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Looking at Booth's face, she searched for a response from him for a moment. There was a general look of shock for a moment before a broad smile covered his face.

"You…are pregnant?" he asked excitedly in a hushed voice so not to wake Parker, who was sleeping in the other room.

She nodded. "Eight weeks and three days, according to the doctor," she replied. "Meaning the night Angela delivered Bren was the night we conceived."

"A beautiful baby boy could be inside you," he said, grinning and pulling her in for a kiss.

"Or girl," she added, pulling back from the kiss with a smile. "Are you happy?"

Booth nodded and kissed her again softly. "Very happy Bones," he said. "I have been thinking about having a baby with you since you first asked me two years ago to be a sperm donor."

"There is not another person I would want to have a child with than you, Booth," she replied, leaning into his side. "I know that I like this option much better than artificial insemination."

Brennan thought about when she had considered that to have a child and knew that this was much better. Booth had always wanted to be involved and she wanted him to be now that they were together. They would be a family. Even if Brennan had her own reservations about families, she knew that Booth would never leave her or their child. That comforted her qualms enough to allow her to be joyful about the situation they were now in together.

"I do too," he said, kissing her temple. "When is the baby due?"

"July fifteenth, but that date could fluctuate when we have our next ultrasound," she said. "But July for sure."

Booth smiled. "A summer baby. I like the sound of that."

Temperance smiled and nodded in agreement. As she settled into his side, she thought of how perfect a gift this had been for both of them to find out about for Christmas. Finding out that she was pregnant put everything into perspective for her and showed her how lucky she was, if she even believed in luck. She had Booth, a successful career, good friends, her father and brother, Parker, and now a new life coming into the world.

Brennan shot up from her pillow, opening her eyes wide and placing her hands on the bed to make sure she was firmly planted. She had woken from one of those falling dreams where you hit the ground right as you woke up, so her sense of orientation was a little hazy, but she soon realized that she was safe at home, in her own bed, with her partner sleeping next to her. He was snoring slightly, but she never minded that much as it was sort of comforting in a way to her. Sighing, she laid back down on her side, facing Booth as he slept. It was the middle of January, so she was more than perfectly content staying in bed, especially since it was Saturday. Sliding her hand down to her abdomen, she felt the small, but defined bump there that was growing. She was just over twelve weeks pregnant now.

Her child. Booth's child.

After telling him she was pregnant on Christmas, they vacationed in Hawaii for two whole weeks alone. It was probably the best two weeks she had ever had on a vacation as they laid on the beach together, slept in hammocks, and walked along the shore almost every night talking about everything. He was excited about having another child and the opportunity to be involved this time since Rebecca had shut him out before Parker was born. Brennan knew that she wanted him there with her through her whole pregnancy and was excited to spend that time preparing for their child. During their vacation, her morning sickness was minimal, which was nice since she wanted to spend the time relaxing and not throwing up. Booth had taken care of her while they were in Hawaii as well, making sure she was eating enough and that she didn't overdo anything.

As she laid there, she thought about the reactions they got at the lab when they revealed the pregnancy two weeks earlier. Angela had been ecstatic for them, which Brennan fully expected from her best friend. There had been a lot of squealing involved that she had covered her ears for and laughed about. Cam had been excited as well, mentioning that the lab seemingly was multiplying every year, starting with the adoption of Michelle, the birth of Bren, and now the birth of Booth and Brennan's child. Brennan couldn't argue since it was true that everyone was beginning to settle down. Even Daisy and Sweets had married in October of the previous year, just after Bren was born. Everyone was more than ready to see Brennan have a child, since she had talked about it over two years previously.

Booth stirred after a few minutes, causing her to smile as he opened his eyes and looked at her. "Morning," he said groggily, but smiling at her.

"Good morning," she replied, moving closer to him on her pillow.

"How are you feeling?" he asked, brushing back her hair and kissing her.

"I'm doing just fine," she answered honestly. Her morning sickness had diminished greatly over the past few days, which was a relief even though hers was never really that bad. Thankfully, hers was never as bad as Angela's had been during her pregnancy.

"No morning sickness?" he inquired, looking at her.

She shook her head. "None at all this morning," she replied, smiling as she placed her hand on his side. The feeling of his bare skin under her hand was familiar and relaxing as she scooted closer to him.

Rolling over, she faced her back to him and pressed against his chest and stomach as his arm wrapped around her waist with his hand resting protectively over her stomach. His alpha male tendencies to protect were endearing and made Brennan appreciate her partner all the more. Part of her was excited to see how this progressed as the pregnancy progressed over the next few months.

"What do you want to do today?" he asked, kissing the back of her neck after moving her hair aside.

"Hodgins and Angela invited us to lunch this afternoon," she said. "They wanted to try that new Deli near the Jeffersonian since Angela is still nursing and can't really eat a lot of spicy foods, like Thai. And our baby doesn't seem to like spicy foods either."

Brennan was not excited about giving up Thai food for the duration of her pregnancy or when she nursed their child, but it was better in the long run for everyone's health. It would be something she missed sharing with Booth since that was a staple of their late night conversations together. However, she knew that they would find something else to fill that. Being pregnant was a lot different than she expected it to be, including her hormonal swings that seemed to happen when she least expected them to happen.

"Lunch would be fine with me, if you're up to going," he said. "If not, we can definitely stay in bed too." His voice was lower and more seductive, making Brennan smile involuntarily.

"Or we can always go to lunch and come back after for sexual activity," she suggested, turning her head toward him with an impish grin that she only used for him.

He smirked. "Are you feeling up for that?" he asked, arching his eyebrow. They had not had sex in almost two weeks because of her morning sickness and general exhaustion induced by the symptoms of early pregnancy.

Rolling over again, she pinned his body flat against the bed and kissed him. There wasn't a doubt in her mind that she was feeling much better than she had been in recent days.

"I take that as a yes," he said, grinning back and kissing her once more.

"Most definitely a yes," she replied, looking at his gorgeous brown eyes that could easily be the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen on a human.

Her hands traced up his bare chest, feeling the tight muscles of his abs and chest around to his pectorals as she moved closer to him. She had never wanted him so badly before and attributed that to her increased libido from the pregnancy hormones and the fact that she was no longer getting sick every morning. However, she wasn't going to argue with it. Her body wanted what it wanted. And that was Booth. She kissed his jaw and found his lips once more as she pressed her torso to his. His hands wandered under her silk night gown, pushing it up to expose her bare skin underneath before they rolled over and her back hit the mattress. Reaching down, she pulled up the nightgown and pulled it off, leaving her in her bra and panties.

Booth traced his hands down her sensitive skin from the top of her side down her curves to her hips. Her hands rested on the back of his neck as he leaned in and kissed her. As his lips left hers and kissed the side of her neck, she let out a small giggle. Only Booth had this effect on her. No one else had ever made her this happy before him and she knew that no one else ever would. His lips traced down her neck to the top of her chest downward, stopping at her stomach, kissing the small bump that was forming there before his hands slipped under her panties and pulled them down. She gasped slightly at the feel of his hands on her thighs and moaned happily as he returned to her lips.

Her hands moved down to the waistband of his boxers, pushing at them. She managed to push them off most of the way before he kicked them off completely. A whimper escaped her throat as she wanted him and could feel his erection nudging her thigh. She needed him right then and there. Her hips moved on their own accord against him, telling him that she was ready and that she wanted him. With a slow and antagonizing thrust, Booth buried himself deep inside of her, causing her to moan and kiss his neck. She loved the feeling of him inside of her. It was a comfort and pleasure at the same time that she had only dreamed about before they were together, when she had been in denial about ever feeling something for him.

Their rhythm was slow and gentle, careful of both her and the baby. Even though she knew that sex was perfectly safe for herself and their unborn child, she wasn't complaining about the pace at all. It was nice to slow things down, especially since this was the first time in two weeks and the first time she had felt up to it. With each stroke, she felt closer to him and closer to that edge she knew she could fall off at any time.

When they were both spent, Brennan laid her head on Booth's chest as he rolled off of her. She was lightly sweating, but she was content with the world. Looking up at him, she rested her chin on his chest and smiled at him.

"I think we missed lunch," she said, grinning at him mischievously. Even though she honestly felt bad for missing lunch with Angela and Hodgins, she knew her best friend would forgive her if she knew what had happened. Angela was one of those women that could easily forgive if she knew that sex was involved in her best friend missing a lunch date.

"That's okay Bones," he said, wrapping his arm around her. "I think missing something every once in a while is okay."

Nodding, she laid her head back down on his chest and sighed happily. She had Booth, she had her career, and she had their unborn child. Everything was right in her world. Even if she was uncertain about what would happen in the future, that would be a worry for later. Right now, she wasn't going anywhere.