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Chapter1- Changes.

It was here in this very room when suddenly, everything changed. Though nothing had changed, I could feel a big change coming, but this change didn't have a vision- it was like . . . something I couldn't describe, something that was almost defiantly going to happen, only- no one knew that yet. How strange.

I shook of the feeling with a jolt when I felt someone's questioning gaze on me, that's when I remembered that I was only in the boring old cafeteria of Fork's High with my family, what could possibly change or have any effect on my life here? The thought was almost humorous- this lame old building was full of fragile little humans who we paid no attention to. I decided I'd try to forget about the so called 'change' that I felt coming- it was nothing, though of course, because I was Alice, it still bugged me.

This was our second year of being here; the story was that we moved down here from Alaska because Carlisle had gotten offered a job at the local hospital in town and that, obviously he had accepted.

I looked over at Jasper, my lovely Jasper whose eyes were burning black with thirst, it felt wrong to see him like this, but we were trying to make him stronger, if he could resist temptation in this medium sized room full of our classmates, couldn't he get further? I knew we were pushing his limits, and it wasn't exactly safe- for the humans anyway- but it would be better for Jasper if he could handle this.

With a sigh, I called, 'Edward?' in my head, I knew I had his attention, but he didn't turn to face me like a normal conversation, this was what we called our special little conversation, because no one knew we were having them.

'How is he holding up?' I thought towards him.

The corner of Edward's mouth twitched down slightly to form a frown, the movement was so slight that a human wouldn't notice it. My sharp-sighted vampire family, however, would notice- if they were paying attention, which they were not.

I was alarmed at Edward's reply and immediately started skimming through visions, trying to find the source of the frown, or at least Jasper's future. 'Is there any danger?' I demanded.

Edward turned his head slightly to the left, sighed, and then back to the right. I saw Rosalie roll her eyes at the sound of his sigh, but at least she didn't know the reasons behind it. Edward was shaking his head- telling me there was no danger, of course Jasper wouldn't attack anyone- I was selfish to even think it.

'Let me know if it gets to bad' I warned Edward through my mental voice.

His eyes flickered to the ceiling and back to the wall he was currently staring at, a nod.

'Thanks for doing this' I told him, I was truly grateful that he was willing to look out for Jasper, and warn me if anything got to close, even if I wasn't a mind reader like my brother, I knew Jasper was struggling, it had been two weeks since we all hunted last, and Jasper was thirsty, the rest of us could handle it easily, okay maybe, if a human got too close it was a little uncomfortable- but we were pushing Jasper's limits now, way too far.

I started daydreaming- if that was possible- but if not, then I guess it was just thinking, but I saw vivid pictures, I realised they were parts of my visions, blurry ones that were un-decided, and past ones that I had ignored or let go, shoved into a corner that could be called 'unwanted' in a small part of my over-sized brain. There was one that caught my attention- it was a picture of this cafeteria, but it flicked to another too quickly for me to examine it, this put another bug in me, what was wrong with me today? Everything felt so strange, so familiar, like I was missing something important that I of all people should see.

I was brought out of my reverie at the sound of Edward kicking Jasper's chair.

Jasper looked at the table embarrassed . . . and guilty? "Sorry." He muttered.

And then I realised what I had missed as I saw Edward shrug and stare after a small sandy-haired girl walking away from our table, I remembered her as being a girl called Whitney, she was in my maths class.

I got defensive then; Edward thought Jasper was going to harm her.

"You weren't going to do anything." I soothed Jasper, shooting a death glare at my brother. "I could see that." I lied, I wasn't even paying attention really, but better for Jasper to try and be positive.

From the corner of my eye I saw the grimace Edward was fighting- the one that would give my lie away. He quickly smoothed his expression and I shot a 'thanks' towards him.

"It helps if you think of them as people." I suggested to Jasper, my voice too high and fast for any human in hearing range to understand- "Her name is Whitney. She has a baby sister who she adores, her mother invited Esme to that garden party remember?"

"I know who she is." Jasper snapped before turning away from me to face the small window on the wall behind him. His tone made me stop myself from what I was going to say- I'd upset him, great.

We would go hunting later, I didn't care what anyone else said, Jasper wouldn't refuse, he was way too thirsty to resist, and we should stop playing with his thirst, it wasn't fair- it wasn't safe. We would just accept that Jasper would never be able to control himself as much as the rest of us could.

With a sigh I stood up with my prop- my lunch tray, with my un-bitten apple, and un-touched pizza- and left the room. Jasper had had enough of my encouragement, I should just leave him be, and look out for his future for the rest of today, we could leave school early if it helped him, I didn't mind. One hour of English Literature that could be missed, bargain.

I headed to my class and sat down waiting in my seat, only three minutes until the bell rang anyway, I searched my visions- again- for the third time today actually. But I didn't see anything devastatingly tragic.

Jasper sitting in silence before going to physics,

Edward staring at a group of human teenagers in the cafeteria, no, one human girl with deep chocolate eyes, medium brown hair and a pale creamy-coloured complexion, her cheeks would blush and she'd look at the table.

How strange, Edward wouldn't stare at a bunch of his classmates- but strangely I recognized the brown-haired human girl. And then it clicked, she was the new girl- Isabella Swan, she was expected, I'd seen a vision of her arriving at school a few months ago when her father, the chief police of Fork's had set up her 'return' to Washington state, the town of clouds and rain after she had spent many sunny days in heat of Phoenix with her mother- I'd even over-herd the conversation he'd had with miss Cope.

The bell rang then and the humans flooded into class, my throat burned as a young girl called Emily sat in front of my chair and fanned her blonde curls out behind her, but the smell quickly faded and I was able to breath again- as soon as the teacher started his lecture I began searching for Jasper, watching every small insignificant choice he made, my every thought was on him, because Jasper was my priority right now, he needed me.

Jasper was going to sit near the front of the class- a table to him self away from the scent of the humans. My vision told me, which was good- he was making changes to help himself instead of sitting in his usual seat at the back where the scents of human blood would blow in his face time and time again and make the venom flow in his mouth.

The hour past quickly, and I hadn't missed a thing- Jasper was perfectly fine at the moment.

I walked swiftly down the corridors and out the parking lot door onto the car park where Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett were already waiting outside by the steps. I went over to them, took Jasper's hand and headed towards Edward's Volvo where Edward probably already was.

I opened the passenger seat and climbed in, Rose, Emmett and Jasper in the back- Edward wasn't here, but his scent was strong- like he's been here for a while and then got out and walked somewhere- would he have already gone home? I didn't think so.

"Where is he?" Rosalie complained, tapping her steel-like nails on the seatbelt strap that wasn't strapped around her.

"I don't know." I told her, there was no point in looking through my visions for him, if he was somewhere important or heading somewhere important then I would know.

Half a minute later I saw him- hurrying towards the car in a pace much too fast for a human, good job the lot was almost empty, and that no one was staring after him.

"Edward!" I gasped as I took on his expression, his eyes were burning, his face a shade paler and his breathing heavy though I could tell he was trying to calm down, even without Jasper's extra gift I could feel his anxiety.

He shook his head at me. Oh. Fine then, don't tell me.

"What the hell happened to you?" Emmett suddenly demanded speaking the words in all our heads, though he didn't ask the question as formal as I would have . . .

Edward didn't answer, he swung the car into reverse and hit the accelerator before we were out of school grounds- Rosalie, Jasper and Emmett all turned to stare at me for information- I shrugged- I couldn't see backwards however hard I could, I wished id been paying attention to Edward and Jasper during English, I hated it when I didn't know.

I searched ahead instead, and gasped.

Edward leaving.

"You're leaving?" I cried.

"Am I?" Edward hissed back.

I saw it then, as Edwards resolve wavered and his future headed into a dark direction . . .

Bella Swan dead, Edward's eyes blazing crimson red with fresh human blood, the search that her father Charlie Swan would lead when she disappears, the time my family would wait until it was safe enough to pull out and start again.

"Oh." I gasped and the picture grew more specific,

Bella standing in a small kitchen with yellow cupboards, her back to Edward as he stalked her from the shadows . . . heading closer towards her with his silent footfalls and-

"Stop!" Edward demanded.

My eyes flung open wide- Edward's face was tortured but at the same time . . . like he could imagine that happening.

"Sorry." I muttered, surely it was hard for him seeing that in my head.

I felt the gazes of my family from the back of my head but I didn't turn to answer their gaze, it wasn't my place to say.

My vision shifted again-

An empty highway, dark night, the trees coated in snow, flashing by at 200 miles per hour.

"I'll miss you." I whispered, "No matter how short a time you're gone."

We were nearly home so I told Edward to drop us of here, "You should tell Carlisle yourself."

He nodded once and the car squealed to a sudden stop. Emmett, Rose and Jasper got out in silence; I knew they were expecting me to explain later. "You will do the right thing." I murmured- an order- "She's Charlie Swan's only family. It would kill him, too." And I was positive of that fact.

"Yes." Edward agreed, but I didn't know If he was in agreement to everything I'd said, or just the last part.

I slid out in silence, though my head was filled with anxiety, I had to trust Edward- he was my brother. So I went to join the others in the shadows of the trees and heard the Volvo accelerate towards town behind me. My vision flashed backwards and forwards between the bright image of Edward's future where he would say goodbye to Carlisle and leave for a while . . . and the dark-sighted future at which he drank the blood of Bella Swan, my poor brothers eyes burning bright red in the night as he drained her body . . .

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