This is just the first chapter of yet another epic. Both me and DeadShut are writing this together. We own nothing. But, just a warning. This is violent, crazy, and a little more realistic than the normal "real" Kingdom Hearts. And now, a word from DeadShut.

You ever notice how people have a phobia towards scary pictures of people with gray/white skin and dark circles under their eyes? Because our ancestors, who mostly resided in the jungle, had multiple encounters with deadly arachnids, most humans today have arachnophobia to some degree to help protect us (although modern-day spiders are rarely as dangerous as their ancestors). If we have a phobia of spiders because of what they've done to us, than why do we have a phobia of dark-eyed, pale-skinned people? And, if spiders are still around, then...

...but it's probably for the best not to think about that. The thing is, evil lurks in this world. Not the sense of evil you may think; there are no demons lurking in the dark corners, no plesiosaurs in lakes, no moths in the form of men...but there are those who relish in acting out in cruelty. And, when the majority of the population is threatened by these malicious beings, there must be a hero there to try and save the day.

Whether or not the hero succeeds, however, is up to those supporting him.

We hope you enjoy. :)

"Another murder in the downtown area has police scrambling to find the leader of the ever elusive Heartless gang. The Heartless are rumored to be a gang of ruthless Internet pirates, protecting their crime and apparently their boss. The Chief of Police is asking the public to keep their eyes peeled, and to report any suspicious activity."

"You see, Sora, that's why you are staying here."

"But, Dad…"

"I don't want to hear it. You are going to stay here until we come back."


"Your father is just trying to protect you, honey."

"We'll go somewhere tomorrow, kiddo, okay? I promise."

Sora sighed and sank back to his knees in front of the TV. He flipped through the channels lazily. He didn't feel like listening to the Heartless murders again. So far, his vacation was anything but. He hadn't gone anywhere since he arrived at the hotel, and desperately wanted to go see the sights with his parents, but they were always busy. And today was their date night.

"Stay here, Sora. Your mother and I will call when we're on our way back."

Sora groaned a response. His mother and father opened the door, reciting every rule they had ever created, before they hastily closed the door and rushed down to the cab that was waiting for them. Sora watched them through the window and grimaced as it started to rain.

"Let's go to New York." Sora said aloud. He waved his hands in the same way his mother did when she was talking his father into doing things. "There are lots of lovely things to do, and Sora will love the Statue of Liberty."

He gave up on his attempts at mocking his parents rather quickly as he continued to flip through the channels. He stopped when he saw the flashing lights and loud riffs of a concert, and he smiled as he saw it was his favorite musician, Demyx.

He called room service and ordered a few plates of food, but he didn't touch them. After the concert, he grew bored. He flipped through the TV channels again, he jumped onto his computer, but nothing seemed to keep his attention for more than five minutes. He sat by the window and hummed the songs from the concert. He slowly stopped as a store on the corner caught his attention.

"I wonder." Sora whispered to himself. He quickly jumped to his feet, threw on some fresh clothing and hurried down to the lobby.

The concierge clerk bowed his head respectfully. "Is there anything I can get for you, sir?"

"No, I'm good."

The doorman opened the door and Sora ran across the street. He figured that it was so close to the hotel, that his parents wouldn't know he had gone, and he needed to find out what was wrong with his computer anyway. It had been acting funny the past couple of days. He was just going to ask a question and then he was going to go back.

The rain was falling lightly. But, in the nighttime, it seemed to rush down with a purpose. Perhaps to make the roads slick, or just to make a bad day for a stranger, even worse. However, Sora managed to make it across the street without a problem. He stood on front of the dusty glass door and looked up at the sign. It flickered with dying neon lights, but it was calling to him.

The bell rang, echoing in the empty store. Sora browsed the shelves slowly, looking over computer parts he had never seen before. They had signs posted beneath them, but he couldn't make heads or tails of what the strange computer language was. His eyes soon fell upon an unusual looked rod. It was sitting on a velvet pillow at the counter.

"Hello?" Sora called. His voice fell dead. There was no answer. "Hello? I need to ask a question."

Still silence.

He looked at the little place card that sat in front of the red velvet pillow.

"Keyblade?" Sora said softy. "I've never heard of that part before."

Sora carefully picked up the slender metal rod. It fit in his hand perfectly, like it was designed for him. He looked it over. It appeared to have a solid look, but the dim light could just show the shallow etches on the body. Sora placed it back on the velvet pillow, and milled around the store for a little longer. When no one came out from the back, Sora sighed and left, praying that he wouldn't get in trouble for entering a store that was obviously closed.

Sora hummed to himself as he turned the corner of an aisle, and his phone rang in his pocket. He fumbled for it and held it up to his ear.




"Yeah, we're in the elevator. We're coming back up. Your mother forgot to grab her purse. So, when we knock on the door, let us in. Just letting you know."

"What?" Sora said loudly.

He hung up the phone and raced out of the store. He hadn't even been paying attention and knocked the velvet pillow to the floor. His parents had come back unexpectedly. He had only been gone for ten minutes, how could he have been so careless?

He crossed the street and flew up the stairs. He had decided that waiting for the elevator would be too long. If he was lucky, he could get there just in time to make an excuse. He opened the door to the hallway and peered out, looking for his father.

Terror struck his heart when he looked out the doorway and saw a tall man, maybe six feet, carrying his mother over his shoulder. He didn't look that old, possibly in his thirties, but his green eyes glowed nightmarishly. He was grinding his teeth.

"We have to go now." The man whispered harshly. "Marluxia!"

"What?" Came a voice from the inside of the hotel room. "I just…"

"We don't have time for that." The other man hissed. "We need to go…now!"

The man who left the room was tall as well. He was carrying a scythe, and he was dragging Sora's barely conscious father along the length of the hallway. Sora closed the door to a sliver as they past. He gasped, and a hard thwack at the door shocked him. He could see the scythe sliding in and he forced the door as far closed as his strength would allow. He could hear the cold breath of one of the men on the other side. He saw a swish of pink hair and the door opened farther.

"I've got another one!" He smiled wider, forcing the door open more. Sora could see his blue eyes, and he panicked. "Can I kill this one? Please?"

"I suppose so, but we really need to go."

"No!" Sora shouted.

"Come here," Marluxia whispered. "I won't hurt you."

Sora was almost inclined to relax and let the door fly open, but a shout from below made him think better of it. Sora fell to the floor as Marluxia's strength faded. He could hear the banter on the other side. It sounded like they were running. Away from something.


Sora leaned over the banister. He saw a boy who was maybe a year older than he was. He was holding a metal pipe.

"Don't let them get away!"

Sora frowned. "They're crazy!"

The boy rushed up the stairs. His light tan hair was tied back, and it looked like he had been punched quite a few times. He pulled the door open and ran down the hallway. Sora followed him. He seemed to be the least threatening, and if he was going to confront that pink haired man, he didn't want to be alone.

"Oh my god!" Sora exclaimed. The hall way, which had been completely white before, was covered in thick pools of blood. The blood had already clotted, and turned black. Even the windows were slathered in the sticky life source.

The other boy covered his mouth and nose. The stench was horrendous. Sora couldn't hold it. He clutched his stomach and vomited. And though his knees were trembling with weakness, he wouldn't dare fall into whoever's blood it was. He couldn't bear the thought.

"Stay close to the walls."

Sora did what the other boy told him. Their feet squelched on the soaked carpet, and Sora kept his fingers away from the newly painted wallpapers. He prayed that he wasn't walking in what was left of his parents. They came upon an open hotel door, the other boy peered around the doorway and backed up.

"What is it?" Sora said.

The boy covered his mouth. "Quiet. Listen, I'm Riku, and you just entered the war."

"What war?"

Riku peered around the doorway again. He slipped in. Sora followed him. Riku slipped down a hidden stairway.

"I didn't know they had these." Sora said as he jumped down the steps by threes.

"They have them in certain rooms for certain people, if you know what I mean." Riku said. He burst through the steel door at the bottom. They ended up in an alleyway.

"Shit!" Riku cursed. "They got away."

Sora was out of breath. He grabbed at the stitch in his side and wheezed. He looked down the alley. There was a black van at the end. It was parked, so Sora didn't pay it any mind, but it wasn't long before harsh light blinded him, and the screech of car wheels drove his body into survival mode.

"Watch out!"

Riku tackled Sora, and saved him from death. Sora instantly kicked him away and jumped to his feet. He raced after the van, screaming for it to stop. He tried in vain to get close enough to at least catch the door handle. It sped away, leaving him in a cloud of dust and the angry steam of New York City.

"Come on," Riku said, pulling his hair free of his hair tie. "We need to go."

"They have my parents!" Sora protested. "I can't leave them."

"We'll you can't save them either." Riku retorted. "So stop whining. You don't want to be here when the cops show up. They wouldn't take kindly to a whiny boy who was witness to a mass murder."

"Murder?" Sora said, high pitched.

Riku shrugged. "Are you coming?"

Sora nodded. He followed Riku, sneaking across the street. He looked back at the hotel. It had flown into a frenzy at the discovery of the gruesome sight upstairs. Riku led him to the same computer store he had been in before. He pushed the door open lazily and coughed as he entered.

"Riku?" came a soft girl's voice. "Is that you?"

"Yeah," Riku answered. "I've got a witness."

A girl with short red hair stood up from behind the counter. He looked gentle enough, but Sora could see she was rough. Her eyes were sorry. Like she knew what had happened.

"What happened?"

"It was the Heartless." Riku explained. "I'm sure of it."

"Who's this?"

Riku shrugged. "I couldn't risk him ratting me out to the cops. I saved him. He's a witness. We could use him."

Sora was drinking in their conversation, not understanding a word of it. "Heartless? You mean that gang of internet pirates?"

"Don't believe everything you see on TV, kid." Riku scoffed. He put his metal pipe on the counter. "They use the internet, sure, but they are nothing but a bunch of hate mongers."

"So, what's your name?" the red haired girl asked. She smiled.


"Don't give out your name so easily, kid." Riku said. "You don't know who we are."

Sora frowned. "You're Riku."

"I could have told you anything." Riku snapped. "You don't know who I am. Just because I said I'm Riku, doesn't make it true."

"Riku, stop picking on him." She looked at Sora. "I'm, Kairi. We should be friends."

Sora nodded, but still couldn't shake the feeling that he saw someone he knew in the black van. "Nice to meet you."

"They took his parents," Riku said, changing the subject. "That's not like them."

Kairi nodded. "Maybe they're planning something big."

"Who knows?" Riku whispered. "But, maybe this kid can help us."

Kairi nodded. "Hey, Sora?"


"You want us to help you get your parents back?"

We'll post another chapter as soon as we see how well this does. If no one likes it, we will stop. There is no need to put in so much effort if no one reads it.

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