Yuuki and Kaname are engaged and are about to get married. This is a WEIRD ficcie...and quite...raw, cuz I don't want to make it into a proper story.

I have a feeling...that Zero will come to my wedding and ruin my life.

and Yuuki will have a fight over giving Zero an ,I hate him.

will hook me with something like:when we kiss we'll finally prove that we're together and he'll get over it. Then she will deny me some...smut,because she will be annoyed and tired.

'll take advantage of the bring one guest part of the invitation,bringing Yagari Toga or someone like that. Plus,he already has some hunters as guards already there.(Hunters supervise vampire events apparently.)

the priest or minister asks:Does anyone object to this marriage? Like any sane vampire would, I'd kill them. But there might be a suicidal one...Yuuki won't like that.

will stand up and scream something like:Get off your lazy asses and say yes! To his hunters,who would've already have tried little things to irritate us.

will delay our marriage for a while,so Yuuki will try to calm Zero down,leaving me alone.

will take so damn long, the wedding would be postponed for a LONG time.

we will get married and then we will go on our honeymoon,but that damn mutt wouldn't leave us alone,so he follows us. Stupid stalker.

can't do anything with him eyeing us the entire time.

I will be so stressed out and I will kill that punk.

gets sad/pissed and grieves for him and give me the silent treatment and more denial.

she finally forgives me,or at least slightly she will start talking to me again, but she will still not do anything with me.

Possible 13.I will go crazy and might rape her, thus giving her more reason to be displeased with me.

(Wow Kaname you have some very vivid feelings...)

That better not happen.

Kaname was now drinking bourbon, and trying to find out how to prevent that catastrophe.

"Kaname...",said Yuuki quietly.

"What is it,Yuuki?"

"Um...",she looks away, "Can Zero come to the wedding?"


can't bring a guest and his hunters will not guard it,vampires will.

has to be restrained and gagged.

must absolutely stay away from our honeymoon.

I ever get mad,get him away from me.

have to show your appreciation over my leniancy in a physical manner."

"Okay...what do you mean?",Yuuki asked.

"A disaster has been avoided."


"I feel passion for you, it's like nothing I've ever felt before. You are and will always be the one I desire. From the time you were born...", Kaname droned on. But by this time Yuuki zoned out.

"...love unparalelled-",Yuuki interrupted, "I'm sorry Kaname, it's pretty and all, but it's dreadfully long. I love you too, but get to the dang point."

Kaname sighed,"I'm feeling horny."

"Oh. Okay, but I want to be on top."

"Whatever happened to the shy, but love-struck teenager thing you used to do?"

"I got older and I like dominating you."

"...I like it too..."

(We all know by now that Kaname is totally wrapped around Yuuki's little paws) ((She kinda looks like a bunny now...but she acts like a little kitty or cub.))