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I had never cried more than I had that day. I loved Sally so much. Eli offered me a ride home, and I took it. Clare was on the fence about coming, she thought the hearse would now be haunted. I didn't want to put up with her shit.

I sat in the hearse and cried. When I was done crying, I cried some more. I finally realized that we were at a park instead of my house. I didn't care. I got out and ran until my feet hurt. Finally I collapsed.

"Sally?" I asked. "If you are there please give me a sign." The tree branches shook and leaves were tossed in the air like confetti. I took that as a sign. "I love you so much." I stopped because my voice was cracking. "I needed closure and I got it. I will always remember you. And I need to slowly start to move on." I took a breath. "I LOVE YOU!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

Monday morning I went back to Degrassi, I knew sooner or later I need to start getting back to my life.

Eli and Clare looked at me making sure I was ok. It was back to the three of us, I didn't like it, but I needed to except it.

I sat on my roof every night now, wait for a sign that Sally was with me and I would talk to her. I knew she answered but I just couldn't hear. I had to move on though. I told myself this almost every night. I would always talk to her. But I needed to start acting normal; outside of when I was on my roof.

Sally's dad eventually moved to a smaller house a few streets over. I saw him all of the time.

Besides for the roof there was one thing I did to keep Sally in my heart. I went to the hospital every weekend. Sometimes Eli and/or Clare would join me but I didn't mind going alone. I visited James until he was relased into the care of his mom. I was there the day he left.

"Sally will watch out for you and me, don't worry Adam." Was the last thing James said to me.

And I knew he was right.

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