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Chapter 9.

Rachel let out a contented sigh as Noah pulled out of her, his arm cradling the back of her head as he pulled her to his side. Her finger tracing small designs over his chest, listening to his deep breathing which matched her own as their racing hearts slowly went back to normal.

"You're trying to kill me." Puck mumbled into her hair as he pressed a kiss against her skin.

Rachel simply giggled, turning to look up at him. "What a way to go!"

"Easy for you to say!" Puck countered. "You've broken me."

Rachel let out a mock gasp as she went to her elbows, leaning in to give him a teasing kiss. "Whatever happened to badass Puckerman?"

Puck let out a deep laugh as he rolled over her once again. "Are you questioning my badassness? Have you not seen my guns?"

"Your arms are lovely." Rachel chuckled, remembering her line.

"Damn right." Puck murmured, his face pressed against her neck, his tongue playing over her skin.

"All of you is lovely." She whispered her words, trailing off as she felt his hand between her thighs, teasing her still wet opening with his fingertips. "I thought I broke you?"

"I mended." He said softly as his middle finger circled her, slipping in.

Rachel opened her legs wider, bending a knee to cradle him between her thighs as she felt his finger replaced by something bigger and wonderfully hard. She moaned as she felt the head of his dick push in. "I thought I was killing you?"

Puck hooked both her legs over his shoulder and snapped his hips forward, sinking into her in a long smooth thrust that left her gasping. He grinned at her as he let out a hiss when she brought her hands to his arms, digging her nails into them. "You said it yourself, Babe… what a way to go!"

Rachel didn't respond; speech left her as he moved over her, his thrust getting stronger and harder, their bodies slick and overheated. She hung on for the ride, incoherent moans coming out her mouth as she kissed him. She could feel her body getting tenser and tenser as she closed in on her peak; she tried to ignore it, wanting it to continue on forever but Puck had other plans as he pinched her clit, sending her over in a rush. A scream passed her lips as her body bowed. Puck watched enthralled, the passion and pleasure in display over her features. That and the clenching, scathing heat of her body sent him spiraling, too. This time he didn't pull away, he simply rolled onto his back with her, settling her on top of him without disconnecting.

He ran his hand over her naked warm back, tracing her spine as she caught her breath. He smoothed her hair as she finally looked at him with warm sleepy eyes and a serene but amused smile on her lips. "Okay, now I think you are trying to kill me."

"Returning the favor." He said as she laid her head on his chest again. "Sleep, Baby."

"Hmm," She mumbled, already half there. "I'm too heavy to sleep on you."

Puck snorted at the absurd comment and simply wrapped his arms around her, falling asleep soon after her.


Their summer was quickly coming to an end. The days were getting shorter and the nights were cooler and Puck was quickly becoming a permanent fixture in the Berry household. Her fathers hadn't commented on the fact that Finn was now out of the picture and that Noah was very much in. They seemed to surprisingly accept Noah with open arms into their lives which she knew still surprised Noah every time he came over. The Glee Club members seemed to be accepting, too. After the general curiosity had died down, no one bothered to make a big deal out of it. No one reacted to their displays of affection other than occasional glares from Finn which had stopped after Santana, of all people, told him to grow up one night when they were all watching movies at Mercedes' house.

Tonight the group had gathered at Quinn's as a farewell to their last night of summer freedom since classes would start in the morning. They had made it Broadway musicals night when she and Kurt had won the right to choose movies and Chinese food. Rachel sat next to Noah watching amused as he broke kosher rule by eating his sweet and sour pork.

"Bad Jew." She teased as she leaned in and kissed his check.

Puck simply chuckled while chewing his food and let out a hearty hmmm as he scraped the bottom of the container.

Rachel rolled her eyes and went back to talking to Brittney and Kurt who sat on the other side of her, looking at the two DVDs Kurt was holding for the next movie they were going to watch, unable to decide between Chicago and Mama Mia. She let Noah move to get up and smiled as she felt him caress the side of her face before making his way out of the living room with empty containers in hand.


Puck made his way down the hall and into the kitchen, ignoring as he had all night the seriously catholic vibe Quinn's house had, putting disposable plates, used forks and empty cans of soda in the trash.


Puck turned around at the soft voice to find Santana leaning against the door frame, empty containers in hand as well.

"Hey." He answered back, taking them from her.


Puck nodded, not really sure what else to say as he watched Santana fidget, something that was so very unSantana. "What's up?"

"Nothing…" She hedged which made Puck's eyebrows rise. "You look happy, it's good."

Puck remained silent, waiting for a punch line, not sure what to do with the lack of disdain or sarcasm coming from his ex.

Santana sighed and rolled her eyes, squaring her shoulders. "With Rachel, Puck."

Puck narrowed his eyes. "And you think that's good? You hate her."

"Still do." Santana quipped. "But not as much as before."

"You hate me." He reminded her.

"Still do but not as much as before." She repeated with a smirk that he answered back.

"Ditto." He answered, relaxing a little when he realized she wasn't after anything.

"He'll come around." Santana said. "Not right away, but he will. You guys bruised his ego but even Finn realizes that you and Berry are a better fit than he and she were."

Puck shrugged like he didn't care but her words gave him hope that his friend wouldn't give him the silent treatment forever.

"He's not a bad guy."

"I never said he was." Puck responded.

"He's a great guy." Santana continued.

"I wouldn't go that far." Puck joked, taking in the slight blush over Santana's cheeks as she spoke about Finn. "So you tell him you're in love with him yet?"

Santana let out a chuckle. "I'm waiting for him to fall in love with me… to tell me, he's not there yet."

Puck felt a rush of warmth at the confession from the normally prickly bitchy girl who was so used to getting anything and anyone she wanted. He walked over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. "He'd be an idiot not to, Sans."

Santana flashed him a genuine smile before it turned into a smirk. "And you, you tell Berry you love her yet?"

Puck rolled his eyes, not surprised of the turnabout. "I'm waiting for her to realize that she's already in love with me."

It was Santana's turn to roll her eyes. "Cocky mofo."

Puck laughed as he walked all the way back to the living room, reclaiming his seat next to his girl, interrupting her conversation as his hand came to the back of her smooth neck pulling her into a deep kiss. He parted her lips with his, sinking his tongue deep into her warm sweet mouth, his tongue dancing with hers as he pulled a moan out of her. He grinned into the kiss as one of her hand clutched his shirt while the other clung to his shaved head. A groan escaped his lips as she raked her nails over his scalp, his own hands clenching locks of her beautiful dark hair. He broke the kiss only when his lungs started to burn at the lack of oxygen. He looked down at her and grinned as he saw her dazed expression and flushed face. The room was silent and he knew if he looked away from her, he would find his friends gaping at them. This was more than the PDA they were used to seeing so he didn't bother.

Instead his expression took a wicked turn.

"Want to continue this somewhere else, Berry?" He asked, a shit-eating grin breaking out when she nodded eagerly, laughing amused when she got up first, pulling him with her.

He simply waved their friends good-bye as he followed her out the door, loving the fact that they were all still speechless. On his way out, he caught Santana's eye and the smile on her face as she mouthed the words again. He laughed and sent her a friendly good-bye wink.

He closed the door to the Fabray house and walked over to his truck where his girlfriend impatiently waited.

"You're walking too slowly, Puckerman." Rachel pouted as he closed in.

Not bothering to answer, Puck simply pressed her against the passenger door with his body. This time his kiss was soft and barely there as he took his time, his thumb drawing circles against her cheek. His lips lightly pressed against her as they shared breath. "Do I make you happy, Baby?"

Rachel looked into his hazel-green eyes, seeing a slight insecurity in his expression like he wasn't sure of the answer. "You make me happy, Noah… very happy."

Puck kissed her again, holding her to him. "Me, too, Rachel… more than you realize."

Breaking the embrace, he opened the door for her. That night, he snuck her into his room, showing her everything; neither were saying anything yet. But as she stared at up at him as they made love, he knew.



Rachel stood at her locker, her head deep in it searching for her lucky pen. She could feel Noah next to her, waiting for her to finish her search before walking with her to her class, just as he had for the last week. Rachel blinked at the thought; school had started a week ago and every day at the start of the day Noah waited with her before walking her to class. She took a book out, not holding it for more than a few seconds before he took it from her hands, just like he did every day. He waited for her, walked her to class and carried her books. He kissed her, he touched her in a way no one else had. She touched him in a way she had never touched anyone. He made love to her and held her through the night after. Rachel jerked back quickly, her head banging on the locker door on the way to look at him. She stared at him as he looked at her with a soft knowing smile that made her realize that he had waited for her to be ready for this very moment.

"You get it yet, Berry?" he spoke quietly, his eye filled with tenderness that still surprised her about him. His callous thumb sliding over her cheek. "Did you learn yet?"

"We're in love!" She blurted out, the shock in her voice making her feel foolish.

He chuckled amused before leaning down and in to give her the softest kiss: one that had her eyes flooding with happy tears. "Yes, Baby… we're in love. So you've finally learned?"

Rachel nodded shakily, a tear slipping past her eyes down her face to his thumb that was ready to wipe it away.

"Good." He whispered against her lips, his big hands holding on to her tiny waist, ignoring the people around them. He whispered, "The bell." Final words before fully kissing his girlfriend.

"Here ended the lessons."