chapter 1 a regular day at the akatsuki

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chapter 1 akatsuki fun

Today, hidan thought, i will not be annoyed today i will sit down and enjoy my book about jashin today- "HI HIDAN-KOHAI" kohai means idiot... "WHY YOU

LITTLE" as hidan chased tobi itachi ate his dango watching his soap oreas '"no hes a liar" and kisme just sat in the pool relaxing, as kakuzu counted his money

"562, 563, 564, 565,566, 567, 568" and sasori walked through the door "LEADER-SAMA un" called his partner deidara tobi stoped "DEIDARA-SENPAI YOUR

HOME" "get lost brat, un" said the blonde. Then ther leader came "ugh i was just enjoying my damn good tea WHAT. DO. YOU. WANT" "were back un" said the

blonde as he walked in the kitchen and got a soda "yea but deidara took soo long" said the redhead "and you still love me danna un" deidara came and sat next to itachi "what the freak you watching un" he took the remote nd change it to omb making as sasori left to his room. "NO i was just ganna see if janise was ganna take robert back gimme the remote" itachi tryed to grb the remote "NO UN" said the blonde as he ran from iachi who started chasing him.

Tobi changed the channel to blues clues and sat on the floor. Konan came and left as pein sat on the sofa as he sighed in fustarsion tobi looked up to his leader "whats wrong leader-sama" said the masked boy "nothing tobi be a good boy and watch your blues clues" "okay" tobi turned to the t.v "tobis a good boy" This anit soo bad, thought pein as he closed his eyes

"PEIN YOU LEFT OUT .25 CENTS IN MY PAY YOU O ME MY COUGH UP THAT .25 CENTS NOW" pein opened and eye to an angry kakuzu. OH MY LORD over 25 freakin cents! "go away" he mumbled "NO I WANT MY MONEY" UGH "leader-sama some one peeed in the pool" said kisame as he ran to his room "WHAT THE FREAK KISAME" now pein was pissed "GIVE ME MY F****KIN MONEY" yelled kakuzu "SHUT THE HELL UP AND GO F YUOR LITTLE BOYFRIEND HIDAN" yelled pein as he locked him self in his room. "hello pein" said a emo tone. He looked to see that itachi was watching his t.v. UGH he went into his bedroom "hello pein" what now,he thought then he looked to see konan in some reALLY good looking bra and under wear "um konan..." she came over to him "lets have some fun" pein backed away then went out his room and locked the door. He looked at itachi then left to see Sasori and deidara arguing over art "ART IS EVER LASTING" "NO ART IS A BANG UN" "EVER LASTING" "BANG UN" "EVER LASTING" "BANG UN" and it went on.

He went outside. "tobi a good boy" said tobi "SHUT UP TOBI" said both the boys except the blonde added an un at the end. They looked at each other "im going upstairs" "me too un" and they left. Kisame came "hey tobi have you seen deidara i need a bomb to unclugg the toilet again" "deidara-senpai went upstairs" kisame went upstairs. But tobi forgot too add that sasori was in there too..."OH MY LORD" said the fish as he fell down the stairs "huh what happened kisame-kohai" "WHY DIDNT YOU SAY SASORI WAS IN THERE TO THEY WERE..." "what were they doing?" "ill tell you when you older" but, tobi thought, im over 100 years old how much older do i need to be? Pein came in "weres sasori?" he asked "with deidara doing something that i shouldnt know till in older" said tobi "...then ill just leave them alone" said pein as he went outside.

Hidan came and from the corner kakuzu stalked the jashinist. "gosh theres nothing to do these days" then they heard noises not a bad one but umm hard to explian soo lets let hidan "eww was that sasori and deidara..." "yea..." said kisame disgusted to his stomach. "oh jashin there loud oh well im going over to my girlfriends see ya" "wait hidan you got a girlfriend?" asked the fish "yea her names kuromi shes seexxyyyy" {XD} "well bye" he said and left.

In came a disappointed kakuzu "oh come on when you ganna tell him how you really feel kakuzu" kakuzu shook his head. Then hidan came back in and took off kakuzu's mask and kissed him. "i thought you had a girlfriend" said the money maker "yup i do and she knows that im bisexual and that i like you too" said hidan and left. Kakuzu looked were the silver hair man was and smiled "but remember he still got a girlfriend" said the fish but kakuzu frowned and hit him then left. Pein came smiling "whats up boss" "im dating hidans girlfriend" kisame laughed "really" "nah but we did date once shes really kool and im going to get her back" said pein and he left. Tobi laughed "leader-samas funny" "yea he is..." said the fish.

Truth was that kisame adimered the leader but never liked him like that...or did he?...the fish went up stairs and itachi sat on the sofa and deidara came down stairs "hey guys un" he said "hi deidara-senpai un" tobi imatated "THATS MY WORD UN" "sorry deidara-senpai un" "STOP USING MY WORD" "why un" "IM GOING TO KILL YOU TOBI" the blonde chased tobi. And pein gave sasori a mission with kisame and konan. They left and tobi hid in peins room "deidara you better not go in my room" "but leader un" said deidara in a whiny voice "tobis in there and im going to stangle him un" "later just sit down" "i thought you were ganna get your girl back" whined the blonde more.

Pein smiled "oh i did" hidan charged in "LEADER YOU {CENSORED BECAUSE I CAN GET IN TROUBLE FOR USING CURSES AND IT FUN XD} WHY THE HELL DID YOU STEAL MY GIRLFRIEND?" "arent you gay" "BISEXUAL BI IM BI" "so she dont need you" then they argued well hidan was yelling more than anything and deidara sliped in peins room "oh tobi un" then a sharingan apreed in front of deidara and tobi disapreea. Sasori heard deidaras scream got dressed then ran down stairs and went into peins room...

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