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"Yo, who ate all the waffles?" Cyborg asked loudly from the kitchen corner.

Cyborg had baked waffles for breakfast and had gone away for five minutes to get some syrup and then they had vanished. There were four people in the common room. When he left and there were four people when he arrived.

"Y'all get your butt over here" he yelled. "This calls for a thorough investigation. The four suspects are in the room and no waffles."

"Aren't you overreacting, Cy?" Beast Boy asked.

Cyborg pointed his finger at the green teen. "Don't you get started. You know I had baked tofu-waffles, especially for you, and you were drooling about it when I baked them." he said angrily. "This is how it happened. When I left, you turned into a parrot and snatched those waffles for yourself."

"Uh, Cy? That would mean that I would have ate the regular waffles too." Beast Boy said. "And you said that you had made it impossible for me to know what waffles were for me."

He had a point there. He had made sure that Beast Boy wouldn't smell which one was with tofu.

"Okay. You're off the hook...for now." he said, turning over to Starfire.

"Then you did it!" he yelled and the power of the wind he produced made her hair stand up.

Starfire fixed her hair. "Friend Cyborg, although I'd like to say that you are right, I haven't taken your waffles. The moment you left, I walked with you to your car, because I had left Silkie's food there and then I went straight to my room. " Starfire said.

Cyborg looked like he wanted to say something, pointing at the alien girl, but his mouth just stayed open and no sound came out. He stood like this for a few seconds. "You're right. Sorry Star." he said. "ROBIN!"

The boy wonder was checking his communicator, not paying attention to 'Cyborg's investigation'. "Yeah?"

Cyborg walked over to Robin, his hands behind his back. "being the sneaky, trained-by-batman person that you are, you would have no problem getting the waffles. CONCLUSION: you took them."

Robin looked to his team mate for a few seconds. "That doesn't prove anything. And do you really think that I couldn't wait five minutes? Like you said, I've been trained by Batman. I. Know. When. To. Wait." Robin pointed out.

"Alright. You're innocent." Cyborg concluded. "Then there is one more person who could have taken my waffles. Raven?" He said, turning over to the pale empath.

Raven glared at Cyborg, raising an eyebrow. Even the other Titans were gazing at their mechanical friend.

"What?" he asked.

"Are. You. Serious?" Raven asked.

"But...you said you like waffles. More then life itself." Cyborg said, shrinking down in size.

"This is pointless." Raven said, walking over to the door, where Beast Boy stood. "Just bake some new waffles, or eat cereals. But don't bother me."

She walked out of the common room.

"New waffles it is!" Cyborg yelled enthusiastic, running over to the kitchen.

Beast Boy walked out of the common room and went straight to the rooftop, grinning at what just happened. He opened the door that lead to the rooftop.

"We sure fooled them, Rae." he said, a wide grin on his face. "Nice teleportation spell.

In the middle of the roof laid a pick nick blanket, where Raven was sitting on, smiling at her boyfriend. On the blanket laid a thermos, two cups and...THE WAFFLES.

Raven giggled while Beast Boy took place on the blanket, winking at her. No-one would interrupt their romantic breakfast together.

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