The Brains, The Wild Beauty, and the Home schooled

My very first fanfic, sorry if it's no good

Ezekiel and Harold sat in the green room hoping to get some time away from everyone; things had gotten out of control with everyone talking about who kissed who and who did what. "I'm bored," Harold sighed, "are you bored?"

The prairie boy slumped back against the couch "Most definitely." he replied

Despite it being peaceful, there was really nothing to do in the green room except sit around and stare at the ceiling.

Suddenly the crazy, but lovable, redhead Izzy dropped from the ceiling "Did i hear someone say they were bored?" she asked crazily.

"How'd you get in here?" Harold questioned, while Ezekiel looked up at the ceiling seeing no way she could have gotten in.

"That's not important," she stated, "what is important is that we find something fun to do."

Ezekiel and Harold looked at each other wondering if they really wanted to get involved with the nutty girl

Izzy asked "So, what do ya say?"

Harold stood up and said, "Only if you promise we won't get hurt."

Then Ezekiel added "or arrested."

Izzy smiled "Of course I promise, I'd never get you guys in any trouble." she proclaimed, "come now, three way pinky promise."

The trio locked fingers "Come on." Izzy said, "lets sneak out the back." Izzy led them behind the stage to the back door "Now." she affirmed "we need a ride." She looked around and saw that one of the interns had left the keys in his car "Oh! lets use this one." She opened the door to the mustang.

"Wait." Harold inquired, "wouldn't taking the car get us in trouble?"

Izzy got in the driver's seat "We're just borrowing it, silly boy." She informed putting her seat belt on "Now come on get in."

Harold shrugged and slid into the back seat, but Ezekiel hesitated, "What's wrong Zekey?" Izzy asked.

"I don't do well in the back seat if you know what I mean." he said.

Izzy opened the front car door "Then sit up front with me." she insisted and the home schooled boy climbed in and put his seat belt on.

"You are licensed aren't you?" Harold asked leaning against Izzy's seat and Izzy replied "Absolutely, I'm a great driver, it only took me three tries to my license. can you believe it?"

"Yes." Harold said "Yes I do believe it."

It's about time I fixed this.