Naruto lazily walked in class, he got many looks all of them wondering why the hell he was in there. They sure as hell thought his ass failed yesterday but they quickly ignored him when they all got giddy about their first day as an official ninja. The blond scratched the back of his head as he just sat next to Shikamaru. The boy gave him a small wave before slumping back to his desk for some sleep.

Naruto tried not to laugh at that and just leaned as far back as his chair let him. He hung on it loosely and rubbed the leaf insignia that was on his forehead thanks to his headband. The blond took a small time to notice the rest of the class. Hinata quickly jolted her head down and blushed when he stared in her direction.

He didn't put much thought on it since she always does that. Sasuke was in some deep thought about life as he leaned forward on his desk a couple rows up. Naruto assumed he was drowning out the two girls currently fighting on each side of him, Ino and Sakura were arguing over the prize in the middle. Kiba was picking his nose, Shino was looking out the window and Choji was eating.

Today didn't feel any different then any other day and Naruto slumped in chair even more bored. He stared up at the ceiling and heard nothing but the racket that the class was making. He drowned them out and began to recall what happened yesterday.

'You are the Demon Fox of the Nine Tails!'

Naruto pulled out a kunai and began twirling it in between his fingers. Since the morning he had woken up those words kept playing back and forth in his head. Each time it did however Naruto couldn't help saying 'cool' in his head. A shit load of things were cleared for him, the stares now made sense, his ability to heal quickly, and the reason why he could see, hear, and smell sharply far more better then kids his age.

Naruto couldn't help but be feeling anything short of awesome as this news reached his ears. The possibilities were endless for him and he just wanted to see his limits if he could just get the demon's chakra out. His persona changed slightly with this information, he now didn't care about the stare down people gave since he now knew why they did and could care less. He was a bit laid back now, he didn't strive for attention, and it didn't matter to him much anymore.

He had a demon in him, the strongest of all of them and he knew that was all he needed. He didn't these people's opinions or their views of him, why would he he's got the demon of the nine tails within him. If they wanted to throw down then he was all for it, the boy had been contemplating how to get the chakra out like before and he knew fighting would strike a spark somehow.

He was brought of his thoughts when he heard the boy next to him start speaking.

"Hey Naruto how'd you whined up passing?"

The blond shrugged

"Iruka had some extra assignment for me and I passed that one"

"Odd I don't think none of the other kids that failed got that"

"Well I guess it was him being nice since I kinda failed this thing three times already"

Shikamaru nodded and guessed that made sense since all the other kids failed for their first time. He quirked an eyebrow at the blond when he noticed he had changed his clothing a little. It was still the same clothing but just in a different manner, the coat he always had zipped up was now open in the middle revealing a black shirt underneath.

This coat also had a hoody with white fur around the edges and the neck high collar was gone. He also took in that he didn't have the standard blue sandals but instead had black ones. They almost looked like flip flops if they didn't come back up from his heel and wrap around his ankles. Other than that everything else was the same old Naruto.

"Hey Shikamaru can ask you something?"

"Go ahead"

"Why do you wear your headband around your arm?"

Shikamaru blinked for a brief second before scratching his head.

"I dunno I just don't like around my forehead, it makes it all hot and it's just a peeve I have"

"Well if you don't mind I'm gonna follow your example because that's exactly what going on with me"

Shikamaru looked amused at that remark and saw the blond wrap around his headband around his right arm. After that little conversation the lazy Nin was about to go back to sleep but was quickly awaken again by Iruka coming in. The class quickly quieted down and sat in their seats waiting for him to talk.

"Alright students today is the day you assigned to your teams, does any one have any questions before I read them off?"

Sakura shot her hand up.

"Yes Sakura?"

"How many are on each team?"

"Three only"

Sakura nodded

"Alright anybody else?"

Nobody raised their hands and they all sat in anticipation as to who would be with whom. The hot summer day made them want to just hear the teacher say it already as many got impatient with Iruka as he went all the way back to his desk and shuffle through it. The girls all looked at the Uchiha as they held the breath and the boys all looked at the Uchiha as they held breath not wanting to be with him. Everybody else was in different and just waited for their name to be called.

"Alright Team-"

And like that people were being called one by one as they were told where to meet with their Jounin sensei. The place soon started to dim down quickly and the shuffling of desks could be heard as each one left. Naruto remained in his previous position as he stared at the ceiling and twiddled with his Kunai. Shikamaru was dead asleep next to him.

"Team 7 Sasuke-"

All the remaining girls in the room leaned over their desks at the name and prayed to god to let them be on his team. While that was happening all the boys crossed their fingers and prayed that some poor bastard other then themselves got picked.



Everyone sweat dropped in her direction as she laughed nervously and sat back slowly in her chair for causing such a commotion. Sasuke remained in different at the news but if you stared closely you could see him scowling very slightly.

"And Naruto"

Every remaining girl bonked their head against their desks, while all the guys gave a relieved sigh at their luck. Naruto must have been in his own zone because he never stared up from the news and didn't seem to care as he just leaned back. Sakura gave the blond a scowl but at least it wasn't Ino and for that she couldn't ask for more.

After the remaining teams were called, and Naruto nudging Shikamaru awake when his named was called the room was now empty. Iruka told them that their sensei wanted them to wait for them there and he walked out. Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke were silent for the most part, being they were all in their own world.

Sakura blushing as she stood barely two feet away from Sasuke, the said Uchiha was always fairly silent, and Naruto was still wondering what ways he could emerge the red chakra within himself like he did when he fought against the rogue Chuunin. Sakura stood reluctantly away from the Uchiha when she wasn't getting any answers from him and he kept blowing her off.

Her eyes landed on the blond and she walked over to him.

"Naruto why are you even here I'm pretty sure you failed"


"Moron I'm talking to you"

"…huh wah?"

Naruto blinked several times as he brought his eyes off the ceiling and saw Sakura staring right at him. He shrugged his shoulders as he pocketed the kunai, and stood up himself. After a quick stretch and a dust of his orange pants.

"Iruka let me do some extra work to pass"

"Well good for you, you should consider yourself lucky"

"Oh and why's that?"

"Because we got the 'rookie of the year' on our team"

"Oh that a fact"

"Yes and I suggest you treat him with respect"

Sakura said and then dreamily looked at the Uchiha as she turned around from the blond. Naruto quirked up and eyebrow when he saw Sasuke and wondered if he was asleep. The kid hadn't looked like he had moved an inch and wondered if he slept with his eyes open.

"I here by promise that I will not even breathe the same air as the great Uchiha-Sama for he is too grand to be seen by my eyes"

Naruto said very sarcastically and bowed towards him as he had to keep himself from laughing. Sakura growled at him and bonked him on the head. He just rubbed his head and smirked at her as he walked by her. Sasuke for his part had his eyebrows twitching by the occurrence but paid no close mind on it. The Uchiha instead was paying close detail to the change the blond seemed to be exuding slightly.

He didn't run around trying to get the pinkitte's attention like he normally does and didn't start a fight with him. At that same moment after three hours of being late and the clock reading two in the afternoon the Jounin walked in. The man had one eye covered by his headband, in the standard Jounin gear and vest, and had white hair that defied the basis of gravity.

"Meet on the roof"

After those words he disappeared in a puff of smoke and the three began walking up the stairs. When they reached the roof the man was already sitting there reading an orange book, he point with his index finger to sit right across from him and when they did he closed his book. After a quick glance at his team he leaned back with his arms crossed and he closed his eye.

"My first impression of you guys is I don't like you"

The team half slumped in their posture by those words.

"Well in any case lets start off by some introductions shall we, tell me your names, likes, dislikes and dreams why don't you go first pinky"

Sakura scowled at him slightly but quickly began rambling.

"Well my name Is Sakura Haruno and my likes….(Stares at the Uchiha) I dislike Ino-pig!… and my dreams are to….(Stares at the Uchiha)"

She finished her last one with a giggle and all of the guys in an involuntary movement skidded away from her slightly. Sasuke felt an ice pecking chill as she managed to drool on his shorts slightly. The Jounin slowly started to nod after he gained back his senses and then looked at the last of the Uchiha.

"Alright now you detached and anti-social"

Sasuke felt his eyebrows twitch slightly

"I am Sasuke Uchiha; I have few likes such as training and many dislikes like everything else, my dream well more of a goal an ambition and that is to kill a certain man"

The group felt slightly tense at those words and Jounin remained indifferent about it. After an awkward silence and a couple of leaves being blown in the air the sensei spoke up again. He pointed at the last remaining boy with his index finger and indicated it was his turn.

Naruto shrugged

"My names Naruto Uzumaki, I like to have a good fight where the stakes could be raised and dislike boring fights, my dream…"

The boy looked up at the tree behind them and felt his eyes go under its shade. The team quirked an eyebrow at him when he seemed to stop. They each evaluated the situation differently, the Uchiha wondered when the boy even liked fighting he didn't recall him ever being there when they had spars, Sakura wondered why he stalled on his dream she was pretty sure he was going to say something stupid like he always does and the Jounin seemed like he just got bad intelligence on the boy.

"Well to tell you truth I don't really have one, but maybe…. I dunno make it to Anbu or some crap…. All I really care about is seeing how long I can stay alive in my ninja career"

The Jounin nodded at him and then evaluated his suppose 'team'. He had a psycho school girl ready to pounce on the Uchiha at any given moment, a boy chasing a ghost and an unmotivated blond that seemed he just went wherever the wind blew him. He sighed as he wondered how he picked the perfect day to retire from the Anbu.

"HEY WAIT…. You didn't even tell us who you were"

Sakura on realizing that shot up blurted that out and pointed her finger accusingly at the Jounin. The man lazily made a small smile as his eye indented indicating that. The team all put their attention back at their sensei; the sun was high above them and the dry cement under their feet was just getting hotter.

"Oh yeah…. Well my name is Kakashi Hatake my likes….. Hmmm my dislikes….. I wonder and as for my dreams….. Well that's about it from me"

Naruto and Sakura face planted, while Sasuke just looked highly agitated by it. Naruto quirked an eyebrow towards Kakashi as he just smiled at him and pulled out an orange book. He was about to say something before their sensei cut him off.

"Tomorrow be at the training ground reserved for team 7 at 9 am sharp we will be taking the Genin test be sure not to eat anything or you might be staring at your cereal plastered all over your feet oh and one last thing your chances on passes are less then 45 percent, good luck"

All three of them stood shocked and before Sakura could even utter a word to stop him he disappeared in a puff of smoke. The pinkitte through an irritated growl as Naruto and Sasuke merely stood up. The blond dusted his orange pants off and put his hands in his coats pockets. Sasuke for his part just crossed his arms and stared where Kakashi once sat with narrowed eyes. They both ignored Sakura's rants as they where put in their own worlds for a brief second.

"So…. You guys wanna go eat or something?"

Naruto tried to connect with his new team, unsurprisingly though the Uchiha said he was just going home and at that the other one left to. She looked disappointed by his answer but then quickly said she had her own things to do as well. She also added her two cents in about how he just wanted an excuse to ask her out. The blond just shrugged at her and walked in the opposite direction when they left the building.

The bright sun was illuminating the village of Konoha making its green trees and vibrant building glow with beauty. Naruto now entered the market district and avoided the stares that were directed at him the second he arrived. He kept his hands in his pockets and just strolled around; he was put off guard when he saw two of his fellow classmates walking out of grocery store.

Shikamaru looked at his chubby friend with boredom as he munched down on his food. Choji had run out of chips and he told him he'd go with him since he had nothing better to do. The third member of their team left, something about keeping the 'pink bitches hands off her man'. They offered to come but she just blew them off like that running in the direction of the academy.

They noticed Naruto waving at them as he came over and they gave him a small one back.

"Yo, how did your guys' team turn out?"

Shikamaru shrugged his shoulders as all three began walking towards the usual hangout of Choji and Shikamaru's.

"Alright I guess if it wasn't for Choji being in it I'd probably quit since being around Ino isn't exactly the most soothing she's just a constant headache"

Choji kept munching on his chips but nodded. Naruto chuckled slightly as they headed up the stairs, the blonds as been here on occasions and usually to get advice from the pineapple head. He was a lot smarter then he showed in class and what Naruto liked about him is he never boasted once about his intelligence. He always told Naruto its' more of hassle to have people know he was smart.

Shikamaru went easily to the center of the roof and laid down. Choji went towards the bench near where the boy was and Naruto sat next to the chubby boy. The three were put in a nice silence as the time just ticked by, a small breeze hit the three of them while they kicked back and stared at the sky. Naruto then remembered his sensei's words and looked down at Shikamaru.

"Hey by the way did your sensei say some crap about the 'real' will be taken tomorrow?"

"Yeah me and Choji were kinda expecting it though"

Naruto blinked but wasn't surprised when it came to this kid he was always three steps ahead. He stared over at Choji and saw him nod, Naruto sighed as he himself had no clue about it. The sun had started to show sign of it setting as the vicinity started to glow in an orange haze. Naruto stood as he thought how easily the time passed by just by staring at clouds.

"Oh yeah before I forget hey Shikamaru do you know how to release ability hidden inside someone?"

The lazy Nin blinked at the request slightly stupefied the blond would even ask something like that.

"What do you mean like a blood limit or something?"

"…..Sort of like that yeah"

"Well every blood limit usually has to have some form of requirement to earn it but more often then not they come active if you're ever put in a high stress situation"

"…Oh like what?"

"Like think of near death experience or something of that sort"

The blond nodded at that while Choji along with his teammate looked perplex by the request. The chubby boy kept eating while Shikamaru just shrugged his shoulders at the munching boy and went back to staring at the clouds. Naruto had started to walk towards the stairs to go down but he stopped after he asked that and now seemed deep in thought where he was standing.

"Hey do you think that could work if you're fighting?"

"…Well yeah I think that's how the Hyuuga and the Uchiha earn theirs, although I think the Hyuuga can use them at an early age it's just when their put under stress they seem to work with them better"

"…..So you're saying that by fighting and almost dying is the key to getting them quicker?"

"Pretty much, but that's just my hypothesis"

"So the stronger the opponent…"

"The higher the stakes, which means….."

"The faster you're chances at activating it!"

Naruto almost jumped in the air in triumph as he got the solution to his problems. Of course now it all made sense, when he fought against Mizuki he was put up against in a opponent far beyond his skill level. Not only that but if you add on to the emotional stress the blond was put under when facing that Chunin for things he was saying and the anger coursing through his veins activating his demon chakra was simple.

The blond now knew his goal and how to get there. He needed to rise up in rank and face stronger opponents to get the same rush he did when he fought against Mizuki. The blond found the chakra intake absolutely addicting, ever since his encounter yesterday with the silver haired Nin he's been wondering constantly on how to get it out again. The blond was brought out of his musing however when the lazy Nin began talking.

"By the way Naruto why are so interested in blood limits, do you have one or something?"

Choji seemed to nod in agreement with him as he munched down more food. Naruto scratched the back of his head, in truth the blond didn't necessarily have one it just seemed to work like one. He stared at them with a small grin and shrugged his shoulders.

"Nah it's just something I felt like I needed to know is all"

The boys gave him a nod and said goodbye to him as he waved down the stairs. With that done the blond went towards the ramen stand, he surprised the old man and his daughter Ayame, when he wanted some to go instead of wolfing down at the stall like he always does. Those thoughts were quickly demolished however when he asked for ten bowls to go.

The sky was getting dark and he was slowly beginning to understand why Shikamaru could waste so much time watching clouds. Naruto didn't even notice the time fly by so quickly as he almost drifted to sleep with the two best friends. The blond walked to up the steps to his apartment and closed the door. He set his ten bowls on the counter and whipped one out as he walked over to his tea table.

The blond for some unexplained reason had an urge, a craving, and an obsession with getting another taste of Kyuubi's chakra. When he used it against Mizuki, all his mind could think about was how to get it again and all his body seemed to crave is that same rush that was even stronger then adrenaline. He shook his head off and put the bowl on the table.

The nice hot air that left the bowl when he opened it indicated it was barely made and Naruto inhaled the warmth coming from it. He whipped out some chopsticks and began eating it, or more like just plain stuffing it down his stomach. In less then two minutes he was finished with it and he pushed it to the far end. Naruto picked up the scroll he had sneaked out of the Academy, it was on clones and during the time the blond flat out sucked at doing them.

It gave various information on all sorts and types of clones, from the very weak ones from the Academy to the strong ones like the one he learned just yesterday. He brought it out of his closet the previous night wondering what the difference was between the 'Kage' clones compared to the normal ones. Aside from the obvious things like one being solid and the other just an illusion type of thing.

The blond leaned back and unrolled it as he skimmed through it trying to find the right one. After going through the mud type, and wind ones he finally landed on the one he wanted almost to the very end of the scroll. He put back on the table and sat down with his legs crossed over the other and his right hand under his left elbow. He held his chin with his index and thumb as he read over it.

KAGE- Required not to be used unless as a last resort, depletes chakra immensely and just making one can deplete half your reserves. The strongest type of clone that could be made without resorting to use the elements, at its full potential can be used to henged into other objects while being able to transform back into the image of the user at a whim. It is said that if you focus on a specific clone you can control it like if it was the user themselves, be noted however the user will also be rendered completely open if this method is used. Aside from being a notorious chakra drainer, it can also transfer information back to the user when dispelled making it great learning tool.

No more known info.

Naruto rose his eyebrows slightly at that little piece of information and guessed if he ever needed to learn a Jutsu he'd defiantly use this. Unfortunately though the blond didn't really see this getting him any closer to getting a taste of that red chakra and he guessed the only way to do it was with the advice of Shikamaru. So with that in mind he guessed he knew what to do as a ninja now.

His path was set; at first he was confused as to why he even wanted to be a ninja anymore. The villagers obviously weren't going to let this 'demon' thing go because they hadn't seemed to be changing their attitudes towards him in over the last twelve years. The blond seriously doubted they would ever see him and not the Kyuubi. Naruto quickly threw Hokage out of his list of things he wanted to be, but he soon realized that was the only thing that was on his list.

He never had a second plan, for the longest time all he wanted was recognition and respect. When he found out he was the bearer of the greatest demon that ever lived however he didn't give a rat's ass about what others thought about him. In his mind if he had that, who the hell cared if he had somebody's respect after all if any villager wanted to go toe to toe with him he knew he could kick their ass every single time.

All that was on the blonds mind lately is how to harness the demons powers as his own. There was this constant twitch in his body that yearned to just pick a fight with anybody and test out his limits. All he wanted to do was to fight and just get the slightest pinch of the red chakra. It was like his reserves became addicted to the source when it was first used.

The blond's new dream was made at that realization on what needed to be done. He didn't necessarily want power, but in a sense it was in some form exactly that. He just wanted that rush again, he wanted that feeling and he wanted it to last even longer. What Naruto wanted was something that could put him a situation where he knew he could draw out the demons chakra and he could harness it for as long as his body could let him.

Naruto would ascend the ranks of the Shinobi, and with that his fights would become more dangerous. He knew that the Jounin get the most action and that was first on his list but maybe one day he'd be in the Anbu ops. That was the cream of the crop, the top of the top and there mission only went as low as an A rank. The higher the position, the higher the odds, the higher the stress, and the higher the chance of having Kyuubi's chakra in his veins.

The blond got up and finished the rest of his bowls in less then fifteen minutes. After that was done he noticed it was almost going to be midnight and decided since he wanted to sleep in he might as well pass out now. With that said he walked to his bedroom and called it a night.








"Sasuke look at you all nice and dressed this morning…"

The Uchiha crossed his arms as he was leaning against a tree with his eyes closed. He was trying to ignore his pink haired teammate when she made those kinds of comments but he was beginning to slightly be scared when she made a freaky little giggle to herself. He cursed his luck, when he arrived early he expected to be the only one there but low and behold the pinkitte beat him to it.

Five more minutes and it would be nine, the Uchiha was praying for time to somehow go faster. A small gust of wind was heard and both of them turned their attention to it. Since Sakura was right in front of Sasuke she turned to her left shoulder and he turned to his right. They saw Naruto arrive at the scene with a small smile as he patted his stomach.

They were all dressed in their normal garbs except for the first time they notice Naruto's cloths looked slightly different. Again instead of the high collar he used to have, was now normal and had a fur hoody on the back. He didn't zip his coat all the way up and stopped half way revealing a black shirt underneath. He sandals were black, and they almost seemed like flip flops but the folds went his heel and wrapped around his ankle.

Naruto put his hands in his coats pockets and walked up to them. He had made to pairs of clones fight all night long to test out if what the scroll said was true. When he woke up they were still going at it and he dispelled them when he did. Immediately every memory of the two came charging back at him. Everything they learned he learned, on the bad side he felt heavily drained and he began wondering if having them do that all night might have been a little much.

He was too tired so he said screw what his instructor said and munched down on four bowls of cereal with some eggs. He got some energy back and his body was slightly feeling less stressed by the minute. He now stood directly to the sides of the two teammates of his and quirked an eyebrow at them while keeping his hands in his pockets. The sun was high above him, and the grass swished slightly from a small breeze.

"So when did you guys arrive here?"

"I got here early unlike you and I had Sasuke all to myself till you ruined it"

That news made the blonds eyebrows quirk even higher and he stared at the Uchiha who remained as passive as ever. He didn't even look like he changed any posture since he got here and hadn't said a word either. Naruto ignored the pinkitte as he strolled up to the Uchiha and slugged his left arm over the boy's shoulders. The Uchiha raised an eyebrow at the blond in agitation by the sudden display.

"Dude are you gay or something?"

Sakura's jaw dropped and Sasuke scowled at him.

"Why would you think that?"

"Come on man why wouldn't I? Sakura just told me that's she's been here since you were for practically an hour and you didn't do anything?"

Sakura now shut up and was paying close attention to the conversation.

"I don't see how that's a problem…."

"See that makes me think it even more, along with the fact that you nearly have every girl in Academy ready to pounce on you and you didn't even do anything, Dude do you even know the amount of things I would have done with them if I were you!"

"NARUTO he isn't a pervert like you is why!"

"Oh really and doesn't it bother you that he didn't even seemed phased by a pretty girl like you when you hit on him?"

That shut her up and made her stutter

"And by the way why do you do that?"

"Do what?"

"Blow her off every single time?"

"It's annoying"

"SEE, I know for a fact that if you told her to get on her knees while you pulled your shorts down she'd be sucking your slung like her favorite ice cream pop"


At this point Sasuke had a small red tinge on his cheeks when the blond said that. Sakura however looked ready to beat the living shit out of Naruto as he smiled nervously at her. He quickly thought on his feet however and in lightning speed threw his right arm around her shoulders. He made her scrunch down with him and had their backs facing Sasuke as he shook his head off from the previous images in his head.

"I'M GOINhahd"

Naruto wrapped his right hand over her mouth and with his left he put his index finger to his lips making a long 'shhhhhhh'. After looking over his shoulder he saw that Sasuke hadn't moved and was shaking his head. Naruto looked back at Sakura who was giving him the look of death and swore pain on him very soon.

"Alright hear me out alright, what I'm about to tell you is a way of seeing if Sasuke finds you attractive or not, or whether or not he's gay ok?"

Sakura blinked at him and slowly nodded.

"Good now I'm going to let you go but no punches until you hear my plan alright?"

Again she nodded and he let go of his hand.

"Alright now it's real simple and it will insure you if he sees you as a hot girl"

"Well hurry up and just tell me"

"Ok all you have to do is… raise up your shirt and show him your boobs…."


Again the blond shut her mouth by placing a hand over her mouth and looked over at the Uchiha. Luckily not much had changed, well nothing changed and the blond sighed in relief. He yanked his hands backed and winced a little when Sakura bit down on his hands. After flapping a little he put them back on his hinds.

"Naruto in what way do think that would even happen?"

"Listen has it ever struck you as odd for the guy's attitude?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean for well over the longest time that guy has had chicks grabbing him and flirted on, especially you and not once did he seem to even acknowledge it"

"Naruto obviously you don't understand the 'cool' aura Sasuke exudes, and him being silent is sexy"

'Pfft' "Sounds more to like someone's in denial that he might not be interested in girls"

"WHA? He is to!"

"Oh really then prove it"


"You can't can you?"

"I can two"

"Well what do you plan on doing, flirting with him 'obviously' isn't working"

"Well I'll….."

"HA, I'm telling you this is the only way to know for sure"

With a small agitated half growl, which followed by a small trace of hesitance and the biting of the lower lip. Sakura walked over to Sasuke, making sure Naruto was behind her so he at least wouldn't see. Little did the pinkitte know he had also decided if what the scroll he had back at home said was also true. When he took Sakura away Sasuke from her outburst, he had silently done a Shadow Clone and envisioned it in the form of a spider.

It still did a loud 'pop' but thanks to the blessings of Sakura's inhuman voice it didn't catch the ears of the two. Then when Sakura went on a tirade on him, with her vision sometimes going to the sky to illustrate her point on the threats she was making on the blond. Naruto performed the standard replacement technique, which you usually do with a log but the blond did it with his clone.

To an even bigger surprise instead of taking his own form when he replaced with his clone, he remained in the form of the spider he had envisioned. Naruto then closed his eyes and focused on the clone that was now on the ground since he was on the lowest tree branch. To beckon even more of shock on the technique, Naruto felt himself controlling, seeing, and speaking for his clone like it was himself in actual life.

Now that he found out that everything the scroll said was true, he now was going to bask in its rewards. Sakura went straight up Sasuke and she called his name with a little force. This made the Uchiha slightly bemused and raised a small eyebrow at her after he opened his eyes. In front of him stood Sakura who looked to be slightly fidgeting as her thumbs were at the stem of her skirt.

Sasuke was she was twirling her fingers on the small roll of her red skirt. She had rolled it up from the bottom and now held at her waist line. The blush on her face was usually always there when Sasuke stared at her, but she didn't usually bite her lip and went back and forth between her shoulders. Time seem to have slowed down when she out of no where did this.


Sasuke's expression was priceless, as his mouth opened and showed no signs of closing soon. His hair went up like as if electricity had him, and his eyes went wide. Two things were made highly evident today, one being the fact a very small trace of blood could be seen coming down the Uchiha's nose and the second being Sakura did not have a bra or bindings on.

There stood Sakura's breasts, they weren't big hell no, but they were defiantly bigger then they normally appear. Her pale skin on her torso was slightly illuminated by the sun; both boys were looking directly at her small pink nipples though and throwing everything else out the window in their minds. They were like a dime just slightly bigger and as pink as her hair. Sakura had been keeping her eyes close through all this and biting her lip as well.

She however blinked when she heard a 'pop' and opened them. There stood Naruto next to Sasuke, the little henge he had on completely went out his concentration did. He had his eyes as wide as saucers and he slugged his right arm over the Uchiha's shoulders. His big perverted smirk never left his face as he spoke.

"Dude. You. Are. So. Gay"

It was at this moment as well that their sensei had chosen this day to come on time. He stood holding his book a little far off after appearing in a 'pop' of smoke, but soon book almost fell from his hands by sight in front of him. There stood Sakura flashing both boys, and his one visible eye was wide as it twitched a couple times. Sakura quickly yanked her shirt down.

"This is the last time I'm ever showing up on time"

Her face was severely red with embarrassment, and Sasuke began shaking his head at rapid pace. Just as quickly as he did that, he wiped his nose so no one noticed the blood that came down his nose. Sakura soon began to shake in anger as she remembered who had put her up to this in the first place. She venomously looked at Naruto; her hands began to shake uncontrollably. Kakashi winced when she clobbered the blond with a whack right down his head.

A big 'PUFF' was soon heard along with a small trace of smoke and everyone blinked. They turned there attention to where the clone he used was now standing as he dusted his pants off that nobody noticed. Sakura was about to launch again before their sensei said that was enough, so she gave the blond a murderous look and Naruto had to keep himself from shuddering. Kakashi had barely arrived and he was already getting a headache.

"Alright if you're done screwing around, and by that I mean 'metaphorically' we can get started"

Sakura's face began getting red again, while Sasuke tried resuming his 'cool' persona but was having trouble when Sakura's assets began flashing threw his mind. Naruto for his part just tried not to laugh at the Uchiha's twitches that followed by his head shaking, he put his hands back in his coats pockets and waited for further instructions.

"Now as I said before, this test is the true one that decides if you have what it takes to keep that headband on you, on my waist I have two bells and you have to each get one before this alarm I brought goes off"

With that being said Kakashi whipped out an alarm clock from practically no where and put it on a log far to their right. He never left his attention off his book as he did and then walked back. After digesting those words all three of the teammates furrowed their brows. Sakura quickly shot her hand up when she let the words sink in further.

"Sensei but there's three of us"

"Which means….."

"That one of us will…. Fail"

Sakura put her hand back down dumbly as she stared at the ground. Sasuke almost scuffed at the thought and didn't see himself any where near failing. He had the dead last and the weakest female ninja in his team, which basically screamed at him that he had a spot to advance. Naruto just shrugged his shoulders at the news but secretly wished to pass. He didn't think he'd fight hard opponents in the Academy.

With that revelation he got slightly giddy when he realized he would be going up against a Jounin but those thoughts were completely thrown away as soon as they were thought. He would be the one charging at him and not the other way around. Which meant that all the instructor was going to do was parry their attacks and block, without the intention on hurting them.

A small silence echoed the training field as the sun shifted higher in the sky. A small breeze picked up and soon everything was deafened by Kakashi's words.


Sasuke and then by a startled Sakura jumped out of the clearing and into a set of near by trees. Kakashi remained reading in the exact same spot and only blinked but never took his eye off his book when Naruto was still there. Naruto whipped out two kunai from the back of his waist pouch and spun them with the index and middle fingers of his right hand.

The blond looked at the man puzzled and wondered what he was up to. The blond could somewhat recall Iruka saying no Genin really ever worked out of a three man squad. This meant that three were required or at least if Naruto's memory served him right, that was the case. The blond shook his head slightly and didn't put much that in it since time was ticking away.

Now the blond began wondering how he'd go about the situation In hand. He was right on his assumption that the man wouldn't attack him since he had been standing where he has always stood since he got there. Not only that but he didn't bother hiding since he was clearly in the open, indicating that he wanted to be seen.

All in all he wanted to provoke action from the young ninja. Naruto wondered why Sasuke had left when he always went head first in a challenge. He could understand Sakura since she pretty much was down straight weak and would lose at a game of tug of war. The blond was now spinning the Kunai by the rings of their handles at his finger tips.

His palm was facing up and his index and middle fingers held the rapidly spinning knives. He assumed the Uchiha was waiting for him to take the initiative and store how the man fought in his head for when he fought him. The blond shrugged at that revelation and guess he really didn't care what the other two did, he apparently needed one of those bells. He wasn't getting any closer just thinking about things so he guessed he might as well do something.

"You know spinning Kunai all day isn't going to help you get a bell any faster"

"I guess so"

Kakashi slightly looked up with his eye at the blond when said that and quirked an eyebrow when he still just stood there. He got curious when he tipped the Kunai up with the fingers he had been spinning them with and they remained spinning in a circular motion in a vertical angle as they went airborne. As they went a good couple feet far above the blonds head, a small 'clink' of metal was heard as they hit each other.

Naruto then held his fingers in a cross and made the Jounin slightly stupefied when he made Shadow Clones from the two Kunai. The same ones that had started to fall from the sky and now instead of those now stood two perfect replicas of the blond at his side. Kakashi was about to do a defense stance while still holding his attention on his book but soon realized that the three blonds were just standing there.

Then the one in the middle merely hunched down on his thighs while the other two left and right clones stood next to him with their hands in their pockets of their coats. For awhile nothing was done and the original just relaxed his hands on thighs loosely while sitting on his calves.

Sasuke was getting irritated when time was slipping away and the blond hadn't done a damn thing to get him information. He was in a tree far to Naruto's right and looking through a pair of leaves. His patience was thinning when two minutes of just staring was getting on his nerves. He assumed the simple minded moron would charge in head first.

Sakura for her part was wondering when you could make clones out of Kunai. As she recalled the blond sucked at that move trying to make clones out of thin air and wondered when he could do it with Kunai over night. She was on crouched on a tree branch for to Naruto left and the shade of the tree concealed her somewhat from the distance.

"You know being crouched down next to two clones isn't going to get you a bell any faster either"

"I guess so two"

Both counterparts sounded very lazy in their words as they spoke to one anther. The blond in the middle crossed his fingers like before and popped twenty clones around the Jounin, aside from the two next to him. Kakashi blinked at that and looked around him briefly before returning his attention back to his book. The original Naruto let his arms rest back loosely on his thighs and closed his eyes.

He got control of clone that was farthest back from the group and he blinked slightly. The clone looked over his shoulder and sure enough there he was with his two clones at his sides. He smiled very slightly and he let the rest of the clones attack first. Kakashi never taking his hands off the book merely whacked them left and right. 'Puff' after 'Puff' was heard, and as soon as it started only three clones remained aside from the two near Naruto.

The clone Naruto controlled charged at Kakashi while the two others came up the rear. Kakashi merely did a vertical Karate chop with his right hand at Naruto while never taking his eyes off the book. Naruto narrowly missed by turning his body left and planned to do a spinning back kick with his right foot. Unfortunately the Jounin merely blocked with the same hand he chopped down with, fortunately however the two other clones closed in on him forcing him to let go of him.

Naruto jumped back slightly and saw one of his clones get dismissed by the Jounin's own spinning back kick. The other narrowly ducked and flipped to next to the clone Naruto was controlling. Kakashi was slightly impressed by the fact this Genin could do a Jutsu that was in his rank. Not only that but one that could summon them in such high numbers. He defiantly needed to re check his intelligence on this kid.

The clone then henged into a Kunai and the other clone Naruto was controlling threw it at the Jounin. The said man merely stopped quite easily by the handle and didn't look up from his book. He soon felt something was completely off by the Kunai however and as soon as he did the knife made a loud pop sound. This followed a right legged kick that would have bashed his skull in if he hadn't quickly blocked by gripping the clones ankle.

Naruto took this as his opportunity and charged at the Jounin. Right after he grabbed the clone's ankle he felt a severe pain at the bottom of his chin. Kakashi was caught completely off guard when the other clone came up and uppercut him quite well. The Jounin now had his line of vision facing the sky after that hit and saw the clone was slightly ascending him.

That told you how much force Naruto had sprang into his feet to his the bottom of his chin. Kakashi in that exact moment quickly regained himself despite the slight dizziness he was feeling. He whipped out a Kunai with his left hand and slashed the clone that was to his left. Then he stabbed the Kunai into the asshole of the clone Naruto had been controlling and was now almost over the Jounin. The Jounin did this so fast nobody with an untrained eye could see.

"A thousand years of death"



The original Naruto shivered as the memory of that last clone came back to him. Sasuke blinked and sweat dropped from the place he was hiding from that last move. Sakura was along the same lines of bewilderment. The blond slowly opened his eyes and looked at the Jounin. He had never let go of his book during this whole time and was now spinning his Kunai with his left thumb while reading that said book.

Aside from getting his ass handed to him, Naruto did get helpful information from the clones. Still in his lazy hunched position with his arms on his thighs he quickly did the same thing as before and called over twenty clones. This time however he had them try and attack Kakashi's sides instead of his front. The result was the same as before, and after giving it four more roundabouts he finally stopped.

"You know you're just heavily wasting your reserves right?"

"Trust me I have enough to go around"

"Hmmm well I guess one hundred twenty clones can vouch for you right"


Almost six minutes had passed and Naruto still hadn't gotten another hit on him since the first one. Deciding enough was enough the blond stood up from the position he had been carrying this whole time. He dusted off the back of his pants off slightly and whipped out a Kunai with his right hand. After doing insanely quick spins with it he held it in his right hand in a reverse grip fashion.

Naruto tilted his head slightly at the man as he remained reading his book. Hell Kakashi hadn't even moved from where he had been standing the entire time and never left his vision from the back except when he got that hook on his chin. The blond began wondering just how in the hell was he going to get a bell.

He obviously couldn't take them by using brute force, nor could he take from using flanks. The blond remembered when he got the hook on him and he tried to wonder what he did right in that moment. As he recalled he had been slightly distracted by the clone hidden in a henge, not so much so but enough from him to get a strike on him.

The prankster was starting to get a migraine as he shook his head off. He had the strangest feeling; it was like the answer was barking straight at him but it was in a hazy fog that he couldn't see past. All he could trace were the outlines of that answer. After getting back on focus he held the Kunai at the base of the knife.

He had his index and middle fingers on the top base of the Kunai. While his thumb was on the bottom, Kakashi again gave the blond not even the slightest of attention as he flipped a page. The blond infused a small bit of chakra into his throw as he flicked the Kunai with his wrist. It did a small 'whiz' as it went through the wind.

Again Kakashi easily caught but held his eyebrow up slightly at the increase in force. The Kunai shook a little even after he caught it, his eyes quickly widen however when it popped into smoke. There once again stood a clone in his presence. It was odd however, he didn't sense anything off about this knife unlike the one he grabbed and he knew for sure it was a henged clone.

Not able to ponder it any further since his head was about to be smashed in by a fast of that said clone. He quickly blocked it with the palm of his left hand and then back handed the clone….. Only to taste….. Steel? Kakashi's eyes widen again as he slightly cut himself by a Kunai, the clone seemed to have dismissed himself and returned to Kunai when he hit it.

That was peculiar since no matter the henge it usually disappeared all together with enough force. Kakashi knew if Naruto knew the Shadow Clone technique he still couldn't have advanced it far enough to the point where his clone could be resistant to damage. No he was sure of it, that skill required a lot of chakra control and that kid distributed far to much chakra into his Jutsu to have good control.

The knife he backhanded had flicked into the clearing a couple yards away from him. For the first time in a long time Kakashi put his book away and folded it on his back pocket. The Kunai that was imbedded in the grass a couple yards away suddenly puffed back into a clone. Not only that but then two more popped up next to him all having a small unexplainable glint in their eyes.

"Well you defiantly live up to your name as the number one knucklehead Ninja, don't know about that hyperactive part yet we'll have to find out right?"

All the Naruto's smiled as they all whipped out Kunai of their own.




Well things didn't go exactly as planned, three Genin were crouched around a log. Sakura was tied up on it as she was caught by one of the simplest GenJutsu known to man. Sasuke looked to be highly agitated as he flicked some pieces of rock out of his hair. Naruto was still slightly panting from his first fight with Kakashi; the man was on a whole other level when he took things seriously.

To say the blond wasn't excided was an understatement but again his joy came to an end when all the silver haired Nin was doing was incapacitating him to fight and not purposely hurting him. The fight they had dragged on for quite a bit, Naruto was on a branch near by as he would make his clone come back to life every time they dropped their form over the Kunai he placed them in.

The blond needed to find a way to make his clone pop up from Kunai without him having to put his hands in a cross seal every time. It's not that he couldn't make his clones simply henge into Kunai but the thing was if someone merely slammed the knife while henged they would disappear automatically. Naruto wanted something that could change into a clone merely by thinking it and with that same method make them disappear then reappear at his will.

Instead he had to kick back and supply chakra to Kunai that had been transformed back from the clone's dismissal. Naruto was now heavily low on his reserves; he took a small sense of pride that he was the one that fought Kakashi the longest, and the only one that got a square hit on him. He would have also said he was the only one to touch his bells if only for a brief second but the Uchiha also managed to touch one.

He however got his ass handed to him twice as bad as Naruto did when he was buried down to his neck in dirt. Sakura to put simply pathetic with a sense of at least some pride for going down for her love, or what she thought was love when she wept on the supposed 'Sasuke'. Kakashi stood in front them with his book back in his hands with more boredom then before.

"Well that was the most pathetic excuse for team work I have ever seen"

"…." (Team 7)

"Sakura your undying affection clouds your mind when your on the battlefield and let me tell you that, that can land you on a one way ticket to being six feet under the ground in real life"

"Yes sensei" Sakura let her head drop in shame

"Sasuke your inability to think with an open mind while fighting is a problem, attacking me with all of your strength right out the bat may seem like a good idea but as you saw in your fight you became fatigued. Not only that you also had to resort doing a Fire Jutsu that left you clearly open, I was already underground the second you started using your hand signs"

"Hn" Sasuke had his arms crossed and a small frown on his face.

"Finally, Naruto you had the basics in your mind but you quickly forgot about what was making you win. The Shadow Clone technique did provide a sense of teamwork, only it was with yourself and you have a limited arsenal. If would have asked Sasuke or Sakura to lend in some help you probably would have landed another hit on me"

"….." Naruto just shrugged at the Jounin with indifference.

With that their sensei popped out of the hot blazing field after he explained he give them one last chance at the test. He gave food to both boys and gave them strict orders not to feed the pinkitte or they'd ruin their shots on becoming Genin. Sakura looked saddened at that tried not to pay attention on the box full of food Kakashi handed them.

Her stomach was on the verge of growling as she could smell a variety of fruits and meats. Sasuke merely closed his eyes as he sat against a log to Sakura's left and ate at an even pace. Naruto quirked an eyebrow at the female of the team as she seemed to be fighting to keep her eyes closed. It was midday, if you add heat to hunger it only got worse.

"Oi Sakura open your mouth I'm gonna stick my dick in it"


Sakura was caught off as Naruto had shoved some of his fruits in her throat. Some how he just knew Sakura would throw a big fit and scream at him. The pink haired Kunoichi glared at him as she was forced to swallow or she'd die from choking. After some small coughs, she glared at the blond Nin.

"Naruto! What do you think your doing didn't you hear Sensei's words? You can ruin your chances by feeding me"

"Yeah so? It's not like you care or are worried about me is it Sakura-Chan?"

The pink haired girl immediately blushed but that quickly faded when she saw the blond's cheeky grin. She gave him a glare as he fed her another spoon full of strawberries, she might be annoyed by the way he was feeding her but she would hold her tongue due to the ache in her stomach that told her she needed more. She grudgingly opened her mouth with red cheeks of embarrassment when Naruto held his chopstick up to her and he said go 'ahhhh'.

Sakura swore that if she wasn't tied up at the current moment, she'd be beating the living shit out of a certain blond and his amazing blue eyes piercing her green ones as she ate. She couldn't help but shudder when she saw from the corner of her eyes his grin was slightly getting more perverse. Similar to how a wolf looks down a sheep and what really confused her is that shudder wasn't unpleasant but very warm.

'Must be my hunger' she mused as she took another bite from Naruto's chopsticks and munched down happily filling her tummy. The ache was finally leaving her and she was starting to get full. The kunoichi was slightly disappointed when all Sasuke was doing was finishing his meal and not once offering his food to her but as long as her belly got full she guessed it really didn't matter who fed her. The Uchiha just probably didn't want to ruin his chances at advancing and she understood that.

It didn't help the empty pit in her stomach though, luckily Naruto more then filled that up.


Both the Uchiha and pink haired ninja jumped at the sudden appearance of their sensei that looked beyond pissed. Naruto again just shrugged his shoulders at Kakashi as he poked Sakura's belly and shoved another mouth full of food. The Jounin tried not to sweat drop at the scene and began his tirade once more.

"DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA OF WHAT YOU'VE DONE? This can make you go back for a whole other year in the Academy and force you take this exam again"


Everyone there blinked at that as they quickly shut up by the plain answer.

"You're the one who said you need to use teamwork right? Well what good would a starved teammate do us if we didn't have her in her full potential , me feeding her is just a sacrifice one brother in arms does for his fellow sister"

Kakashi to everyone's shock smiled making his eye into a big 'U'.

"Correct and that's exactly why I'm passing all of you"

The Jounin then untied the pink haired Kunoichi, to which she bashed the brains of a blond for being a pervert. Sasuke merely leaned on his log with a small smirk on his lips on passing, and the blond was on the floor twitching in pain while throwing out cusses. Thus gave birth to team 7 and with that Kakashi took his team photo.

It had Kakashi in the background smiling as he gave a peace sign to the camera while keeping his attention on his book. Sasuke was looking to the right of his shoulder not bothering to look at the camera. Sakura had a horrified expression as she appeared to be squealing; as a blond gave the camera a foxy smirk he fondled the said girl's chest.