Ugh. My first day at a new school. In a new home. In a new town. In a new country.

It was my first day at Degrassi High School. Located in the ever so popular Canada.

I stepped through the doors not excited to enter this place.

"Hello Ms. Nomad! Welcome to your first day at Degrassi!" The who I supposed was Principal Simpson greeted me.

"Call me Sally." I said checking my watch. 8:45. This school lets out at 3 o'clock. Ugh.

"Well you should fit in just fine here. Ms. Edwards here has the same schedule as you so she offered to show you around." I looked over at the short hair girl dressed in the same ugly uniform as me give me a huge welcoming smile. Principal Simpson left and the girl walked to my side.

"Hi Sally. I'm Clare!" She was a very happy person.

"Hi. So where are we going?" I asked with a, what I thought was, a convincing smile.

"Well we have advanced English right now, so lets head that way!"

I being a very straightforward person needed to know something, "Not to be rude, but, is everyone in Canada this happy?"

She laughed, "No, it's just me, things have been really good in my life and I don't think it can get better." The smile on her face grew.

"So what's he like?" I asked, honestly curious.

"Excuse me?"

"Your boyfriend. Who else?" I knew I was right; she just needed to give me detail. "What's his name?"

"Oh, his name is Eli," she smiled, "he's in our English class, and he's amazing."

"You'll have to point him out." I smiled; I hoped that this girl Clare and I would become great friends. "Do you love him?"

"A bit personal," Clare stated but she smiled, "don't say anything to anyone, but yes, I really think he's the one."

I couldn't help but smile. "Describe him so I'm not like totally shocked when I meet him." The way Clare dazed off into space I wasn't sure she was going to answer my question, but she did.

"Don't take this the wrong way, but he's kinda dark, in a way."

I didn't understand.

"You'll get it when you meet him." She looked over at me, I could tell she didn't want me to say anymore, and she knew I knew, "Sally, we're going to be such great friends." I could tell she was honest.

"Clare!" I said remembering.

"What!" She said shocked by my sudden standstill.

"Where's my locker?"

Clare looked relived. "What's your locker number?" I gave her the slip of paper where it was written down. "Oh, its right next to mine, I'll take you there after English-" a bell interrupted her, "which is about to start!"

We made it to English with a minute to spare. Clare took her seat behind a boy who immediately turned to look at her adoringly, obviously her boyfriend, Eli. In the desk next to, who I thought was Eli, was another boy who just rolled his eyes at them. He seemed to be their friend by the way he said, 'Do you need to do this every morning?' with a smirk on his flawless face. I stood at the teacher's desk, waiting to be assigned a seat. The teacher came in startled to see me.

"You must be Sally Nomad." She smiled, I nodded. "Class, this is Sally Nomad, she is a new student, she just moved here from America!" I looked down. By the looks on everyone's faces no one had seen me standing here earlier. "You can take a seat behind Mr. Torres." She pointed to the boy who I had noticed earlier. He sat up straighter in his chair. I didn't catch what was said, but he whispered something to Clare and the other boy, which made them smile.

I sat in my seat at the back of the class, staring at my watch. Stupid time, move faster! Ms. Dawes, the English teacher was assigning a group project to the class, we got to pick our own partners, before I could finish my thought Clare turned to me "Sally, do you want to be in out group?"

"Sure, thanks Clare."

"No problem, we are reading Of Mice and Men."

"Oh, ok. I've read it."

"Cool! Anyways, this is Eli," She pointed to the boy in front of her; I could tell what she meant by dark. He had on black nail polish, and a bit of black eyeliner, he smiled at me and I smiled back, "and this is Adam." She pointed to the boy in front of me.

"I'm Adam." Adam said.

"Hi Adam," I said smiling at him, "hi Eli." I looked at Adam who looked frozen, so I turned to Clare and Eli who were holding in laughter.

Ms. Dawes came over and handed me a copy of the book they were currently reading. I thanked her and informed her that I have read the book. "Well," she said, "I'm glad that you four our partners, because it seems you all know the material better than everyone else, so I presume you will be getting to work." She looked at all of us, paused at Adam and mouthed 'Is he alright?' Clare just shrugged her shoulders.

I looked at the book the teacher had handed me, not my favorite. Eli interrupted my thoughts.

"How are you liking Canada?"

I turned to face him, "It's pretty good." Eli didn't seem happy with my answer. "Have you ever moved to a new country having to leave everything behind?" He looked away, now satisfied with my answer.

"What was your old school like?" Clare asked curious.

Oh no, the one question I wanted to avoid, she asks. I looked down, pretending to be really focused on the project. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Eli and Clare look at each other. Just then the bell rang and I gathered my stuff and followed Eli and Clare, who were holding hands, out of the classroom. Adam walked quietly next to me, when I turned to look at him he turned his head. They stopped at what I hoped was Clare and I's lockers. Eli gave Clare a peck on the lips before telling me it was nice to meet me, then dragging Adam away. I looked at Clare. "What's wrong with Adam?" I asked

Clare laughed, "Nothing, it was just Adam being Adam." I looked at her; I knew that wasn't all it was. She realized I wasn't giving in, "Ok, he thought you were hot." She smiled.

I grinned, "He wasn't bad himself, he seemed really nice." I looked at her and it was clear she wanted to say something else.

"What do you want to say?" I asked her, wondering if I was back to having no friends.

"Well," She paused and glanced at my face, I hope my expression said go on, "why did you avoid my question when I asked you about your old school?"

I wished I hadn't urged her to go on. I came up with a simple answer, "It wasn't a good school." She saw that my expression said 'drop it'. It was silent for a moment, "So Eli is pretty much how you described him." I said plastering a smile onto my face.

"Yep, he is something isn't he," I wanted Clare to go on, but it was time for our next class. We hurried down the hall to Pre-Calc. I had one final thing to say to Clare before we went in.

"He loves you." I told her. I was a great people reader.

She smiled at me, "Do you really think so?"

"Of course I do." I smiled back.