A/N: this is a tribute to 'The (Not So) Short Second Life of Bree Tanner' and 'Ashes Through an Hourglass' both by Oy! Angelina. Who is, incidentally, awesome and talented and deserves more credit than she gets.

It is also a poetry exercise and was composed while listening to 'Thieves of Fate' from the album of the same name. Look 'em up on YouTube. Influences are heavy.

I kind of wrote this as a song- which I have a habit of doing when I attempt to write poetry, but am rather bad at, so… just read it…


~* The Life and Ashes *~


I wonder

What's left of me?

Cold heart, in a fire

S' been' gone for a while,

You see

I've been gone

And I've lost my path back

Left my footprints covered in snow

An' I don't remember

Which way to go


I wonder

What it was to me?

The dark-eyed girl

With a star in her hand

For all to see

What I found,

What is angry and hurt,

Stands on a church, shines in the dark

No higher than her

Winter-fury stark

(Both- Chorus)

And I feel just like a newborn child,

Know once more you lied

Blood ran cold-

In the silence I heard your whisper

For mile on mile

We get more lost by the hour

Trace crimson on silver

As the moon traces our reflection,

The sparks were fireworks in our soul

Once more


Once more

Leave me alone

I won't play your game

Take your smile 'n go on-

Go home


Mine ran out long ago

I don't have a heart to give you

Not mine anymore, no

Just go away


Once more

I follow

Treading your shadow

I'll follow 'til you come,

To me

Ashes fall like

New snow on everything I see

On the trees, our faces, and her hair

And all I wanted for you to be

I'll find you there


I hear drums

And the sound

Of long-stilled hearts

Marching on the horizon,

Drawing us towards

Our sad conclusion

Ashes fall like snow in the sun

In great drifts all around

Blown in the wind

To me (to Me)


And to this horizon we'll run

Jeweled drifts

(On every side)

Setting the sun ablaze

Walking through the downpour

Snow and ashes

General notes:

I tried to do a lot with this. A LOT. I tried to capture the different voices of Alec and Bree. Tried to include motifs from both sides of the story and establish a similar feeling in the pacing. Tried to cover all of the best points of the story in some way- without knowing how it will end- and at the same time keep the song from getting obscenely long. How'd I do?

A thought: anyone with the proper equipment for making this into real music? I'd seriously be interested in a collaborative work, you know…