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Dark Requiem


Eyes, wide and veined with red, darted about as a heart in agony thumped to a rabbit's tune. Pain, sharp and fierce, burned throughout his body as if on fire and the flames crackled in his ears. Cold waves crashed against his body again and again until the shock twanged against his core. Spasms, random and frequent, twitched in his veins like electricity until his power hummed a frightening melody.

Screams of anger, sadness, pain, and laughter rolled off his tongue. His body was an instrument of torture and his cries made it a song. Suspended in a sheet of music unknown to even him, he felt his body flex and release without knowledge of how to stop it. He was a warrior, strongest in the universe, but all the power in the galaxy would not be able to help him stop this relentless symphony.

He was twisting and turning in agony yet could not break free of the chains and hooks that bound him. He could also feel Them. They were touching him, his torturers. Weapons intended to produce the sounds he was belting trailed his skin like a vicious lover. Sharp edged tools were not the only things used to pierce his toughened hide. They ripped into his emotions. All at once or one at a time. They were ruthless.

Though he could not speak his soul promised Them a slow death. Ruthless, slow, and agonizingly painful. He would kill Them. Instead of fear They responded with laughter. Their cackles of glee were maddening, the background vocals of this bloody performance. Why was he here? He could not remember. What evil could he have done to diserve this? He didn't understand.

His only need was to escape. To be free. Could he break free? He would try. Once free he would kill. Kill Them who tortured him. Kill Them who imprisoned him. He would kill again and again until the blood of his enemies stained his skin crimson. Part of his soul cried out for bloody justice, but another part of his soul hidden from the agony of Them cried out in defiance. It did not want blood. It did not want death. It wanted freedom. It wanted peace.

His tortured half raged violently and the war within him tore him apart as easily as torture did. A part of him was searching. For what he did not know. It told him that he needed it, but what did he need? There was no answer. His soul broke in two and a connection bound them with an iron will. A pact was made between two parts of a tortured soul. He would search and search until what he needed was found. Until then he would do what he did best.

He would kill.

"A frightening thing the mind is." Kazuki sneered as he kneeled, observing the current blank stare of the bane of his existence. Sitting next to the body was Kid Buu who watched him with wary pink eyes. "There is no true concept of time or reality within it. What you see is what you see and what you feel is what you feel. As they say, it's all in the mind."

Kazuki reached out to touch the body with a smirk. Suddenly Kid Buu smacked his hand away with a glare and a hiss. The Dark Kai narrowed his eyes with a scowl. "Mind your manners insolent whelp!"

Unseen lightning and thunder crackled and boomed while a nearby figure chuckled. "I could say the same Kai."

The Dark Kai looked behind him and stood. His tone was flat as he spoke the name of the villain who interrupted him. "Brolly."

The first Super Saiyan formed out of the mist and shadows. There was no concept of reality in Shin'en. No top, bottom, or sides to the dark void. You either went with it our you went insane. Period. Kazuki glanced to the side as Turles emerged into Shin'en and took note. You could never forget that anyone could hide in the shadows. Anyone. Whether they be friend or otherwise. He would have to be careful.

Turles gave the larger Saiyan a slow smile. "Of course no one would know how frightening the mind is better than you Brolly."

Brolly's face contorted into rage as his eyes flashed into an almost psychotic madness before he somehow got control of himself. The Saiyan sent a crooked and almost maniacal smile towards his shorter counterpart. "D-Don't tempt me Turles or it will be your last."

"Saiyans." A voice scoffed in disgust and green antennae parted from the mist first before the body of Namekian followed. "Always bickering with one another for a fight. No wonder Frieza was able to destroy your barbaric planet."

Brolly's eye twitched and Turles glared. Both Saiyans hated each other, Brolly heaving the bulk of the hate because of Turles' resemblence to his nemesis, but when a Saiyan's race and pride was insulted they had an odd way of banding together. Brolly looked as if he would inflict bodily harm to the Namekian, his fists clenching and unclenching as he tried to keep his flickering flame of control from dissipating.

He was insane but he wasn't stupid. He was also a Saiyan. In Shin'en you tended to lose your mind and to lose was something a Saiyan never did. "Watch your tongue green bean or I'll rip it out through your throat."

"A weak sprout like you dare question the might of the Saiyans?" the spike-haired man said darkly, his eyes narrowing on the species that dared stand his ground. "Need I remind you Slug that we were destroyed because we did not bow to anyone while your entire race proceeded to become Frieza's bitch?"

"Why you disgusting, fecal throwing, primate!" Slug snarled and launched himself to attack.

A flea-like creature snatched Slug's belt and pulled him bag. "Calm yourself Namek, you wouldn't want to soil your hands with brown blood. Besides, monkeys have an odd way of banding together."

Turles tilted his head to the side with a curious look as he crossed his arms over his chest. "Do you wish to die magician?"

Suddenly the Dark Kai chuckled in his eerie way and all attention was on him. "First Brolly and Turles prepare to attack and then decide to turn on Slug. Now Bibidi has joined the fray while his creation silently watches on." Kazuki glanced to the side. "Would you like to join the excitement dear Nero?"

Nero, a close resemblence to Gohan but with a different hair style, merely leaned off to the side with his arms over his chest. The un-reality of Shin'en kept him from falling into nothingness and he never opened his eyes as he gave his cold answer. "Like I'd waste my time on incompetent fools."

The four bristled but did nothing. Nero radiated power in spades and though they would not die in Shin'en they would re-enter that torturous hell within their minds. Pride wasn't as important as evading that horrendous pain. Kazuki merely smirked at his answer and turned back to the wary villains. His eyes searched them, assessing. Not everything was about power. It was about what you could do with power.

"As you know I have summoned you to this spot for a reason." the Dark Kai began and that darkness he kept within him flickered along the lines of his profile. The four flinched while Nero cracked open an eye. "I, as do all of you, hate this Child-forsaken place and together we are going to blow this popsicle stand!"

Confusion flickered on their evil villains' faces and Kazuki resisted the urge to face palm himself. Nero snorted. "I'm surrounded by idiots...look just forget what I said and focus on the important bits."

"Why have you chosen us?" Bibidi asked cautiously, wary. "There are other villains you could have chosen that are just as powerful."

The Dark Kai waved the comment away. "Power isn't everything. Brains is needed as much as brawn. Besides I can only use you to escape this crap hole."

"Oh?" Slug puffed up a little and Kazuki resisted the urge to roll his eyes. "Why us exactly?"

Turles gave him a wary look. "What diabolical plans have you concocted? I agree that I would also like to escape but afterwards what would you do with us?"

"More importantly where are we heading?" Bibidi sniffed. "We can't just escape into nothing. Reality doesn't work that way."

Nero moved away from his invisible wall and opened both his eyes. "Knowing this wretched leech he'll suck us dry before kicking us to the curb and washing his hands of us."

"I can believe that..." Turles muttered.

Brolly focused on Kazuki even as his mind shifted about. "I agree to help...but where will we be going?"

Kazuki smirked, a fang peeking out as he turned to glance behind him. "Why don't you share this location with your new friends golden boy?"

A figure, familiar yet new, formed from the shadows and Turles curled his lip in disgust without a word. Brolly growled. Slug looked offended that he had to be stuck with yet another Saiyan. Bibidi wondered at the mystery of magic that surrounded the man. Nero gave him a once over before ignoring him. Buu, silent and motionless, suddenly perked up and blinked at the Saiyan as he tilted his head as if discovering something.

"Earth." the Saiyan spoke, his voice a scratchy rumble as if he hadn't spoken in years.

Silence enveloped the group before Turles growled. "Fine. I'm in. Brolly?"

Brolly seemed to fight insanity for a moment as he stared at the man before closing his eyes, muscles tense from trying not to attack the Saiyan. "Agreed."

"I'd like to examine this alliance further." Bibidi confided, hands clasped behind his back. "I will see this through for a while."

Nero just grunted.

Everyone looked expectantly at Slug who raised his eyes skyward as if he could not believe the circumstances he was in. The look on his face obviously spoke the disgust he was in and he spoke as if it pained him to do so. "I'll help. For now."

"Good." Kazuki grinned and glanced at the twitching body beside Kid Buu. "Let us begin."

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