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For the Rikkai regulars, life had just made a turn for the worse. Tennis wasn't fun anymore, practice wasn't fulfilling anymore and school was downright unbearable. This was especially true for one Yanagi Renji, who felt as if his life was completely miserable. Without his data books, he couldn't play tennis well, without them, he couldn't take notes in class nor do his homework and he couldn't discuss data with his friends (Inui).

Unlike the other regulars, Yanagi Renji was smart and manipulative. He decided that he will get his notebooks back. He will fight back and force Miss Latnem away. Yanagi Renji will win the battle.

Plan A: Turn the ashes of the fire into notebooks again? (Chemical formula needed)

Plan B: Rewrite everything from memory? (No, he wasn't a genius. Marui was.)

Plan C: Start a rebellion with signs and boards and all sorts of messages and so on…

Plan D: Murder Ms. Latnem in her sleep using many options and ways

Plan E: Oopa, there is no plan E

But, of course, it's pretty much impossible to remake notebooks out of ash-but that would be an interesting idea.

Even though he was really smart, okay, maybe really, really, really smart, but he still didn't have a miraculous memory like some random superhero in 'The Return of The Nerds-2' or a real genius like Marui.

Killing someone and bear all the criminal accusations? No thank you.

That left "starting a rebellion with signs and boards and all sorts of messages and so on…."

Wasting no time, Yanagi jumped and ran to the club house.

"Guys! I've gotten an interesting idea!" he shouted as he stormed in.

Everyone stared at him with blank eyes.

"Shut up," said Niou. "We're having our 5 minutes of depression right now."

"Yeah!" Kirihara agreed. "Go away."

Everyone turned to look at him.

"You know, Kirihara," commented Marui. "If you're trying to act cool like us, it's not working."

Kirihara looked like he was force fed a bucket of flies. No, mouldy flies. "Okay," he muttered. "I'll just shut up CAUSE NO ONE GIVES A DAMN ABOUT ME." (Notice emphasis)

"Like, totally," answered Jackal.

Yagyuu tapped him on the shoulder. "You know, Jackal-kun, if you're trying to gain a personality, I don't think it's working too well."

After saying that, the regulars (excluding Kirihara and Jackal and Yanagi) turned around and pretended that Jackal was just a wall (after all, he is the iron wall of defence, right?).

Alas, Jackal joined Kirihara, sulking, in his (now their) emo corner where they thought about thoughts that revolved around exclusion, bullying and how that's not allowed at school (mommy said so).

"Anyways," announced Yanagi. "I've come up with a brilliant plan. We're going to start a…drum roll please …rebellion! WOO-HOO! Cheers!"

Everyone stared at him blankly.

"Are you still having your 5 minutes of depression?" sighed Yanagi, exhausted from all the extravaganza and emotion that he had just showed.

"No," answered Niou again. "Now we're having 10 seconds of stare-at-Yanagi-blankly time."

After 10 seconds passed, Yanagi brought up the subject again.

"You know, we could make a bunch of posters and signs and go parading down the school yard, waving them in the air and chanting about how we HATE Ms. Latnem!" suggested Yanagi. He was really excited. This was probably the most exciting moment in his life.

"We'll look like fools," snorted Marui. "If you want me to go marching around with badly-made signs, then count me out of this."

"I agree," said Yagyuu. "Maybe a rebellion, or an attempted one, might not be the right thing now. We should worry more about how we're going to survive this week without getting expelled or suspended, Yanagi-kun."

"Dumbest suggestion ever," Niou stated, rolling his eyes.

Since Kirihara and Jackal were still sulking in their emo corner, so we'll leave them out for now.

Everyone turned to look at Sanada because he was the boss right now.

Sanada cleared his throat (yes, he was listening all along) and spoke. "Yanagi, you are not to organise this rebellion." (Yanagi sulked a little, since his life was now as boring as before and Marui and Niou smiled)

Sanada paused for dramatic effect. "As I said, Yanagi, you are not to organise this rebellion.

("No duh" one of the regulars remarked.)

I will."

Of course. It was an epic and legendary moment that would be written down in history as a significant turn in Yanagi's dull life.

Kirihara raised up his hand. "Can we join in the discussion now?" he pleaded.

Sanada sighed and agreed. "Yes, you may. But Jackal, you'll continue to stay there because we hate people with no personality more that people who are annoying."

Kirihara smiled. Jackal sulked. The rest of the regulars stared at him with a sympathetic expression.

Life sucks.

"You know," remarked Marui, "I don't think hand-made signs really work."

"Who cares," replied Niou. "We'll just draw some pictures of the Boston Tea party and get this over with."

"But we're not fighting to throw tea overboard or to diminish taxes," said Kirihara, slightly depressed. "We're fighting for… wait, what are we fighting for?"

Yanagi coughed. "We're fighting for social justice and the peace of our tennis club!" he announced in an authorizing voice, acting as if their rebellion was actually meaningful.

"I'm the one who's directing this!" declared Sanada. "Stop trying to use my authority, Yanagi. Now go draw a picture on the sign or something. Just get out of my face."

Yanagi sulked a little more. Then he went and drew a picture of the Boston Tea party.

Jackal raised up his hand. "Can I join in?" he asked hopefully. "I've been sitting here for almost an hour."

"It's alright." replied Kirihara cheerfully. "You can sit there until the end of time and we still won't care."

"Actually," said Yagyuu. "Maybe Jackal-kun should participate, since after all, he is our 'iron wall of defense'."

"See?" asked Jackal, snapping his fingers. "That's justice."

"No one cares," answered Niou. "And for your information, we're all trying to draw a (fail) picture of the Boston Tea Party right now."

Indeed, Yanagi, Marui, Niou and Yagyuu were trying hard to recreate a picture of the famous tea party where they discussed many important political points.

Kirihara tapped Sanada on the shoulder. "How are we going to go parading around the school with these signs?"

"You take a step, then another, continue this and don't forget to raise the signs and yell." replied Sanada, massaging his temples. "Now don't bother me. I'm trying to think of a good reason to kick Yanagi out of here right now."

The day dragged on.

"We're done!" announced Marui. "We've drawn exactly 102 signs. Enough, right?"

Sanada and Yanagi leafed through the pile, picking out the signs that looked as if they were truly, truly, drawn by a 4 year-old (which was basically 3 quarters of the heap).

"Okay," said Sanada. "We'll keep the pile in the club house for now. Tomorrow morning we'll come back and start the revolution."

The regulars stretched, then started to proceed out of the club room.

"What if we get expelled? Or suspended?"

No one answered.

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