working for my grandfather anymore a deal like that could be created. I was thinking about accepting it until I learned I was pregnant. I may not be able to play but you can and I want you to for the both of us. Let one of our dreams of being an all-star player come true."
Seeing the ashamed to admit look on René's face Michael wrapped his arms around him and kissed his neck.
"Sure, but only because you want me too."
René moved to kiss his lips, he was glad Michael understood.

Knowing his father was flying out tomorrow meant he would be going to the summer house. He didn't have to but he wanted to. A part of him was really happy his father would be there should something come up and Michael was welcome to stay as well or stay a part if they had to study without distractions. It would be nice to be with his father again he was certain of it. A few weeks after Tamaki got to France Sara joined him and the boys to get the things for their son. Everyone knew they weren't planning on staying in France but they needed something for him to wear, sleep in and transport in before they moved. Having Tamaki here also helped with the doctor appointments. If Michael had class or practice René didn't have to rely on Sara or Sean to drive him since he found driving to be awkward the bigger he got. The further he got from the wheel the more he hated driving.

Between school, doctor appointments, going to as many baseballs games as possible, days flew by. Soon René found himself preparing for his finals. His teachers all approved taking them a few weeks early so he didn't have to worry about them later. Since his due date was so close to finals taking them sooner only made sense. He didn't mind studying and learning on his own anyway, even if he got stuck he could go to the labs. When not studying kicking back on his couch with his father was great. He couldn't even imagine life he didn't tell his parents, surely things wouldn't have gone this well, even if he managed to hide the fact that he was pregnant from everyone that was.
"Uh oh you're heavy in thought. You have the same look as your dad when he's thinking about something big. So spill it." Tamaki walked into the living room to sit next to René.
"I was just thinking about how things would have been different if I had gone with my original plan to never say anything."
"I wouldn't dwell on it. Just know you probably wouldn't happy with that choice because that really isn't you. You have never been a big secret keeper. You were when you were little but once we moved to Japan you opened up a lot more."

Finals were over for René so that meant hanging out in the summer home with his father and Michael until graduation just got a whole lot better. In two weeks the rest of his family would be flying out to watch the graduation. And in a week or so his son would be born. He couldn't wait, he was as ready as he would ever be and Michael was excited to be a father to their son. He also wasn't sleeping all that well and seemed to always be uncomfortable but he was super excited. William Belmont Ootori, Michael had decided to take Ootori whenever they got married and William would take Belmont as a middle name. They had planned to get married in a year or so since Michael had already proposed a few months ago but it seemed like a bad time to plan a wedding on top of everything else. They wanted to marry here in France in a hall Michael's parents married in so they hoped to do it next summer. René was pulled from his daydream and away from the TV as a pain jutted through him.

Tamaki sat in the kitchen working on some documents for work while on the phone with Sara. It was beyond obvious that she was happy Tamaki was back in France. She hadn't changed at all over the years. Looking up he saw René in the doorway.
"Father, are you busy?"
Nodding no he hung up with Sara and devoted his attention to his son.
"What's up René? Everything okay?" He noticed he looked a little scared, no scared wasn't really it.
"I think…I think I'm going into labor."
As they were leaving the house Michael pulled up getting back from his last final.
"What's going on, everything okay?" He was a little worried to see René heading out the door with his father right behind him, he didn't get the feeling they were just going out for a little bit.
"Your about to be a father Michael." He froze at Tamaki's words, was he serious René was really having the baby?
"Michael! Ass, car, now!" René yelled from the back of his father's car thawing Michael out and having him jump in.

Even though it still hurt like hell and went on for much longer than René would have liked, he was glad his father was next to him. He felt it made the whole thing just a little easier. Tamaki was surprised René turned down the drugs seeing as he was in so much pain. He had gone for them when he had the twins as soon as he realized it wouldn't be as easy as René and Sophia. Still he knew his son would be fine since he was so strong though his hand felt it would break if René held on to it any tighter.
"Your doing great René." He told him as he tried to catch his breath for a second.
"Almost there René." Not the words he really wanted to hear, he was waiting for his sons cry or something to tell him it was all over.
"I love you René." Michael really wished he could help somehow seeing how much pain he was in right now.
"If you want more kids your having them." He spat out through gritted teeth.

The three of them all smiled as they heard the baby's cry in the room. René was able to catch a quick glimpse of his son before he was able to be placed in his arms. Once he was though the world seemed to stand still. William was finally in his arms and he was perfect.
"I'm so proud of you René you did great." Tamaki wrapped an arm around his shoulders to pull him closer and see his grandson before leaving the room to call Kyouya. Michael sat next René on the bed, "I love you." He kissed the top of his head and placed a hand on his sons head. He was really a father, the baby he couldn't tear his eyes from was really his son.
"He is really here can you believe it. This is really our son and even though so much happened during a critical stage he is fine. He is perfect."
"He is our son after all."
"Here why don't you hold him for a little while, I know you've been waiting for months too." Carefully passing William to Michael he watched him hold their son, he was already a great dad he could tell.
"Your dad says he is proud of you and sorry he can't be here but he loves you and he'll see you next Wednesday." Tamaki walked back in once off the phone with Sara and Sean right behind him. Michael handed William over to Tamaki knowing he was dying to hold his grandson and if he handed him to Sara she wouldn't let him go.

It was a great feeling to hold his son and being in Japan was even better. Having his father's old house helped since they didn't feel like a bother to his parents by staying with them. But they were close so they could help babysit or give advice if needed. René had started working a few months after graduation and Michael stayed home to watch William since he didn't have to join the Giants until next season anyway. As William got older they already saw his love for baseball and he wanted to work for René and Kyouya one day. He was as smart as his parents and would learn way more then he needed to for his age if they weren't careful. René saw that he had gotten even closer to his father from having him around while he was pregnant. Letting him know about the pregnancy was the best decision he could have ever made.
"Mommy your turn!"
René looked up to see William at first base waiting for René to bring him home. Both their families were together for the summer and Michael had a day off so they all headed to the park for a baseball game. Sophia was helping William bat since he had trouble holding and swinging it and Abby was helping him know when and where to run. Moments like this were the best and the ones René and Michael enjoyed the most. From the look of joy on everyone's face he knew they were the best for everyone as well.


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