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Today the akatsuki are going on a trip... To six flags fright feast, yes itsstill on... Any way we join our evil organization just at the park entrance...

''danna danna!" said the hyper active blonde ready to just run in. "relax deidara" said the kool calm boy sasori, "awe fuck yea this is gonna be fucking awsome!" said the jashinist "i hope this dont cost alot of money" said the gold digger kakuzu. "alright now saty with your partners and have fun!" said there leader pein.

Deidara, sasori and tobi wallked together, of course the blonde held on tight to the red head, ""BURRRWAAHHHHH" out came a zombie well a fake zombie of course, they stood there like they were frozen for a minute, the deidara screamed "it will be okay deidei" "but his face danna!" "it will be okay...well maybe not his face but he is alive deidei" sasoritook his blonde and walked away.

Tobi, curious as he was looked the zombie right in the eye "hi mister creppy zombie woker at six flags dude who cant get a real job so thats why hes working at six flags dude!"

Kisame looked at tobi weirdly, tobi just skiped away...

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