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I stood in silence on top of a snowcapped hill, far away from civilization. A gust of wind blew overhead, ruffling the loose strands of my dark chocolate colored hair. I stared at the empty whiteness of the terrain stretching out before me, raking every inch of it, every tree, rock and snowy hill, for any signs of what I was looking for.


With a growl, I took off, speeding through the thin blankets of white beneath my feet, turning my head to the side every second, nostrils flaring as I breathed in the scents around me. The smell of the pine trees and of dampness filled my nose, a small hint of something else hidden within them. I narrowed my eyes and stopped abruptly, breathing in as deep as I could.

Could it be?

I slowed my pace and gradually began to follow the scent, ignoring the other smells that tried to make themselves known. I didn't care for the smell of the trees or of the family of rabbits burrowed within the hole five feet away from me. They were not my concern. No. My only interest was following that other smell, hoping that it was the one.

It is.

That smell, the sweet scent that I knew too well, permeated the air around me. To a human, the scent would have been enjoyable and mouthwatering, enough to make their minds go limp as they struggled to get a stronger dose of it. To me, though, it made me sick to my stomach. Were it physically possible, I would have stopped and gagged right then and there. But I didn't, because vampires couldn't gag, thankfully.

I found you.

Those were the only words running through my mind as I chased after the scent, my eyes darting around wildly, hoping to catch a glimpse of the owner. I picked my speed up, blurring around trees and up and down hills, everything around me becoming little more than speed lines washed away from the speed in which I moved at. The scent became stronger as my vision began to blur, memories of the past forcing their way into the back of my mind.

I was lying in a flat bed, my breathing ragged and my whole body sore. The pain was immense; enough to make me scream, but my voice was hoarse from all the screaming I'd been doing for the past ten minutes. The light above me was dim, not enough to give me an idea of how large the size of the room I was in was. It didn't matter; I knew that I was in a hospital room.

"Doctor, she's not looking too good," a nurse said, walking over to check on me.

"I know, I know," the doctor replied, shaking his head.

Everything around me was hazy as the pain only seemed to increase. I shut my eyes tight, the tears already pouring onto my face. I heard the nurse and doctor speaking to one another, but I could hardly focus on the words they were saying.

So much pain…it hurts…it HURTS!

Before I could even think, I lurched forward and coughed, blood spewing from my mouth and onto the hospital gown I'd been wearing. The light seemed to fade as I collapsed back onto the bed, barely aware of the faint voices calling out to me.

I pushed the images aside and snarled, slamming my left fist into a nearby tree. The trunk shattered instantly and the remaining portion toppled to the ground, barely making a sound as the snow absorbed the impact. I clenched my fists tightly to my sides, the anger building as I continued forward, sniffing the air every few seconds to make certain I followed the scent.

The trail I was following led into a cave, which I barreled into without a second thought. It was dark, at least it would be for a human, but I could see everything perfectly. I made my way through the interior of the cave, ignoring the vague rumbling noises that echoed through as I exited out the other side.

The scent was beginning to lessen in strength, which made me livid with anger and irritation.

No! I am NOT losing it again!

I stared downwards, the cave opening coming to a cliff. I shrugged and jumped down, landing gracefully on my feet, kicking up a small bit of snow as I did. I spun around, sniffing the air around me, trying to find the scent again. It was faint, but it was still there, easing me a bit. It wasn't enough, though. I had to keep going, to keep tracking. I needed to.

"Push, dear, push!" the nurse cried. "Come on, you can do it!"

"She's losing too much blood, she won't make it," the doctor grunted. "We need another doctor in here! Someone call Dr. Cullen!"

I coughed up more blood, my body throbbing in pain.

"That's it, keep pushing! You're almost there!" the nurse urged.

My body was so weak, so pained. I could barely manage another push. But I needed to. I needed to get this thing out of me and now. It was too much. I couldn't bear it anymore! With as much strength as I could muster, I let out a loud scream and pushed as hard as I could…

I followed the direction where the smell was strongest, blurring past more trees and an elk as I did. I wasn't thirsty at the moment, though I did feel a vague burn in my throat. Not now, though, I couldn't feed now. I was so close, I couldn't miss this chance. Not after coming so close so many times before, every other time that I'd tracked this scent. That I'd tracked him.

At last, the pain had subsided. I was drenched in blood and sweat, breathing raggedly as I stared at the ceiling. My body ached as I listened to the hushing coos of the nurse hovering over me, stroking my wet head.

"It's alright. It's over," she cooed reassuringly.

The doctor walked to my other side, holding a bundle surrounded by cloth in his arms.

"Congratulations Mrs. Swan, you are the proud mother of a new baby girl. What do you wish to name her?"

Some of the cloth parted and a pair of emerald green eyes stared back at me, boring into my eyes with an ethereal gaze that made me feel as though they were penetrating my very mind. A small smile adorned her pale face as she stared silently back at me. I couldn't give a response to the doctor. I did not want to name this child. I never did. I knew that she was no ordinary child, and the smug grin on her face proved that she was aware of this fact as well.

I didn't want things to turn out this way…I never wanted this.

The tears continued to fall down my face onto the bed beneath me. My nurse, foolishly believing my tears to be tears of joy, stroked my head as if trying to comfort me.

"You can name her later. You need your rest now."

Stupid woman, do you not know what she is? What her father is?

My thoughts were broken by the sound of shattering glass as a cold breeze struck me, causing me to shiver. The nurse screamed as the doctor spun around, eyes wide with fright at the figure standing where the window had once been. Slowly, the emerald green eyes that had been boring into me turned to face the same figure, a smile of delight forming on the child's lips.

"You…w-what in the world? How did you-"

He was cut off when the figure vanished into thin air, appearing behind him in an instant. He did not get a chance to react when a pair of razor sharp teeth pierced the back of his neck, his eyes going white as his body spasmed. I turned away, trying to block out the screams of the nurse and the gurgling noises coming from the dying doctor.

In seconds his body collapsed onto the floor, limp and lifeless, his blood fully drained. The nurse continued to scream, trembling on the floor like a frightened rabbit, unable to make sense of what she had just seen and uncertain of what to do next.


She too did not get a chance to speak as the figure blurred over to where she was, roughly slamming a foot into the woman's throat, a quick snapping noise following after. I heard a short, throaty chuckle emanate from the man standing over her, a cruel smile on his face as he turned to look at the child, who he now held in his arms as if she were sacred.

"Would you like your first meal, my dear?" he asked, cocking his head to the side.

The little monster nodded and was lowered down to the trembling woman. I shut my eyes when I heard the same noises coming from her for what felt like hours before the woman's body fell to the floor as well, her life also extinguished.

Then I felt not one, but two pairs of eyes on me. I shuddered when I felt a cool hand brush against my cheek, forcing my eyes to open and gaze back at the blood red orbs glaring back at me, that same twisted smile still in place.

"Hello Isabella. I must say I'm so pleased that you survived this painful process. I wouldn't want my sweetheart to die from all the pain, now would I?" he asked in a mocking tone. "Now then, be a good dear and say hello to our child, why don't you?"

He held the girl in front of me, her eyes as black as the soul of the man holding her. She stared at me inquisitively, uncertain of something that I didn't understand, not that I cared to. He tilted his head back and laughed a dark, velvety laugh as he shook his head, clearly amused at me.

"My, how your thoughts entertain me, Isabella. Come now, you know you love me. Why else would you have consented to me in the first place, silly girl?"

I cringed when the images of that horrid night flashed before my eyes, only making the smirk on his face grow. I tried as hard as I could to force them out, but doing so only strengthened them, making me whimper when I felt his icy fingers tracing my skull.

"You know you enjoyed it, Isabella. I know I certainly did," he purred, his cold breath caressing my wet neck.

"Y-you're…a m-m-monster…" I grunted out, too terrified to meet his eyes.

He laughed again, though this laugh was less humorous then the last. "Oh, you, always with your silly nicknames and your crying and whimpering. It's so…what is the word I'm looking for here? Ah, yes. Pathetic. That is all you are, Isabella Marie Swan; pathetic."

I used as much strength as I could to glare at him. "Go…go to h-hell…Edward…" I was unable to finish when more blood trickled out of my mouth. I coughed roughly, wincing at the searing pain that shot through my entire body.

He stepped forward, grabbing me by the throat with one hand. His eyes were now pitch black, all traces of humor gone from them as he curled his lip back and hissed at me. The little monster in his other arm mimicked his motions, glaring scathingly at me as he did.

"Silence you worthless bitch or I will snap your neck here and now," he snarled. "Be thankful that I even got you a doctor, Isabella! I could have let you die like an animal, but no, I chose to be merciful to you. And this is the thanks I get? You do not deserve to live considering all the trouble I had to go through. Plus, you know my secret, which I simply can't allow."

He looked like he was about to snap my neck, but stopped and spun around to face the door with wide eyes. I turned slightly and watched as the door flung open and two people flitted into the room speedily, coming to a halt when they saw Edward. I vaguely recognized them, having seen them once or twice before outside.

They were the Cullens.

The man was Dr. Carlisle Cullen, and his wife was Nurse Esme Cullen. They were both wealthy and extraordinarily beautiful, and both were incredibly kind people. Esme's eyes, an unnatural yet gorgeous gold color, flickered from Edward, to the child to me, widening when she saw me.

Edward let out a loud snarl and, after one last glare at me, tore out of the room leaping out of the window without hesitation. I didn't get a chance to watch anymore when I vomited up more blood, my throat hurting from all the coughing I'd been doing. My whole body throbbed with pain, causing me to whimper loudly.

I felt a pair of cold hands touching the top of my head and looked up to see the sorrowful face of Esme Cullen staring back at me.

Wait. Cold hands? Pale skin? Unnatural eye color? Could they be…?

"You poor thing," Esme murmured, her voice drenched in sympathy.

"She's not going to make it," Carlisle said sadly, appearing next to her, the same look of sheer sympathy on his face. "She's losing too much blood and her internal injuries seem severe." He glanced at my body, then at the floor where the two dead people lay. "So much loss, so much death. What could he have hoped to gain from all of this?"

I coughed again, nearly gagging on the blood in my mouth. Tears started trickling down my face as I stared into the broken face of Esme Cullen.

"Carlisle…" Her voice was a whisper, barely even audible to me. "I think…I think we should…" She paused and gazed into his eyes, her eyes speaking what her mouth could not.

Carlisle seemed to understand her completely and looked down at me. "Isabella, can you hear me?" he asked in a soothing voice.

I nodded weakly, as much as I could.

Carlisle and Esme looked at one another again. Esme nodded briskly before stroking my head.

"Do you want to live, honey?"

The words echoed in the back of my head as I reopened my eyes, staring at the empty landscape in front of me. The scent was starting to dissipate and it made me livid. Not again. This couldn't happen again, not after I'd gotten so close.

I sprinted, blurring past more trees and following the scent as best as I could. Eventually I came to a complete stop, staring disdainfully at what lay in front of me. The ocean. I stared at it and sniffed the air, finding that the scent ended here. There was no other explanation, then. He had escaped into the ocean, erasing his scent.

I clenched both of my hands into tight fists and curled back my upper lip. The guttural roar that ripped from my mouth echoed throughout the area, causing nested birds to fly away in fright, squawking as they did. I glared hatefully at the ocean, cursing the waves for masking the scent, cursing him for running away, cursing myself for having ill luck once again.

My heart sank as the rage turned into sorrow as my shoulders slumped. I hung my head, staring down at my golden eyed reflection, disappointed with myself and my luck.

I had failed.

There were no other words that came to my mind aside from the word "fail" over and over again.

I sighed morosely and started walking back to where I'd started at a slow pace. My mind was all over the place with different thoughts, questions and concerns. The most predominant among them was the disappointment that I felt for not catching him this time. I'd been so sure that I would have succeeded. I'd planned everything out right and moved as fast as I could, yet it didn't seem to be good enough in the end.

I slipped my left hand into my pocket and pulled out a cell phone, flipping it open and dialing a number with my thumb in a matter of seconds. I pulled the phone to my ear as it was answered on the very first ring.

"Hello?" sang the voice on the other end of the line.

"Hi, Tanya," I said softly.

"Bella! It is so good to hear from you, my friend. I must admit that I was beginning to get worried about you. Not only that, but Esme called. She misses you terribly, Bella. They all do, as I'm sure you miss all of them."

I sighed again, the underlying homesickness that I'd been feeling for the past day and a half nailing me right in the heart. I hated being away from home, from my parents and siblings, to the point where it was often physically painful to be gone for lengthy periods of time, even if it was just for one day.

But when I got a call from the Denali Coven that they had caught sight of him in their area, I had to come.

"I know, Tanya. It hurts to be gone for even a few days and I hate causing Esme and the others pain by being gone. I'll be going back, though."

"Oh? Did you find that bastard?" she asked, her voice low.

"No," I admitted, growling lightly to myself. "He went into the ocean."

I heard Tanya mutter a few curse words under her breath, as well as a few voices in the background saying similar things. I figured that the other Denalis were there with Tanya, listening into the conversation.

"Damn it. I'm sorry, Bella. We were too late, it seems," she sighed.

"It's alright. I appreciate you giving me the lead anyways. Thank you."

"You're welcome, Bella. You deserve the help. Would you like me to book you your flight back Forks for as soon as possible, then?" she asked.

I smiled, even if it was a small one. "I'd appreciate that, Tanya. I'll be there in about thirty minutes or so. I need to go clear my head and hunt first."

"Alright, I'll see you soon. Bye."

"Bye, Tanya."

Once she had hung up, I shut my phone off and stuffed it back into my pocket. I rubbed both of my temples, breathing in a few times to try and calm my nerves down a bit. The more that I'd thought about it, the more I realized how pissed off I was.

Edward. That bastard.

Even thinking of his name made me want to vomit and rip something into tiny pieces at the same time. I had been tracking him down for the twenty four hours, scouring every part of Denali that I could manage trying to find his wretched scent. Once I'd found it, I'd thought for sure that I'd had him because of how strong it was, but all it did was lead me in circles for half of the time.

That was one of the big issues with trying to track. It was hard unless the one tracking was naturally good at it, something that I had yet to achieve. I wasn't a horrible tracker, per say, and my senses were naturally very sharp, even for a normal vampire. That helped, yes, but I still struggled at times. Not only that, but I was easily thrown off trails because I always had to follow a scent exactly, something Edward knew about.

I wasn't just angry that he'd escaped me again, I was angry because I knew that he was probably laughing his ass off about it. He knew that I would come here chasing after him, so he probably just ran around to make things difficult for me, making me think I'd finally caught him. And that thought infuriated me the most.

My nostrils flared slightly when I picked up the scent of something nearby me. Food. I quietly crept towards the appealing smell and found a bear lumbering about, sniffing the ground in search of something to eat. It was too bad for the poor fuzz-ball that it would soon become my dinner, since the burn in my throat was far more pronounced now.

I didn't even bother having any fun with the animal, far too irritated to care, and lunged forwards, tackling the hairy beast to the ground effortlessly. The bear growled and tried to get out of my grasp, but I punched it in the face and knocked it out abruptly. Now that it wasn't moving around anymore, I pierced its throat and drained the bear of all its delicious blood, reveling the feeling of the warm liquid filling my body.

Once I'd drained the bear fully, I stood up and kicked the carcass aside, watching with slight amusement as it barreled into a nearby rock, creating a large indent. A part of me wondered if leaving that as it was would be a bad idea, but figured it didn't matter since no one really lived out here. Even if they did, what would it matter? I'd be long gone from here, anyways.

With my thirst quenched and most of my anger dissipated, I decided to pick up my pace as I sprinted through the snow, running towards the home of the Denali Coven. I was good friends with most of them and I enjoyed visiting them with my family whenever we went. They were, like myself, a vampire that fed on animals instead of humans, which made being around them much more bearable, especially for someone like me.

There were eight members of the Denali Coven altogether. Tanya Denali was the leader of the clan and the eldest at two hundred fifty seven years old. Then there were her sisters, Kate and Irina, both of whom were a few years younger than she was. The three of them had been created by the same vampire, Sasha, though she was long gone.

Then there was Carmen and Eleazar, two vampires who originated from Spain. They'd joined the Denalis about fifty years ago and fit right in with the family. And of course, each of the three main sisters had a mate of their own. Tanya had a dark skinned man named Laurent, who had lived in France before his transformation. Irina, the youngest in both age and body, had Garrett, a wanderer who had happened upon the coven twenty two years ago. Lastly, there was Kate, the one sister who did not have a male mate, instead having a feisty redhead named Amara.

They were all on friendly terms with my family, the Cullens, especially my parents, Tanya even going so far as to labeling them the "cousins" of my family. None of us minded, since they were all good friends of ours and they always helped us when we needed it. This, for example, was one such time when they'd helped me, even if it ultimately did not work out.

It didn't take me long to reach the Denali family's mansion, which, while nowhere near as grand and amazing as my family's, was a sight to see in its own right. I was greeted, as per usual, by the excited hug of Carmen, followed by Kate, then Amara, then Tanya. Eleazar, Garrett, Laurent and Irina all gave me a handshake as a greeting, which I didn't mind.

"We're sorry it didn't work out," Kate said, shaking her head.

"I know, you tried and I tried. That's what counts, I guess," I replied, shrugging my shoulders.

"What next, Bella?" Laurent asked curiously.

I ran a hand through my hair. "I drop it for now. School's going to be starting soon, so I shouldn't get distracted by it. Besides, if he does show up there, I've got a family full of people willing to help me tear him limb from limb, so it's no big deal. Thanks again, though. It means a lot that you told me in the first place. I hope I haven't been a bother."

"Nonsense!" Tanya shouted, waving her hand in the air. "You've been no trouble at all, my friend and we are more than happy to lend you a helping hand in your search."

"Thank you, Tanya. I mean it."

Tanya came over and wrapped me into another hug before handing me a sheet of paper.

"This is your flight time. It's today in about three hours. It was the earliest flight I could get you and it hardly cost a thing. Be sure to give your family our regards, as always. And do please come and visit us when you get a chance, preferably not on business the next time."

"I will, I will," I told her, smiling. "I promise that next time will be an actual visit, too."

"Good," Tanya replied, nodding to herself.

"You should go and find yourself a mate, Bella. It might make you happier," Irina mused.

I shrugged innocently. "I've been looking here and there. Still nothing yet, I'm afraid."

"Bah! You aren't looking hard enough!" Garrett snorted.

Eleazar chuckled and nodded. "He's right. You need to find yourself a good man, one that will be good to you and treat you the right way."

"Or you can find yourself the right woman," Kate interjected, shooting her mate a smile.

I blanched, slightly taken aback by the comment. Kate smirked and winked at me.

"She's right you know," Amara snickered.

The others all laughed or smiled, leaving me feeling awkward and uncertain. I decided not to respond and busied myself with memorizing the information written down on the sheet of paper in my hands, not that I would need to worry. Vampires always had good memories, after all.

I spent the remaining two and a half hours talking with the Denalis, mostly idle chit-chat about random topics. I made certain to avoid speaking about mates or anything to do with mates, since it wasn't the kind of topic I was comfortable approaching. Eventually I needed to get to the airport, though, so I was forced to end my conversations. I bid them goodbye and thanked them again before sprinting out the door towards the airport.

I hadn't brought any luggage with me since there was no need to, so it didn't take me long to get past the security checks that were deemed mandatory for all people to go through whenever they were at an airport. I didn't see a point to the security checks, since people often found a way to sneak things on board anyhow. Plus, I was a vampire for crying out loud. Why should I care?

That said, I ignored the constant stares that people shot at me. Most of them were bewildered gazes from men both young and old, clearly drawn to my attractive figure. I wasn't a vain individual per say, two of my sisters held that honor, but that didn't mean I didn't see myself as being good looking, not at all.

Besides, my name was Isabella, which meant beautiful in Italian. Just saying.

I have to say, I really do hate airplanes. Really, it's not so much the airplanes, but the airplane rides that I hated. There were so many damn things that I couldn't stand about them, things that would have annoyed me less if I were a human. Or would they have?

No, probably not.

Let's see…there's the smell, for one thing. Airplanes stink. Terribly. I don't know why it is, but they stink and it drives me nuts. Having an incredibly strong nose can be such a burden sometimes, I swear. Then there are the people on the airplanes that annoy me. The crying babies that never shut up, the incessantly chatty neighbors, the rude people who think they rule the world and that one damn old person who snores right behind you.

I hate it so much and yet here I am, forced to deal with it on the flight back home.

But the worst part? The sweat. Humans tend to sweat a lot naturally, and on an airplane in crowded quarters, there's more body heat and more sweat. The fact that I'm a vampire means that sweat smells good to me. Combine that with how good humans already smell and it's a wonder I don't go ripping through every person on board this plane.

Thankfully, my control was good enough to prevent that. It might be just barely, but it's enough to where I don't have to fear a potential bloodbath on my way home to the quiet, unexcitingly quaint town of Forks, Washington. Well, I'd be landing in Seattle, which was relatively close by, so it didn't matter too much.

That, of course, was the one upside to this while day; going back home where I would be with my family. Even though I hadn't been gone long, I missed being away from home, the warm hugs of my mother Esme, the loud ramblings of my siblings as we played video games, the quiet time that I spent talking with Rosalie.

I was close to every member of my family, Carlisle and Esme especially. They had saved me from death and taken me in as their child. Despite all the outbursts, all the problems I'd caused and all the times I'd slipped up, they'd never once yelled or scolded me or gave up on me. They showed me love that my human parents had never given me, taught me things I'd never known about and showed me a world beyond that of human comprehension.

I owed them more than just my life, I owed them my existence.

I stared up into the golden eyes of the woman hovering above me, wondering what she meant by her question. At first, realizing what she and her husband were scared me. But the more I looked into her eyes, the more I felt eased. Her eyes were not like the eyes of the monster known as Edward Masen, but rather like the eyes of an angel.

"I…I…" My voice was hoarse and weak, the pain caused from me trying to talk making it nearly impossible to do so, no matter how bad I wanted to.

Esme stared down at me with sheer remorse. "I am so sorry this happened to you. Can you tell me your name, dear?"

I grimaced, unable to form the right words. Esme noticed this and looked utterly heartbroken before she turned to face her husband Carlisle.

Carlisle showed the same look in his eyes as he glanced down at a clipboard near my bed.

"Her name is Isabella Marie Swan. She's only seventeen years old…"

Esme gazed into Carlisle's eyes with determination and meaning. Carlisle looked uncertain for a moment, but at last he nodded his head. He moved so that he was standing at my right side, Esme to the left of me. They glanced once more at one another. Esme leaned down and touched my neck with cold yet gentle fingers.

"Isabella, do you know what we are?" she asked in a soothing voice.


"Yes," she replied. "We can save you, Isabella. Do you want that?"

My vision was starting to fade, my heart weaken. Did I want to die? No. I didn't want to die. I wanted to live.

I couldn't speak, but I nodded my head, holding Esme's eyes while I did. She nodded in understanding and smiled softly at me. Carlisle gently touched my shoulder. I turned to look at him, meeting his eyes as I had Esme's.

"The pain you will feel will be unbearable, Isabella," he said sadly. "But it will be over much sooner than you think, I promise. Are you ready?"

"Y-yes," I stammered.

They both nodded and leaned in as my vision started to grow foggier. I felt two sets of teeth biting into my neck and as my world started to turn black; I felt an incredibly painful burning sensation start to overtake me.

I snapped myself out of my reverie when I heard the loud speaker announce that the flight was nearing its destination. Another hour and I'd be back home, away from my thoughts of hunting that bastard and on to thoughts of more pleasant things.

As I stared silently out the window, I let my mind wander about, letting it drift into thinking about random things like when Rosalie would next go shopping or when Jasper would plan our next big hunting trip. I looked forward to both activities, especially the contests we would be having on the hunting trip. Those were always fun.

One thought that kept popping up and nagging at me was one of the things that I tried to ignore, though ignoring it never seemed to make it go away. It was a thought on something that I'd heard today from the Denalis. What Kate had said, about finding myself "the right woman". I don't know why that bothered me so much, but it did.

Truth be told, I was the only member of my family without someone to share eternity with. I was fine with that, though I secretly longed for a mate of my own. I'd never really put myself out there to find a mate. I'd looked in the past, but I'd never been able to find anyone suitable for my tastes, so eventually I just gave up on it. I knew that Carlisle and Esme would look from time to time when I didn't know about it, since they both wanted me to be happy.

Why did I keep thinking about what Kate said? Why was it that the words "the right woman" would not leave my brain?

I mean, I liked women, I suppose, but I…

I sighed, feeling a sense of longing swelling within me. I still couldn't stop thinking about finding my mate and how badly I truly wanted to. It depressed me whenever I thought about how lonely I really was, even with a supportive and loving family. There was always that one missing piece of me, the piece that I felt as though I'd never have in my life.

"Attention passengers, we are now descending. Please buckle yourselves up," ordered the voice of the pilot.

I rolled my eyes. Seatbelt? I didn't need a stinking seatbelt. I did need a shower, though. A really, really long shower to get the horrid stenches out of my hair. Ugh.

The plane slowly started its descent into the Seattle. That meant that I needed to clear my head of all troubling thoughts, otherwise I wouldn't stop thinking about things. I wanted to have a clear head when I got back to the house, because that always made things easier. Other than the fact that it was a pain to think about annoying things—I tried to stop, but when there was nothing else for me to do, my brain tended to wander—I also had a brother who could feel my emotions, which would eventually lead to one of his "talks".

Not that I didn't enjoy them, that is. I just didn't want to bother him with my trivial problems.

Minutes later the plane had landed and come to a complete stop. I speedily got up and, as fast as I could manage, shuffled towards the exit. I ignored the looks shot at me as I stuffed my hands into my pockets, silently cursing the person in front of me for moving so damn slow. I wanted out and I wanted out now.

Once I had escaped the confines of the plane, I breathed in the fresh air, happy that it was cloudy out today and not sunny. Without a look back I made my way out of the airport and away from the humans, making my own path as I found the large lake that separated Forks and Seattle. I glanced around several times, making sure there were no eyes watching me, before walking into the lake, welcoming the dampness and the fact that it would help wash me clean.

And for the final time this day, I pushed the word "mate" out of my head, knowing that I would be home very, very soon.

A/N: And thus you have the first chapter of my next story. Consider this a teaser, if you will. I won't be updating this for a good while due to life and working on completing Blood Solstice, but once that's done, this will become my next main focus. Oh yes, one thing of importance: any Edward fans should avoid this story. Just saying.

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