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"EEERRAAGGHHH!" With a swing of his giant blade, Ichigo took down yet another hollow.

"Damn hollows! I need my sleep!" Ichigo shouted, stifling a yawn and rubbing his eyes with his free hand.

"Stop acting so weak Strawberry" teased his companion Rukia, wearing a big grin.

Ichigo grunted and gazed blankly at the full moon. It had been six months since Ichigo had defeated Aizen, and yet he was back to the same routine as if nothing had happened. It's not like he expected a party for his victory, or even a pat on the back, but he definitely didn't expect to be suspended from soul society! He let out a soft sigh, lost in his contemplation until his companion spoke.

"You ok?" Rukia asked, concern in her voice.

"Mmhm" Ichigo replied, smiling as he turned to face her. However, she was closer than he expected and he bumped into her. He begun to mumble an apology, but their eyes met and Ichigo became speechless. He tried to think of something to say, but his mind became blank. Rukia looked as though she was trying to do the same, but her lip just quivered and she remained still. The space between them started to get shorter and shorter slowly, and their hands met halfway, fingers intertwining. Both of them started to close their eyes, listening to one another's laboured breathes, anticipating the moment their lips would touch, when Rukia's phone rings, alerting them of another hollow attack. They both stop and sigh, holding their positions for a few seconds, but then withdrawing. Rukia checked her phone for the details of the hollow attack, whilst Ichigo let out an audible groan of frustration, looking up to the sky as if to curse whatever God there was. Rukia giggled at this, and put her phone back.

"Don't let it get to you too much strawberry, this one isn't that far away" she teased with a pleased grin.

"Better not be, I need my sleep y'know!" Ichigo pouted, expecting some sympathy, but Rukia just laughed and started towards their next target.

Ichigo was woken abruptly by his alarm the next morning. As if by instinct, he hit the snooze button and whispered "Five more minutes" to himself, but was woken again by his stuffed animal roommate, Kon.

"Get up lazy! Nee san is already awake! I said get up dammit!" Kon shouted, jumping on the teenagers face. Ichigo flailed and rolled out of bed, ripping Kon off of his face in the process.

"Bloody toy! Five more minutes would've been fine dammit!" Ichigo protested, turning off his alarm clock. Kon just laughed and skipped out of the room, full of content. Ichigo got up and looked at his calendar. He sighed as he saw the words "Summer School!" in red on that day's date. Ichigo's and Rukia's attendance and grades suffered considerably due to their constant absences and time off in Hueco Mundo, so to make up for it and not fail school, they had to attend summer school. Ichigo complained silently about how troublesome going to summer school was, but one thought raced into his mind. "At least I can spend the time with Rukia" Ichigo smiled at the thought, then started to blush and shook the thought from his mind. After getting showered, he proceeded downstairs, where the air was unusually silent. Ichigo looked around suspiciously, walking in a slower pace than usual. Just as he started to ease up and shrugged away his suspicions, Ichigo's dad flew from the ceiling shouting "Good morning Ichigo!" Ichigo replied by throwing his foot in the air and it connected with his dad's face, sending him flying backwards.

"Bakka!" Ichigo shouted "Where the hell did you come from? And why do you have cello tape all over you?" Isshin got up brushing himself off and taking any remaining cello tape off himself.

"I cello taped myself to the ceiling so I could catch you off guard, pretty smart eh?" Isshin grinned and winked at his son.

"No! It's idiotic! What if you damaged the ceiling or... How long have you even been up there?"

"Maybe a few hours, maybe the whole night, it doesn't matter, what does matter is that you passed!" Isshin smiled giving his son the thumbs up. Ichigo was about to argue again, but he sighed and buried his face in his hand. He knew from experience that explaining how pointless these "awareness and training exercises" were would get him nowhere, so he decided to ignore him and continue to the kitchen.

"Good morning Ichii!" Yuzu shouted, a warm smile on her face "Hurry up and eat your breakfast or you'll be late!" Ichigo sat down without protesting and began eating his breakfast. It wasn't until he finished that he noticed Rukia had sat opposite him.

"Finally finished?" Rukia taunted. Ichigo was about to reply with a sarcastic comment, but she had already got up and left the room.

"I'm leaving without you if you don't hurry up in the next ten seconds!" she shouted from the hallway. Ichigo hurriedly got up and left the room, bidding farewell to a silent Karin and Yuzu.

The weather reflected a typical summer day, a crystal clear sky, the sun hanging high in the air, emitting ungodly levels of heat. Rukia and Ichigo walked side by side, Rukia humming a cheery tune, whilst Ichigo was looking into the distance, lost in his thoughts. Half way there, Rukia ran out in front of Ichigo, smiling cheesily. Ichigo stopped, surprised of her sudden action.

"What's up?" He asked, wearing a puzzled look.

"What's summer school like?" Rukia asked in an innocent tone, cupping her hands behind her back leaning forward.

"You'll find out when we get there" Ichigo sighed, taking a step forward but then freezing in his step, eyes widening.

"Ichigo?" Rukia asked, a tone of worry in her voice. She started to walk to him, but Ichigo just pointed behind her.

"Rukia look" Ichigo whispered. Rukia started to laugh nervously as she turned, but she gasped and went white as she saw what Ichigo was pointing at.

A senkaimon could be seen in the distance, and in front of it a figure that neither of them had seen in six months, Byakuya Kuchiki.

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