Enjoy some short "Me and My Cat" shots starring Gajeel and Pantherlily, everyone! Oh, and I don't own Fairy Tail, nor am I making any money off of this.

Have a Drink on Me

By: Ice Queen

Characters: Pantherlily, Gajeel, Cana, Jet & Droy, Levy

The clinging, over-protective man that claimed him as his cat was nothing like what he expected. Pantherlily stayed silent as the metal dragon got in someone else's face as they tried to get close to the Exsheed. "Don't get so close to my cat!"

"He's like Happy, right?" the curvy woman sitting on the table next to theirs said. "One of those flying, talking cats, right?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Nothing," she said. "What's your name?" she asked Pantherlily, ignoring how Gajeel was scowling at her, waiting to see if she made a wrong move.

"Pantherlily," Lily told her, staring her straight in the eye. She grinned at him.

"I'm Cana. Want a drink?"

"Sure," he said, taking the mug that she filled for him. It was as big as he was, practically. That was something he would have to get used to. The reaction seemed to calm Gajeel down, thankfully. It wasn't like being on Edolas. On Edolas he had been the big one. He had treated Coco like a daughter, making sure she wasn't picked on. Now the tables had been completely turned.

"So how'd you get stuck with a guy like Gajeel?" Cana asked him. Lily could almost feel Gajeel go still.

"I forced him to bring me into the guild," he told her. "Like he said he would when we fought."

"You fought, huh?"

"So?" Gajeel asked defensively. "He was a lot bigger at the time."

"That sounds like a story to drink to," Cana said, offering Gajeel a mug. "I always like a story to go with my date," she added, patting the gigantic beer keg she was hugging. There was a crowd around them, which Lily could tell made Gajeel feel uncomfortable. There was a story there, he was sure. The other male had made a comment about having a lot in common with him on Edolas. He had been disgusted with his homeland, and Gajeel had insinuated that the same happened to him. But had he fit in with his last home?

Did he fit in with this one? Somehow Lily thought he did.

"He's tough," Gajeel said, taking a gulp of his beer. "We couldn't finish it, since some shit happened, but he's tough."

"He'll have to be to survive you!" one of the guys in the crowd called out.

"Gajeel and Natsu took out Luxus, right?" the guy standing next to him said. He had hair like a fish tail, Lily noticed. That was weird. Then again, Gajeel had studs all over his face, so who knew what fashion was popular on this Earthland?

"They did," a little blue haired girl said. She was the first female in the building that seemed to have normal sized boobs. "I knew they would."

"Who's she?" Lily asked Gajeel quietly.

"Levy," Gajeel replied, equally quietly. It was one good thing about having a dragon slayer for a partner, he could hear things that the people around them couldn't.

"There a story behind that, too?" Lily asked, noticing how proud the girl seemed to be about knowing Gajeel and Natsu would beat some other guy. It took two dragon slayers to do it? He definitely wanted to hear about this Luxus guy.

Gajeel grunted, still looking at the blue haired girl. "She's amazing," he muttered. "At what she does," he tacked on quickly.


"Oye, you two are chatting without us, aren't you?" Cana demanded. "That super hearing trick of yours. Natsu and Happy never do that!"

"Natsu and Happy don't have volume control," Gajeel muttered.

"Ain't that the truth!" Cana hooted, taking another massive gulp of her drink. Lily finished off his mug, holding it out to her to refill. "Where you puttin' all that?" she asked him, peering down at his tiny body.

"Where are you?" he asked in return.

She laughed in appreciation. "I like you," she declared. "You can be my drinking buddy, any time!"

"So can anyone in the guild," one of the guys called dryly.

"But I noticed I never run out of drinking buddies!" Cana replied. The entire room laughed and Lily sat down on the table next to Gajeel to drink his beer.

It was surprisingly easy to get drunk in this much smaller form, Lily realized a bit hazily a few moments later. He looked at Gajeel-both of them- and frowned. "The-the relashinnship ba'tween Exsheed and humansh is strange here," he got out seriously.

"Yeah?" Gajeel asked.

"Yeah. They ushed to-to worship Exsheed on Edolas. Thought we were godsh. It got... lonely." Then he stopped, frowning drunkenly. "But a exsheed ish not a pet, neither, unner-unnershtand? Even if I'm-I'm tiny, gotsh it?"

"Uh huh," Gajeel said.

"Even if shome of dem are really... really shtupid," he went on. "Really, really shtupid," he added with a snort. "Humansh aren't that different."

"Yeah," Gajeel agreed. Then promptly dragged the poor Exsheed into a one-armed hug and let out a snore, his face falling to the table in front of him. For a moment Lily just stayed there, being hugged by the massively muscular male and thinking, a bit drunkenly, that maybe things hadn't changed that much after all.

Coco had done stuff like that, too.

He waited for the rest of the guild to say something, to make fun of them, but no one said a word. There was a slight smile on Cana's face as she gulped down another keg, but that was the only amusement he really noticed.

This was the guild that the prince had chosen for a reason, it seemed.