Waluigi groaned, waking up as he stood up. He tried moving, but he was strapped to the back of a large boulder. He continued struggling, but he then stopped as he witnessed three bluish colored eggpawns laughing at him. Waluigi tried kicking, but failed as an old bluish picle man in a green robe approached, pointing at Waluigi and laughing as he shortly afterwards wheezed.

"Ha! You thought you'd be able to deal with my magic, 'eh?" The old wizard teased as he was barely able to move his left arm, trying to point at Waluigi, "Too bad for you that I got my entire forces of evil at work up in Seaside Hill."

Waluigi growled as he tried to break free, but a snap from the old man's back was enough to have the three eggpawns firing missiles at Waluigi. Waluigi moaned in pain as he succumbed to the damages, the old man smirking.

"Good. Keep him old, weary, and tired out until I come back," The old wizard stated as he very slowly left the room.

Waluigi continued glaring at the three eggpawns as they all continued laughing at him, when suddenly, the ceiling began crumbling, the room shaking as a spiky green colored shell ricocheted around the entire area. The three eggpawns were instantly destroyed upon contact, and out of the shell emerged Bowser Jr., more fiesty than ever before.

"Let's get out of here now while we still have the chance!" Bowser Jr. stated as he slashed the vines off Waluigi, freeing the tall lanky man.

Waluigi triumphally exclaimed as he high fived Bowser Jr., the two getting into a fighting pose as the background randomly exploded in a fiery, red-yellow fashion.