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Author's Note: Saa . . . I'm interested with Rick's character that I wanted to try writing about him. :)

"Questions Unanswered"

He doesn't know why he's so fascinated with Amano Ichigo.

Truth is, he really can't understand it, himself, on why he's taken quite a liking towards her. Maybe it's because of her radiance that seemed to pull anyone in? Or, maybe, it's because of their love for sweets? Yes; that just may be it. Both of them share the same interest and maybe, just maybe, he felt thrilled to find out that she's aiming to become a pâtissière ('pâtissier' for him) just like him.

Ricardo Benigni goes through his thoughts, as he is unsure whether or not he's on the right track. But one thing's for sure:

Amano Ichigo is a very interesting person, indeed.