"Oof!" Haruna Saotome struggled to balance a relatively large stack of books as she walked down the street. "I didn't realize I had checked out this many books!"

"I told you it was too much for you…" her friend Yue sighed as she sipped on a juicebox full of some weird concoction. "Ever since Negi-sensei's secret got out and you made a contract with him you had to start researching mages and magic like crazy."

Nodoka Miyazaki, following behind with more books, blushed at the mention of Negi.

"Hey, you made a contract with Sensei too, Yuecchi," said Haruna, then while smirking added, "and that kiss was lame, you should have gone full on like me."

Yue blushed furiously and shouted "I only did it because I was dragged into it!" Haruna grinned. She knew it was more than that.

"H-Hey guys, I hear something…" said Nodoka nervously. Haruna's hair antennae perked up. "Yeah, I hear it too."

"Sounds like car engines." Yue asserted. "A group of them too."

A gleaming set of headlights came into view. "We better get out of the way!" said Haruna. She quickly but carefully moved to avoid dropping the stack of books, which were beginning to wobble all over the place.

The vehicles soon became visible. A set of 3 vans with the words "PROJECT.D" on the doors drove by together, followed by three cars. One of them was a small, black and white hatchback with flip-up lights and 8-spoke wheels. It looked relatively old and yet it was in great condition. There was also a yellow car, looking very heavily modified on the outside with a big body kit and a spoiler that could almost put Setsuna's giant wings to shame. Following behind it was a white car, also heavily modified. The engines, even at cruising speed, sounded aggressive.

After the cars passed, the 3 girls stood there, in awe of what they had seen.

"Project…D. Who are they?"

The next day, Class 3-A filed into their classroom as usual. Negi took his place at the front of the room, then announced, "Everyone, we have some special guests here to talk to us about their job as part of our career day!" He motioned toward the door.

A group of three men entered. One of them appeared to be younger than the rest, and another had short spiked hair. The cheerleaders immediately began fawning over the group. "That guy with the comb over is soooo handsome!" said Misa Kakizaki to her friends.

The leader of the group spoke up. "My name is Ryosuke Takahashi. I'm the leader of a racing team called Project D."

Immediately the trio of library girls perked up. Haruna's antennae went wild.

"We're from the Gunma prefecture, and our mission is to go and challenge teams of racers from other areas in order to succeed in our goal of conquering the Kanto region. That mission has been fulfilled as of recent."

Ryosuke turned to the other two members of his group. "These are our two aces."

Both of them introduced themselves to the class. "I'm Takumi Fujiwara." said the younger looking man. "Keisuke Takahashi," the other said in a smooth tone of voice.

The class talked amongst themselves. "These guys will make a great scoop!" said Kazumi Asakura to the empty seat behind her. The ghost girl, Sayo Aisaka, nodded through the viewfinder of Kazumi's camera.

"We have a new mission now. Word on the street is that a legendary racer resides around Mahora. We're here to find and challenge that racer. Do any of you know who he could be?"

Silence. "Negi, do you know of anyone who's a racer around here?"

"Um, I never heard of any racers around here at all either, Ryosuke-san." said Negi as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Does anyone on the school grounds drive a car?"

"I…I know one person who does, but I doubt he's a racer…"

Ryosuke turned toward the door. "All right then. Since we're here for career day, I guess we may as well show your class how we drive." He walked out of the classroom with Takumi and Keisuke. "Meet us out back, we'll bring the cars around there."

A wave of mystery washed over the class. Who in Mahora could possibly be a famous racer? Was someone hiding something?