The Brains, The Wild Beauty, & The Home schooled

Chapter 7

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Izzy raced down the street in the car forgetting about the speed limit. Instead of begging her to slow down the guys urged her to speed up.

With a sharp turn Izzy pulled into the TD Aftermath studio parking lot and parked the car where it was before they left.

"Just gotta leave the keys in the ignition." Izzy said leaving the key in its slot "and lets go."

They got out of the car but they the intern come out the door.

"Hide!" Izzy said and the trio jumped behind a light post

The intern opened his car door and saw the keys in the ignition.

"Aw man." he said "I can't believe I left my keys in the ignition, someone could've easily stolen this."

Behind the lamp post Harold started giggling and Izzy shushed him.

As soon as the intern was gone the ran inside and had to slip to the green room undetected. Once there they hid their muddy shoes and sat on the couch as if they had been there all night.

Suddenly Bridgette came in.

"There you are." she questioned "have you guys been in here all night?"

The three looked at each other and nodded.

"Well come on guys." Bridgette said we gotta get back to the hotel."

"Right." Izzy stated as she and her boys got up

"Uhh." Bridgette asked "where are your guys' shoes?"

"Well get'em." Harold said "just got to the bus and we'll catch up."

Bridgette shrugged and left.

"Smooth." Izzy said winking at the tall genius "we're gonna get along just fine."

-The End

I will write other fics with these three as they are my favorite characters. Face it Izzy pwns, Ezekiel is epic, and Harold is legend.