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Seven Years

A Card Captor Sakura Fan Fiction By Wallcrawler86

Chapter 1

Sakura stared up into the face of the evil demon. The evil demon had taken form of a huge dragon, stomped it's foot, and let loose a mighty roar. It stared down at Sakura and squinted its eyes, almost paralyzing her with fear. The dragon lunged its head at her, but suddenly a shadowy black figure struck the dragon's head inches away. The dragon's head now lay on the floor. The figure stood there; surveying how much damage it had done to the demon. Sakura tried to make out the figure, but it was too faint and dark to be recognized. Suddenly, the dragon quickly rose to its feet and swiped at the dark figure, causing it to fall. The demon stared at Sakura, and screamed, "WAKE UP ALREADY, SAKURA!"

1 "Huh?" Sakura opened her emerald colored eyes slowly to see a large yellow head staring in her face. "Ahhh!" Sakura screamed and jumped up, slamming her head into Kero's head.

"Hey! Watch it Sakura! Ow! That hurts! You looked like you were having a nightmare!" Kero said.

"Ugh…. I was. I dreamt I was fighting some sort of demon or dragon or something…" Sakura stated.

"Interesting." Kero said. "Try to remember it. You never know. It might be a premonition or something."

"I hope not!" Sakura replied. "That demon was scary! I never want to see something like him again!" "What did it look like?" "I couldn't really tell. It was very dark. I could see it's outline and it's eyes, but that was it. And it's eyes… they glowed an evil red… I felt scared just looking at them!" "Hmm… well, just keep it in mind. You never know when it might come in useful." "I will… say… what time is it?" Sakura grabbed her pink alarm clock off her dresser. "Hmm… 6:45. Well, I'd have to get up soon anyways. I might as well get ready for school." And Sakura went towards the shower.

About 10 minutes later, Sakura was just putting on her socks when Touya walked in.

"Whoa! The monster is up early. That's gotta be a sign of the apocalypse or something." Sakura stared at him angrily. "I'm not a monster! And I'm perfectly capable of waking up early!" She screamed. "…Whatever, squirt, breakfast is ready." "Fine, I'm coming" Touya closed the door and headed downstairs. Sakura finished lasing up her shoes and headed for the door. "Hey, Sakura! Don't forget to bring me some food from breakfast!" Kero screamed as Sakura closed the door.

Sakura finished her breakfast quickly, saving a pancake for Kero, and headed for the door. She sat on the front step, put her backpack containing all of the Clow Cards next to her, and started to put on her roller blades when Yukito walked up to her.

"Good morning, Sakura. Where's your brother?" Sakura picked up her head and noticed him standing there. She began to blush upon seeing his handsome face. "Umm… oh hi Yukito! I didn't see you there. Touya's in the kitchen finishing his breakfast." "Okay. I'll wait here for him." And he sat down next to Sakura, causing her to blush even harder. "So, do you have any plans for today?" He asked. "Yeah." She said, trying to keep her face to one side to conceal her red face. "After school today, Syaoran, Tomoyo, and I are going to the park today to have a picnic…. Oh my God!" "What's wrong Sakura?" "I just remembered, I told Syaoran and Tomoyo that I would meet them at the corner and walk to school with them today! I gotta go! See ya' Yukito!" "Alright, see ya later, Sakura!" He waved good-bye to her as she roller bladed to the corner, still looking at him sitting on her porch steps. She lost her balance when she forgot to turn around at the sidewalk at the corner, but before she could hit the ground, she was caught inches from the ground. She looked up to see who had caught her. It was Syaoran with Tomoyo standing next to him.

"What's the matter, Sakura? Tomoyo asked. "Still thinking of Yukito?" Syaoran looked a bit angry. Sakura started to blush again. "No, I just… uhh… was thinking about what we'll do at the picnic today after school and kinda wasn't paying attention to where I was going." "Come on, you were thinking of Yukito, admit it!" "No really! I was thinking of our plans for after school!" Syaoran looked even madder. "Can we please just go already?!" "Um, sure. Let's go." And they set off for school together. What they didn't realize was that behind the bushes, someone was watching them…

To be continued…

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