Before you begin reading, I should warn you that this contains mild spoilers. Nothing too major, but they are there. Anyway, I got the idea for this when I saw a screen shot of a certain prairie boy. I looked up the basic plot so I'd have some idea of what happened, but that's it. I'm putting my own twist on this, mostly because I don't buy that Ezekiel could have turned into... That, just by hiding in the cargo hold of a plane. Something else had to have happened, this is my version on what it was. Here's to hoping I did ok, R&R please!

Disclaimer: I don't own Total Drama.

Running, running, running. That's what he was doing, because they were chasing him. Why, he didn't know; all he knew was that he shouldn't let them catch him. It was strange; it felt like he was chasing them not so long ago. But maybe that was a dream, but it couldn't have been; he didn't dream, because he didn't sleep. He didn't sleep because if he slept the bad man would catch him, and then he would send him away. Where to he wasn't sure, but he knew it couldn't be good.

Hot, it was hot there. Where was there? He didn't know that either. All he knew was that he had to run. Why was he running again? Oh that's right, it was because those people sent by the bad man were chasing him and trying to catch him. That's why he had to keep running. But it was so hot….

What was that sound? He listened. It sounded like the splashing of water, water would cool him off! Then he would go back to running. He went in the direction of the splashing, and quickly found the water. He jumped in the water, it felt so good… After taking a few gulps he completely submerged himself. He was really enjoying this, he almost forgot his situation. But then he saw him: Just at the edge of the water was one of the bad people who were trying to catch - and maybe harm - him.

Instinct began to take over; it was kill or be killed. Still, the thought of killing anyone revolted him. So he wouldn't kill him. Just scare him away; he would scare them all away. Then maybe the bad man would leave him alone. He quietly swam closer, and closer…



He started beating on the person, keeping in mind that he only wanted to sca-



When he woke he found that he was back in the cage, he hated this cage. It was so small, he hated small spaces. They made him feel like he was choking. He heard people talking; he turned around and saw the people who had been chasing him talking to the bad man. The bad man noticed that he was awake and grinned coldly at him. The other people turned around and looked at him as well, with varying expressions. Somewhere in the back of his mind it registered that these were looks of pity and disgust.

"Well Ezekiel I gotta admit," the bad man started to say, that cold grin still on his face. "You turned out to be good for something after all!" He started laughing. That laughter really scared him; he backed into the furthest corner of the cage and started to tremble. "You know what?" The man continued. "I think we will keep you around! Home schooled weirdo goes animal freak will be great for ratings!"

Something sharp punctured his skin, he felt himself growing tired. He fell forward; and the last thing he saw before the darkness swallowed him again was that cold evil grin.