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Leaving George

I understand now, looking down at my brother as he stares at my body. I understand why it had to be me. George's face is empty, as empty as my blank, staring eyes. He just sits, holding my hand, my stone-cold hand, as the fighting around him continues. It had to be me, because I couldn't have coped without him. I was always more outgoing than him, but he always came up with the ideas, he was cleverer than me and I know that he won't be stupid like I would be. I couldn't live without him.

I understand now, why I was always the loud one. I tried to hide how I followed him, how he was always the one who shone brighter. I was his shadow, but only he knew that. Everyone else thought he was the quieter one, that he was the one who followed me. He didn't even mind, he seemed happy to let me take the credit. He loved me for what I was, he never tried to change me.

I understand now, how I couldn't live without him. During life I spent every minute, every hour, every day with him. He was my world, my best friend, my everything. I missed him when we sat in detention, when they split us up. I missed him when Mum forced him to de-gnome the garden and I had to quieten down the ghoul in the attic. Every moment we spent apart, I missed him. I miss him now.

I understand now, why I am the one watching him stare at my dead body, and not the other way around. I know what he feels inside. He feels pain, despair, anger. He wants nothing more than to destroy everything. But he doesn't. He blames no one. Because he can keep his feelings inside. He won't say anything to Mum and Dad, to try and hurt them, just to make them hurt as much as he does, just like I would. He will simply sit, silent, and suffer.

I understand now, why I am dead. He has the chance of living now, of finding a wife and having a family. But I could never do that, because I loved him too much. I couldn't let him go. And I am blessed that I can see him now, that I can watch over him and make sure that he lives a full life. He can only see me in the mirror, every morning.

I understand now, why the earth turns. I understand why the lightning flashes, why the thunder cracks and why the sea roars. For him.

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