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What The! 7

Rachel and Artie shuffled closer to each other in silent support later the next week, Lea had laid down the law on Tina about her behaviour towards Mike telling her daughter that she had to respect that Mike had a part to play as well. While Artie had quickly restarted his friendship at least with Tina, not hurrying her for anymore when everything was so up in the air, now the two of them were waiting in the doctor's office as Mike, Tina and Lea waited inside for the doctors verdict on the genetic screening of the baby.

The door burst open quickly only minutes later though and Tina ran from the room, tears streaming down her face as she headed out of the doctor's office, her mother on her heels, Artie glanced at Rachel worriedly and moved to follow her as Rachel headed towards her boyfriend. Mike was sitting in his chair stiffly, staring at the wall as the doctor got up slowly and moved away from the couple, Rachel fell to her knees next to Mike who immediately reached for her hand and clenched it tightly in his own "Michael?"

"Baby is killing Tina" he said numbly "some random one in a million genetic defect means it's hurting Tina, and there is a heart defect as well but according to the doctor that doesn't mean anything with this genetic thing"

"Oh Mike" Rachel cried in sympathy letting go of his hand to hug him around the shoulders, the tears in his eyes finally falling as he clung to Rachel finally realising that despite his protests to the contrary he was emotional invested in the pregnancy.

"Tina needs to have an abortion as soon as possible" he continued numbly

"Oh Mike" Rachel said again, for once at a complete loss of what to say.

Less than a week later the situation that had almost torn apart Mike and Rachel and had isolated Tina was gone, they didn't even know the sex of the child because it hadn't developed properly but it had certainly made its mark on the foursome. Tina and Rachel were joined at the hip, Tina relying on Rachel in a way that surprised her as well but Rachel was completely sympathetic to her situation and allowed her to stay at her house for as long as she needed.

Rachel woke from her dozing state with a start rubbing at her eyes her ears searching for the sound that had woken her, finally registering the sobbing that was coming from the spare room, pulling herself out of Mike's arms she fell from the bed and scrambled to her feet to sway her way to the guestroom. Rubbing at her eyes again she fell onto the bed beside Tina and let her roll into her body holding her as Tina cried into her shoulder as was normal for the last few days, after finally calming down Tina she stumbled back to her room and to her bed.

Collapsing face down on her bed she reached for her blanket blindly fumbling for a hold of it she finally tugged it over her cooling body just as Mike reached for her as well.

"Is she..."

"Sleeping" Rachel mumbled turning her head towards him and cracking open her eyes, wincing as she saw his own grief in his eyes, he was staying with her because his mom had kicked him out after he admitted he had gotten Tina pregnant. Pulling herself up and rubbing at her eyes again she leaned back against the pillows ready to listen to him as he started to talk about his child again, Mike took one look at her tired face though and pulled her against himself instead, he had been leaning on her so heavily in the last few days that he hadn't seen her own strain.

"You're looking after us so much at the moment I didn't even realise how much it has been putting a strain on you"

"It's ok you are going through a very difficult time right now"

"And we are dragging you into sleepless nights because we seem to not obsess in the daytime" he said wryly

"Oh well who needs sleep" Rachel shrugged leaning into him and letting her eyes fall closed

"You right now, sleep baby"

"No you need to talk" she mumbled

"I don't really need to, just going to repeat myself and you know it" he wrapped his arms around her again and kept her close as she finally succumbed to her exhaustion. His arms wrapped around her waist he leant his head back knowing he wouldn't be able to sleep even if he tried, his head had been a constant jumble since the doctors verdict a week ago, he had gone home and told his mother what was going on and she had thrown him out. Harsh maybe but he knew she was just disappointed in him, disappointed in the mistake that he had made and couldn't face seeing him just yet, he knew this because she had checked that Rachel and him were ok first before throwing him out, so that she knew he had a place to go.

He was disgusted at himself for his reaction about the baby, hating himself for not loving his child thinking that if he had loved it more than it would have been fine, of course Rachel and Tina had both told him that he was being stupid, that he hadn't really done anything wrong, he had just been overwhelmed.

Just after the operation he and Tina had talked finally and honestly and she had admitted that she had had months to get used to the situation he had had days and it hadn't been fair for her to expect him to just accept it. Now mourning a child they didn't even know the sex of Tina and Mike were at a complete loss of how to deal, Artie and Rachel their only links to the outside world as they couldn't face school and the condemnation they were sure would happen.

Everyone assured them that it wouldn't happen but it was more of a justification for the time they needed to resolve everything for themselves.

The next day Artie came by as usual, wheeling himself up the ramp that the Berry's had put in for him and into the living room without knocking, Tina glanced up and smiled at him gently as he smiled at her, then over at Rachel and Mike who were asleep on the other sofa.

"Hey you ok?" he said wheeling up next to her sofa

"Better than I have been" Tina admitted quietly slowly getting up and moving over to him, climbing onto his lap quickly, Artie wrapped his arms around her as she clung to him and just let herself be held, his arms somehow comforting her more than her mothers, Mike's or Rachel's had.

Mike looked up as Artie's voice woke him up, his own arms around Rachel he saw Tina snuggle into Artie and smiled for what felt like the first time in weeks, Tina and Artie seemed like they were on the right track now, and while his and Rachel's relationship had certainly been tested they had come through it, together.