8:07 am

Dear Noel,

I found your history notebook, the one you wouldn't let me copy out of for unidentified reasons.

I think I have identified them.

You could have told me it wasn't actually for history.

I will now write my five favorite reasons from your "Why I Think I'm in Love with Ruby" notebook.

3. She is my partner in hooter-saving.

17. She looks amazing in my sweatshirt.

19. The day we kissed in the art room may have been the best one of my life. Seriously.

33. Her glasses are zebra-skinned. Who else has that?

54. I hate Jackson's guts for hurting her.

When were you going to show me said reasons?


8:55 am

Dear Roo,

I shall not be angry that you went snooping in my stuff, since you appear to be flattered by my reasoning. Consider this your warning.



9:03 am


So is that your way of saying that you've moved from thinking you're in love with me into knowing?


9:05 am

Is what my way of saying I love you? -Noel

9:07 am

Nice try. You know what. Signing with 'love'. Love, Roo

9:08 am

You're doing it, too.

9:08 am


9:09 am


9:10 am

You never answered the question.

9:12 am

Neither did you.

9:14 am

You never asked me a question.

9:18 am

Okay, here's your question. Do you love me?

9:20 am

I don't know. Love, Roo

9:22 am

So that would be a yes.



9:23 am

In your dreams.

9:26 am

Roo, you just almost blew our cover. Don't wave the note in the air anymore. Duh.

9:30 am

I was not waving it in the air; I was simply tossing it to you. A toss which, yes, maybe have been in the air.

I'll be careful. We'll be fine.

Anyway. So I'm thinking that all the signs are pointing at "I love Roo."

9:32 am

The notebook said I THINK I'm in love with you.

9:35 am

Here's a deal for you. Thirty minutes. Think about it all your need to.



10:06 am

Dear Roo,

I thought about it.

It does mean I love you.



I love the Ruby Oliver series. I saw there was only one story in this section, so I decided I wanted to write the second! This isn't really a real story, but I think it's pretty cute. I adore Roo and Noel. :) Let me know if you liked!