Lots and Lots of Silence…

The whole crowd looking on the scene at the spectacle before them could not believe what just happened. A staggering breath and a grunted sigh escaped the Hyuuga that just finished his last palm. On the other end was the fallen form of the legendary and prodigal last Uchiha. His body hitting the floor with a small cloud of dust still echoed across the whole arena. This was not a joke, it was not a fib, nor a sparring match, but the real deal. Hiashi Hyuuga's grin could not be hidden by his usually stoic face, to him it merely proved what he already knew. The Hyuuga were superior to the Uchiha's. Konoha was left in silence, Naruto chuckling in satisfaction and Sakura rubbing her face with both hands sighing. Her teammate just knocked down the integrity of the team.

Now do not get confused the Uzumaki was not chuckling over the fact that his teammate lost but the fact that he would be facing the Hyuuga in a future altercation in this tournament. He really wanted to plow that mother fuckers face into the ground and grate it across dirt and gravel. To deafen the world in even more white sound the announcer called the victor and the unmoving Uchiha was moved off by some medic Nin. To his defense it was a pretty close match, both counterparts bleeding, cut up and torn to shreds. A dumb move on Sasuke left him open however and that was all that was needed to decide the victor.

The Uchiha despite his cool head, prowess and natural ability to excel has one fatal flaw and that's, that he is vain. Vain in the sense that the idiot likes showing off these qualities that tend to leave his opponents underestimated. Which leads to overestimating your own abilities, both the other two Genin in team seven knew that him jumping up a wall, calling out a fancy lightning trick that he held in hand and then charging head first his opponent was just him being a showoff. He would have been thinking straight, you would never close the encounter with someone whose soul expertise was close quarters combat. If he'd a just kept lobbing his fireball and maintaining his range like in the beginning this match may have had a different outcome.

After the silence, came a slow clap and then a roar as they looked on at the Hyuuga standing with his hand in the air marked the victor by the proctor in the center of the arena. The sun high above the sky shining bright in exuberance, proclaiming that the day has barely even started as the time now reached exactly 12oclock noon. The small breeze cool down some as it passed on the hot summer day. Naruto with Sakura and the rest of the participants still in the tournament were on a balcony offset to the rest of the crowd. They had direct eyes on the arena in all viewpoints so they may better analyze their opponent's strengths and weaknesses. So far Sakura had won her match it Shikamaru, the Nin was about to merely throw the match before Sakura launched a Kunai he barely had time to dodge. The pink haired Ninja was not going to let him off that easy.

The girl being mentioned was donning something entirely different than her usual get up most know her for. She had a pair of small shorts, that showed off legs far more muscular than thought of before. They still carried a feminine touch to them, but her leg muscles rippled with strength. A Kunai hostler was held by Ninja tape across her right thigh. A pair of black knee high boots that hugged her calves was donned. In place of her red dress that usually adorned her torso, now simply a red T-shirt with the white circle in the middle as per her insignia. A pair of black gloves hung lazily off her back pocket. Her palms were tapped up like a boxer and all and all she really shocked the hell out of everyone that they knew her. Another thing noticeable was her biceps, again they were still feminine but ripe with muscle and a bit of girth.

Back to the subject at hand about her fight with Shikamaru. The crowd was shocked that there was a female Ninja this well trained they never heard about her. The pinkitte would not lie and say it was not an easy fight, but she was amazed at the tactical prowess and intellect the Nara had. Following Naruto's stead however she did not underestimate her opponent and kept her head on a swivel the entire time. Had she have been more lax the result may have been different. Her punching a massive crater in the ground that leveled one fourth of the arena may have something different to say about that. She was like another Tsunade.

Her partner beside her, currently leaning against the balcony rails with folded arms. Donned the usual get up with the scrolls on his hips, and the bandages on his right arm. Naruto for his part also won his battle against the Suna Kunoichi. It was a spectacle of showmanship as they traded blows but Sakura knew he was merely teasing the blond haired woman. Temari got pretty pissed off but it was easy to see to anyone with a keen eye who was outmatched. It ended with a knife to the throat, and the once exuberant go lucky attitude of Naruto's suddenly disappeared as if day was instantly snapped into night. In a reverse grip he pressed the blade hard enough to Temari's neck it drew blood and his perverted ogling eyes became hard as steel as he peered into hers. She was hunched down on her knees and he was behind standing stoically, as if daring her not to call the match at that moment. Hell she still believed he would have killed her if she didn't forfeit.

Over the past month of training they were allotted before the beginning of the Chunin finals. Kakashi was tasked with training the Uchiha, but believe it or not still helped his other two pupils when he had the time. Going over fundamentals and any particular Jutsu they may have been studying. Naruto and Sakura trained together mostly all that month as they did similar to their wave mission. Along the way the blond nabbed a Sannin, he also somehow coaxed the white haired man to teach them both. Which boggled the crap out of Sakura and the blonds luck. During that time the old guy would take Naruto out for odd periods of time saying something along the lines giving him a trademark Jutsu.

The blond however was not one to keep things from her and her eyebrows rose when she saw him form a blue ball of pure chakra. He even offered to teach it to her but she declined, she felt for some reason that technique was something that should only be passed down to him. This gut feeling, like the blond had just received a family heirloom and it wasn't her place to impede or something like that. She didn't know, but she did trust her gut. That being said though the old guy, who was a total pervert much to her annoyance especially when Naruto sometimes went along with it, still taught her a great deal as he did with Naruto. Along the way she decided she needed a change, a mental one was already occurring but she needed something to match that physically. So here we have her current get up.

Back on track once again, the only people remaining were Sakura, Naruto, Gaara, Shino, and now the Hyuuga. Sakura 'tisks' her lips together as she scratched the back of her head with her right hand and as she held her hip with her left as she shook her head in disbelief over the fact of what the Uchiha had done. Naruto glanced over his right shoulder to look at her amused before catching her eyes and once again chuckling before turning back to the center of the stage as the Hyuuga went off for medical treatment so he could be at full capacity once more for his next match.

"Come on, you know he's a show off"

"Yeah, but to think he'd be that fucking gaudy"

"It runs in the blood"

The pinkitte gave Naruto an amused eyebrow at that as she joined him on the rails. Now looking over his left shoulders he stared at the Suna Trio. Now just having the red haired Mr. Sandman cooling leaning against the wall still in the runnings. His sibling both knocked out, one by him and the other by forfeiting the match before it even began. Shino's pissed off face flashed before him once more in remembrance. The Chunin exams were an exemplary time to show your skills as they determined whether or not you could be selected. He caught sight of his sister who interlocked eyes with him, her unconscious flinch of her hand towards her neck and her brief showing of fear almost made Naruto smirk. That however would be too much like the teammate who just got thrashed, he merely kept his mouth thin lined and turned his cheek.

"I think your honeymoon is over there Casanova"

"I'll get her back in no time, some roses, some wine, and a well written out apology"

A lighthearted laugh escaped his teammate.

"Oh yeah mister smooth, and what would dinner consist of?"

"Ah mildly expensive joint, not to pricy, not to cheap, to show that I could go there but if you walk away now it won't damage my funds all that much…. You know classy like"

"Oh sounds absolutely like full of bullshit, which is what I'm assuming would be for dinner as you pitch her plate after plate, and what about the wine? What will that be?"

"Well my darling Chardonnay of course"

A roaring laugh escaped the pinkitte now.

"And here we are talking about gaudy huh?"

"Oh is it that, or is this merely Jealousy?"

"Jealousy?! As if playboy"

Both counterparts were now leaning against the rails of the balcony with their backs on it as they stared at one another. Often throwing exaggerated hand motions and snorts of clichés to paint a picture perfect satirical conversation both were enjoying being a part of. Naruto fingered and grasped the pink haired Ninja's, and she had to keep herself from sighing in exasperation as he twirled it with his fingers.

"Sakura darling for you, I'd leave any woman. Just let me know when you want me to be your one and only"

"Oh, and your skirt chasing days would be over?"

Sakura quirked an eyebrow at him as she gave him a playful smile. Naruto stopped still for a moment before slightly narrowing his brows in confusion as he peered back from the strands of hair in betwixt his fingers and stared blankly into her eyes.

"Sakura your wearing shorts…."


Everyone who was on the balcony turned their attention to the blond rubbing his face raw with his hands as he sunk to his knees and curled himself up while rolling around.

Those Flicks…..

Are Really….. Really….

Starting to pack-a-punch.


"Just shut the fuck already.. Fate this, Destiny that…. Who let the record skip today?"

The Hyuuga grimaced in annoyance and agitation. It seemed the ever all mighty Byakugan, and the blood line with the ability to severe chakra had no effect on the blond once again. It was vexing, awe striking and damn well cryptic to anyone who heavily relied as a base foundation. So basically every Hyuuga that ever walked, Neji would strike an area on the blonds body he'd merely grunt in annoyance and the chakra point severed would replenish in just a couple seconds. Usually when struck by a Hyuuga on any chakra point, that would take a whole's day recovery for it to even be accessible again let alone fully replenished.

The on lookers stared in fascination at the match. It had been quite something, for the most part it had been close quarters hand to hand combat but none the less the intensity of the fight was what kept everyone tentative at the edge of their seats. Both counterparts worse for ware, Naruto and Neji covered in dirt. The blond cracked his neck and never let his eyes leave his opponents. He uncurled his fists only to ball them back up twice as hard as several bones cracked in his fingers from that transaction. Naruto casually spit the blood in his mouth out that euphoric reaction that numbed his buddy into a sweet lullaby was resurfacing. He'd been keeping his hits in small dosages, his body engrossed and welcoming at the familiar sensation.

His body becoming limber and relaxed, his eyes glazed in content. A small sigh escaped his lips as he tasted the benign substance known to poison and corrode any other human being. The foul, stagnant, and repugnant power, that Naruto's body could not get enough of began leaking from every pore in his body. Naruto stared at his elongating nails and the small bits of red electricity that was visible for a brief period every now and then crackle all over his body. The air moist with the smell of blood, metal, and corrosion. As Naruto experienced all this and his body experienced its high, to everyone else they stared in morbid fascination at his transformation. His whiskers pronounced like charcoal on his face. His hair sporadic and spiked on all edges. His body being encircled with in a twirling mini tornado of red chakra that scarred the ground underneath him.

The morning sun brightly shining to everyone so they could catch every detail. The boy's muscles enlarged and ripped even more into his bones, showing every line of every muscle. His fangs more pronounced and elongated, his eyes glowed blood red.

"Well… I guess I should thank you. I haven't truly experienced this reaction in a really long time…. So I am indebted"

Even his voice was deeper, malicious, and distorted. Naruto in the center of the arena extended out his right hand as he held a smirk. Red electricity crackled frequently around his body from just that small action. This high was on whole new level, if only he could get this every day.

"What in the fuck are you?"

The Hyuuga grunted in slight repulsion as his body unconsciously trembled against his will to the sheer exuberance his opponents chakra had. Naruto mouth thin lined from that smirk and merely 'tisked' his lips before vanishing. As he did he left a crater where he once stood. That was the last thing the Hyuuga saw before his body entered pain. The last thing he heard…

"This fucking village's abomination"


Silence rained once more in the arena for the second time that day.

Several Medic Nin surrounded the Hyuuga as the biggest issue right now was his bleeding. They had to give the Nin a transfusion ASAP or he would die from blood loss. All over the Arena, on the ground, on the walls, rocks, and trees. Were holes, after holes, after holes each and every one could easily house a human body. It was an unfair display of power, as the blond literally used the Hyuuga as a human ping ball. Maliciously tossing around, his laughter at the sheer joy he was inflicting on his victim disturbing most of the crowd. Hell at one point everyone winced, when he brutishly grabbed the back of the Hyuuga skull and slammed it down on some gravel. There was no finesse or anything Ninja like in the small transaction, it was just brutal the way he dragged him slowly against rocks making sure his victims face caught every rock in the process. He made painfully sure Neji did just that as he took his time scrapping it slowly across the ground with all the force he could muster without shattering the Hyuuga's skull.

The match should have literally been called then and there. Naruto however has a keen perception when it comes to the Arena rules. It was only over if the opponent admitted defeat, fell into unconsciousness or died. Neji was still conscious, Naruto made sure of that and he held up the Hyuuga by his head. Holding him towards the proctor and laughing gluttonously as he did.


The blond always hated pride full, self-righteous, pompous ass clansmen. Especially when it came to their ego's and pride. The joyous exuberance the blond felt when Neji still refused to do so even in the situation he felt himself in, could not be contained as he hoarsely laughed in earnest and shoved the Nin face back into the gravel while resuming what he was doing in even more a gusto.


Naruto laughed at every crack he inflicted.

So once again….


As the still slightly transformed Uzumaki was held as the winner by the proctor. He now retracting nails held high in the air as his crimson eyes scanned at he shocked faces of his village. There was something just so right about all this as Naruto gave them a smile of vanity, showing his still elongated canines. Unlike last time however…..

No one clapped…


Things were tense on the balcony of the remaining contenders. Shino's constant observing face in the back of the shadows was even beginning to annoy Sakura and she wasn't his prime focus. The pinkitte went back to slapping the face of the bemused Nin who just gained a lot of notoriety. Everyone got on edge the second the blond walked back into the balcony from the Arena. She dare say even the ever stoic blood hungry Suna Nin looked apprehensive now amongst the blond. The pink haired Kunoichi didn't know what it was, maybe she was just used to her teammate or had been around him while he was like that one to many times but she's come to not fear him in that state. So it did just unnerve everyone there more when the Nin went up to the blond and slapped his cheeks softly at the same time.

"Naruto your eyes aren't turning back to normal this time"

"Oh, I never knew they changed"

"Oh yeah bullshit, well at least your voice is back to normal and your whiskers are thinned out again"

"Hey! What'd I say about rubbing them"

The blond playfully smacked his teammates hands off his face and his still crimson slit eyes interlocked with the Suna Nin. Shino was the odd man out once more, and Naruto had just ascended to the finals by defeating Neji. That meant the next fight would be between Sakura and Gaara.

"Hey insomniac"

This quickly quieted the place up. Gaara looked passively back at the blond as he ignored the flinching pain he had on his forehead.


"I know my teammate can handle you just fine, but any attempt on her life, and I'm letting you know forthright I will interfere, I will stop you, and then I will proceed to kill you is that understood"

The blond ignored the harsh yank on his wrist by his teammate along with equally harsh whisper against his ear as he heard her say his name hotly in anger. Sakura felt like pinching the bridge of her nose, at the petty masculinity being displayed. If she didn't know any better she was pretty sure Naruto was staking claim towards as property, knowing him actually that was exactly what he was implying. That just pissed her off more, and she quickly squashed any giddy elevations in body temperature at that small revelation. Whenever the blond was like this though, he did get very animalistic and primal like every other time.

"I can look after myself just fine their Macho, and I ain't your walking piece of property"

She remarked as forcibly yanked on the blonds bicep to get him away from the staring contest he was having with her soon to be opponent.

"Shit, hell ya you are, you just don't know it yet"

The blond replied jokingly as he still remained unflinching and unmoving staring at the vacuum that was Gaara's eyes. Finally having enough Sakura clasped the sides of his face and forcibly yanked his head towards her.


This time her voice laced with genuine worry. As her emerald eyes stared into her teammates. She watched in fascination as they receded to their more commonly known blue. Naruto quick to capitalize on the situation, wrapped her arm around her waist and pulled her in tight.

"Well baby, if that's what you wanted all you had to do was ask"

Sakura comically blinked several times before coming to realization to what he was implying as he trailed kisses from her collar bone up to her cheeks. Just before he snatched one on the lips though….


Naruto hunched over, as tears, a lack of air and having his insides refurnished all at once hit him in a second flat. There was no scream, there was no rolling around. Just dry heaving and short on audible gasps as the blond curled into a ball. Sakura satisfaction was perfectly mirrored on her face as she had her arms crossed and was perfectly content with watching him dry heave in pain for as long as it took. Everyone present sweat dropped at the display. It was a great way to squander her frantic increase in body temperature again.


Panting for the better half a minute now the bruised up Kunoichi stood up from her knee as she stared at the ball of sand currently incasing her opponent. She knew she was outclassed the second she found out she'd be fighting Gaara but she'd never improve if she didn't at least try. To her credit she was putting up quite a fight. The arena once again amazed they've never heard of this Nin. It was obvious to everyone it was a battle between brawn vs. brain. Gaara was simply far to over powering when he could launch a wave of sand from his gourd.

Sakura caught though and would lob Kunai with her enhanced strength sometime too fast for Gaara's sand to self-adjust. Tweaking the system and adding explosive at the end of the blades, was just one of the innovation she's been coming up with. The first caught a brief look of shock from the stoic palled boy. Sakura grimaced as she stood tall now and wiped the little bit of blood on her lips with her black gloves. Ever since training together with Naruto, her stamina had improved leaps and bounds. Add to the fact that Jiraiya had some crazy innovative stamina techniques she's pretty sure the Hokage didn't even know about and you get this pristinely sharpened weapon standing before an opponent that was leaps and bounds more powerful than her while maintaining her own.

Literally she was shocking people left in right. Kurenai, Hinata, Ino and many more Kunoichi alike.

"I'm gonna have to take one out of your book Naruto"

She spoke mostly to herself as she popped a shadow clone into existence by crossing her fingers. Earning her many eyebrows of surprise. Again that technique was only for last minute resorts unless you built like an Uzumaki and could throw chakra left and right all day. To common Genin that technique alone would deplete there reserves just a little more than half. The now two Identical Nin rushed on opposite sides of one another, using the small wood line to her advantage she cloaked herself against the trees as they both rushed opposite ends of the sand sphere.

Gaara narrowed his eyes within the sphere and kept his ears open. In instant she was to his left, his sand acting faster than he ever could rose spikes as sharp as the finest blades in the world towards her direction. Using agility and grace only a Kunoichi could display, Sakura dodged just barely and immediately confused everyone when all she was stand there as close to the sphere as possible.

"Got ya"

The other Sakura proclaimed on the other side as clasped both her palms together and performed another of Naruto's favorites as her shadow clone blew up to kingdom. Gaara showed his surprise the second time that day as his sand was blown away. In a sense of desperation from shielding himself, he conjured up the remaining sand in his gourd and used it like a blade vertically chopping up to down at the Kunoichi that vaulted herself at him fist cocked ready to rock his skull from his body.

Everyone watched as they stood up to get a better vantage point on what the hell was going on. Everyone thinking the girl was a goner the second the sand sliced her in half. Horror stricken all the crowd could do was gasp as they saw the cut in half right down the middle.


As quick as it happened the clone disappeared, revealing to everyone it was merely a clone. Before Gaara could comprehend what happened and with all his sand already scattered or in disarray, it offered no protection as the ground underneath him gave way. Sakura plunged out from the dirt right arm extended as her fist with her chakra enhanced knuckles collided with the red heads chin. The sand armor the red head always uses shattered completely off his face and everyone watched in fascination as the boy was vaulted. Not a couple feet in the air, hell not even half the wall but the entire height within the stadium. Sakura punched him so high in the sky Gaara actually scaled just a little higher than the walls of the arena, everyone jaw was on the ground.

This was not the end of it however as Sakura quickly whipped out a Kunai and launched with an enhanced chakra throw, confusing everyone when it was slightly off set to her target. Performing a quick body switch with her Kunai as soon as it hit her desired destination where she once was a Kunai in place and it fell carelessly back into the hole she just came out of. Looking back at the sky they saw two Sakura's again. The one that came off the ground grasped the wrist of the one that seemingly came out of nowhere vaulting herself on the opposite end of where Gaara was launched into. After a brief showing of impressive acrobatics the one with the hold of the others wrist did several tornado spins before vaulting the other Sakura towards Gaara.

She was launched like a freight train, and enhancing her right foot with chakra hit Gaara dead center of his chest. The blow was so strong it actually blew back Sakura a bit and made a giant O circle of air before vaulting Gaara back into the Arena. A cloud of dust could be seen forming as he launched into the side of the wall. Like before when her foot connected with his chest, the sand armor completely shattered apart from his body, so at the very least she knew she did some damage. Gracefully landing back into the center of the Arena everything was still.

People in complete shock over what they just and so awe struck by her ingenuity. Sakura slightly fell to knee not shortly after fall from the sky and was having a hard time breathing. Her chakra next to none now, and depending what would be outcome of the plume of smoke still clearing would decide if she forfeit or not. Sucking it up and forcing herself on her feet she stared anxiously at the result of her fruition. The crowd however could not wave and an Arena full of praise graced her ear as she was reminded that there were other people here as well.

A slump of weight could be hard hitting the floor and everyone was shocked when they saw Gaara on both his knees clutching his chest as the foreign feeling of pain enwrapped his entire body. He hadn't been in this much pain in so long. His screams silenced out the roaring crowds and many winced as the boy upheaved mounds blood from his throat unto the arena floor. The red shaking hysterically as he clutched his head. He began screaming if that was his blood and lunacy sunk on his face as his face smiled grotesquely.


Before Sakura could even react she was lifted off her feet by the sand that appeared so fast she didn't have the courtesy of being warned. She wasn't even going to be given the courtesy of forfeiting albeit the proctor was already calling the match. Then all of sudden the Hokages Tower was covered in a massive explosion and a massive wave of sleeping Genjutsu surrounded the air. The pink haired woman gritted her teeth and harshly whispered curses about her situation as the sand literally began crushing her slowly. She closed her eyes expecting the end but not before her teammates face flashed before her eyes.




"You can open your eyes now you know"

Sakura blinked as the darkness that had enveloped her not two seconds ago was replaced a clear blue sky and then a mop of blond hair she knew all too well. She couldn't help the smile that adjoined her face at the predicament as she held tightly to her teammate's body. They were still on the arena albeit a far greater distance away from Gaara. Who was currently being assisted by both his siblings as they began to scale the walls of the Arena. Sakura noticed all the pandemonium going on and stared in fascination as the proctor held his own against multiple Suna Nin of Jounin rank.

"Hey I told that two bit faggot I'd kill him if he tried killing you right?"

"You sure did Macho"

"I fucking knew it, I'ma go kill that dirtbag"

"Hey, Hey, Hey not without me you aren't"

"You can't even fucking walk"

"Oh and you think leaving me here with all this shit happening around is a good idea too?"

The proctor chuckled at their display despite the situation and flicked the senbon out of his mouth. It was time he got serious, he gave Naruto a nod as he provided him cover as he held off the five Suna Nin around him. Naruto once again brought Sakura tight as he began vaulting himself off every piece of ground that graced his feet leaving craters.

As they scaled the walls of the Arena, Sakura stared at the sky as she ran her right hand through Naruto's blond hair, taking note of how soft it felt despite how spiky it looked.

"It was such a nice day too…"


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