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"I don't know what we are going to do Jason. There isn't much we can do. If the doctors say she needs to have 24-care, then we have no other option but to either pay for a nurse to stay with her at the farmhouse, or put her in a nursing home. Both of which are going to cost a fortune! And I know neither of us have that kind of money," Sookie sighed.

She closed her eyes and leaned her forehead against the cool brick wall of the Student Union building half listening to Jason rattle on about how "it wasn't fair" and "why do I have to deal with this shit" while simultaneously trying to block out the cacophony of thoughts invading her brain and collective voices ringing in her ears.

"Sook…Did you hear me? Are you OK?" Jason asked, annoyed that his sister seemed to have checked out of their conversation.

"What was that? Sorry. It's just hard to concentrate sometimes with all these people around, you know?" Sookie replied, exhausted.

"I don't know how you do it Sook. I would have gone crazy years ago if it were me with that little, urm, quirk. Anyways, I was saying maybe we should just sell the house and use the money to put Gran in a home. With you living in Shreveport and me at Mom and Dad's old place, there really is no need to hang on to the thing."

"Jason Stackhouse! That is our family's home! How could you even…" Sookie cried out.

"Please deposit an additional 75 cents to continue this call," the operator's voice interrupted.

"Listen, Jase, I need to get to my next class. And I probably can't even afford the extra 75 cents now anyway. If you get a chance, you should drive down here for the weekend. You know how my roommate would enjoy that," she said insincerely, "and then we can make a plan of attack. OK?"

"Sure. I'll see what I can do sis. I sure wouldn't mind seeing Dawn again," Jason drawled in his 'on the prowl' voice.

Ick, Sookie thought, rolling her eyes while huffing a hasty goodbye. She adjusted her pack strap across her shoulder and straightened her spine in a determined posture before marching off to class.

As the professor droned on about the basic principles of the Scientific Method, Sookie pondered what she was going to do about her Gran. Her parents had died in an unfortunate accident when her and Jason were both under 10 years old, leaving Gran to raise them. Now, she was fighting for her life after a massive stroke.

Should they hire a live-in nurse, so that Gran could spend the remainder of her days in a place she felt comfortable and familiar? Or would the nursing home in Shreveport be the best choice?

All Sookie knew was that she was thankful for the college fund an unknown relative had set up for her shortly after she was born. She had no idea the money was even there until Spring term of her senior year in high school, when she received a certified letter in the mail explaining the details of the windfall. If it wasn't for that money, she would probably be slinging beers and grease burgers at the local hole-in-the –wall for the rest of her life. As it was, she still was slinging beers part-time at an edge of campus bar. She shared an apartment, also at the edge of campus, with Dawn, another girl from Bon Temps, who somehow managed to scrape together enough money for LSU - Shreveport too. The bar job helped pay her share of living expenses.

Sookie only wished she could 'borrow' some of that college fund money to help pay for Gran. Here she was living the life of a young college student, improving her chances of having something of a life, while her Gran, who raised her as her own and gave up so much to do so, was suffering with a limited future ahead of her. But, the stipulations of the money were such that it could only be used to pay for tuition and related enrollment expenses. Oddly enough, it was very specific in what the money could and could not be used for, such as living expenses or transportation. Luckily, she was able to work in a laptop without too much hassle. However, Internet and telephone bills didn't make the cut, so no fancy cell phones for her.

Maybe if she could find out who the relative was that so generously helped her out, they would be able to help Gran too…or at least compromise on using some of her money for Gran.

"Miss Stackhouse?" a voice broke her silent musings.

She looked up and noticed the cranky, balding professor, leering at her. "Umm…What was the question?" she asked.

"Stay with us please…I was discussing the third step in the Scientific Method. Kindly repeat what that is," the professor said with disdain.

She resisted the urge to roll her eyes. What was it about some teachers and their power trips over calling someone out for not paying attention? After all, it was her dime paying for this. They got their salary no matter if she slept during class or worked out important answers to her existence.

She willed her mind to focus on the professor and some of the smarter students in the lecture hall and quickly lifted the answer from one of their thoughts. "Forming a Hypothesis," she answered with a grin. Sometimes that curse of hers came in real handy.

Telepathy, as far as she could tell in all her research, was a rare but sought after ability. One she was born with, but kept a tightly wrapped secret between her, Gran and Jason. A couple of times, when they got older, Jason tried to get Sookie to use her mind-reading skills to win them money at the dog races or playing the Lottery. Poor Jason, didn't quite get that mind-reading was not the same thing as psychic ability and she couldn't predict who was going to win or what numbers were going to show. But maybe she could use them to get another part-time job. Something that paid more to help with Gran's expenses.

After class, she hurried back over to the Student Union building where there was a Jobs Board that local companies could post on, if looking for cheap college-kid labor. She spent the better part of twenty-minutes leafing through all the postings, with no luck. Walking dejectedly away, she caught sight of another board down the hall a little ways. Usually there were just advertisements for local bands and upcoming campus activities and social club meetings on this board, but a bright red piece of paper caught her eye.

"Wanted: Daytime Guy or Gal Friday to assist local businessman. Person must be honest, dependable with an open mind and adventuresome spirit. Must provide own transportation. Flexible daytime hours to work around your class schedules. Starting pay $50/hr ++ DOE." On the bottom of the page, printed sideways, was a little tear-off fringe with a name and phone number. It appeared to be the last one. Sookie paused looking at the last piece of paper, wondering if she should even bother. However, it sounded like the perfect job. How hard could a Gal Friday job be? And maybe with the help of her telepathy, she could really do some good for this guy! Only, she wondered, what did DOE stand for?

Before making the call, she walked away intending to head back towards her apartment to get ready for her shift at the bar that night and determined to Google what DOE meant and what exactly daytime assistants might actually do.

She paused only long enough to unlock her car and throw her backpack in the back, before plopping down heavily into the driver's seat. "I hope this pans out, Gran. I really don't want to sell the farmhouse," Sookie said aloud to no one in particular. Before she became too choked up, she started her beat-up old car and sped away.

"So what's the word about your Gran?" Dawn asked, when Sookie walked in to her place.

"Jason says the doctors are advising us to either get her a full-time, live-in nurse or set her up in some kind of assisted living home, like the local Shreveport Nursing Center," Sookie replied, tears welling up in her eyes again. "And of course Jase and I are freaking out because neither of us have that kind of money," she said, scrubbing her tears away and dropping down into the sofa.

"I'm always telling ya Sook, with breasts like yours, all you need is to get yourself a job at that Titty Bar were my friend Maudette works. All your financial worries would be gone. She has boobs that look like oranges stuffed inside pantyhose and that bitch still makes $100 a night or more in tips," Dawn exclaimed, handing Sookie a tissue.

Sookie giggled a little at the imagery, but balked at the idea of taking her clothes off for money. Not to mention being able to hear all the thoughts of everyone and what they might be thinking about her and her body. No way!

"I don't think so Dawn. I'd rather use my brains than my body," she replied.

Dawn shrugged. "Suit yourself. I just know that's what I'd do if I were in your situation. I mean look at these!" she pulled down her tank top to reveal her breasts.

Sookie blushed fiercely and threw a pillow at Dawn. "Dawn! God, you are so rude!"

Dawn started laughing. "I can't help that you're a prude Sook. You need to get out there, date someone, have sex! If it wasn't for me having enough for both of us, people would think we're a hot lesbian couple…Not that there's anything wrong with that or that I haven't rubbed one out a time or two thinking about it," she laughed. "Now go get ready for work or we're going to be late!"

Dawn often went to work with Sookie, to hang out at the bar and get free drinks bought for her. And more times than not, she wound up bringing some sucker home…luckily before Sookie finished her shift.

"Oh, hey…Do you know what DOE stands for on a job description? I found this advertisement at school for a Gal Friday and it said that pay was DOE," Sookie asked Dawn.

Again, Dawn shrugged. "Beats me. I don't even know what a Gal Friday is, but I'll look it up while you get ready," she offered.

"Thanks girl," Sookie said, giving Dawn an awkward hug before heading to her room to get ready.

She had just whipped her towel from her body and into a turban for her hair, when Dawn barged in, startling Sookie.

"Jesus, Dawn. Don't you knock?" Sookie said, trying unsuccessfully to quickly cover her naked body.

Dawn just rolled her eyes. "I found out that Gal Fridays do all kinds of things. Anything from filing and appointment making, to running banking errands and picking up dry cleaning. It really depends on the person. But DOE stands for Depending On Experience," she read from a couple of printouts.

Pulling her uniform's tight white t-shirt over her head, Sookie took in everything Dawn said. She could do that. Hell, she'd been doing most of those things for herself, Gran and Jason for ages. To get paid for it would be the bonus she needed.

"Thanks Dawn. I think since its just about sunset, I'll give the guy a call and see if he still needs someone. I'm thinking since he needs a daytime person, he must work nights or something, huh?"

"Makes sense to me. I'll go grab ya the phone. Oh, nice beaver by the way Sooks. Geez, ever heard of grooming that beast?" Dawn taunted as she turned and ran out of the room.

Sookie's cheeks were beet red again, as she quickly threw on some panties and her short-shorts. She really had a lot to learn about being a woman and oddly enough, even though she embarrassed her more than not, Sookie was thankful for Dawn's remarks.

"Here you go," Dawn returned, phone in hand.

"Thanks," Sookie replied, reaching for the phone with a shaky hand. She didn't know why she was suddenly so nervous. Maybe, it was because the fate of Gran and their home was dependent on her getting a good paying job.

She swallowed hard a couple of times and cleared her throat, as she dialed the number.

"Ummm, Hello? Yes, I was calling about your advertisement for a Gal Friday posted on the LSU campus bulletin board," her voice cracked a little. "Have you filled the position yet?"

"No? That's great. Umm, are you doing interviews or anything? I'd like to meet with you and discuss my, umm, experience if that's alright," she said, twirling a piece of hair around her fingers nervously.

"Tomorrow evening is perfect. Just give me your address and I'll be sure to get there promptly at sunset. OK. Thanks. See you then," Sookie answered the person on the other end. Dawn was anxiously standing there listening to only Sookie's side of the conversation. She wondered what the guy sounded like and looked like.

Sookie pressed the buttons excitedly to hang up the call and squealed. "He sounds mysterious," she giggled. "And he wants me to meet him out at his house tomorrow evening before he goes to work. He says he lives in some gated community out by the airport. Must be pretty well off," she filled Dawn in, bouncing up and down feverishly.

"That's great Sook. Maybe you can be more than his Gal Friday, huh?" Dawn laughed, giving her roommate a quick hug. "Now, let's go. I'm thirsty," she purred and winked, before turning and sashaying out the door.

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