One day I thought, "what if Luffy had a concience?". Well, obviously that wouldn't really work. But since I'm a sucker for metaphoric stories, here ya go. Calm Luffy, yaoi fluff, all the fun stuff xD

Made by: RavenInTheNight, with the help of the devil and the god in my head.

Couple/s: One-sided SanLu fluff.

Summary: Luffy meets a shy young boy in a certain lovable hat...

Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece or any of the canon characters. One Piece and all canon characters belong to the genius Eiichiro Oda, to Shonen Jump and to Toei animation. I do not support 4Kids, however I do prefer Zolo over Zoro. Why? Because I'm wierd.

I do not own anything related to Toeto. Toeto is a song originally sung (I think) by Luka Megurine.

Warning: T for language and such.

I may add wierd puns or japanese words you may not be familiar with, so just ask if you didn't catch something. Yes, this is a generic warning and doesn't always prove true.



Luffy looked around the ghost town. He didn't remember getting off the ship, and he couldn't see his crewmates. Usually he'd love to explore, but the air wieghed him down, gave him an odd sense of calmness. He frowned, "Uh... hello?"

He heard footsteps, and whirled around defensively. The feeling was making him uneasy. He caught sight of something in the distance, hiding.

Luffy walked slowly towards it. After what felt like an eternity, he had cornered the thing behind a barrel. He saw white cat ears over the wooden rim, and tilted his head, "Uh.. who are you?"

A whimper. Luffy blinked and leaned over, "I won't hurt you or anything..."

A tiny boy looked up. He has ruffled black hair held down by a white kitty hat, and his eyes were bright with worry. Luffy held down a gasp as he recognized a scar under the boy's eye. "Are you... me?"

"I-I'm Toeto." the boy whispered nervously.

Luffy grinned and picked the tiny boy up, "That's wierd. Hahaha."

Toeto wore a shirt under his vest, and his pants weren't rolled up as far. He sat on the barrel, "Luffy onii-kun... I'm your fears."

"...Huh?" Luffy tilted his head.

"Luffy onii-kun has a crush..."

Luffy suddenly felt hungry for some reason, and imagined the sweet smell of cigarettes, which hung around the kitchen. He shook the thought from his head, "If I liked someone, I could tell them straight out."

"It doesn't work like that.." Toeto frowned, blushed, and tugged at his hat, "I..."

Luffy frowned, "It's true I've never been able to tell them..."

Toeto burst in tears, "And that's my fault..."

Luffy's frown deepened. Although he'd just met this strange look-alike, he felt as if Toeto had always been there. He hugged the boy, "Don't cry, Toeto."

Toeto hugged Luffy back, "I'll try to help you, then..."


"LUFFY, WAKE UP!" A slap from a metal stick in the face woke him up from the wierd dream.

"Owwww..." Luffy looked up to see Nami wielding her Climatact in his face, "You idiot..."

Luffy frowned, "I had a wierd dream about Sanji..."

Nami raised a brow, "...Boys..." she shrugged and left.

Luffy fell out of his hammock and went straight to the kitchen. Don't worry, Toeto. You can help me reach for him.


So does this count as a crossover, considering that this songs is from Vocaloid?