Okay, all of you. Thank you all for the wonderful reviews. I thank you all for everyone who read my fic. Arigotou from the bottom of my heart. This is basically just a summary of what happened afterwards. My sequel will be up soon. I've decided on the title "Sadin's Revival." Look for it within the next few days. But not to get nay spoilers… (Note: If you don't even want the slightest hint of a spoiler, skip right down to the title, "Epilogue" now.) If you hated me that much for ALMOST killing Syaoran, then I might need to lock myself in my house when you read the first chapter…


Sakura's eyes watered as she stood in front of her house. It was all intact. She stepped through the door and into the kitchen. Sakura's eyes began to water as she saw Fujitaka standing in an apron over the stove. "…Dad…" Sakura ran up and jumped onto her dad, hugging as hard as she could. "I missed you so much!" Fujitaka looked confused. "Well, it's nice to see you too, Sakura, but you've only been gone since this morning! And why are you soaking wet?" Sakura hugged tighter. "I know, but it seems like I've been gone forever!"

Touya walked into the kitchen. "What are you doing, monster?" "BIG BROTHER!" Sakura leaped off her dad and hugged Touya hard as well. "I missed you too!" She gave Touya a quick kiss on the cheek and darted up to her room. Touya remained in the same space, with the most dazed and confused look on his face like he never had before. "…What just happened?"

Sakura locked her door and yanked open her dresser door. "KERO!" Kero was back to his old stuffed-animal-like form. "Sakura! You're back! What happened! I wanted to go see for myself but with your dad and Touya…" Sakura smiled. "It's okay Kero, Syaoran is alright. Mia's spell worked!" Kero smiled too. "That's good. I still don't like the gaki, though, but even I didn't want to see that happen to him…" Sakura sighed. "Well, that's the closest you've come to complimenting him, so I guess I'll let that one slide…" Kero wondered for a second. "What about Tomoyo?" Sakura smiled. "She doesn't remember a thing. She's back to her old self!" Kero sighed. "I'm not sure if her being her old self is a good or bad thing…" Sakura was just finishing getting changed into dry clothes when she heard Kero scream. "What's wrong Kero?" Tears rolled down Kero's face. "All my video game saved data from after this date was erased!" Sakura fell on her head in embarrassment.

Syaoran put down his phone and got under the covers of his bed. "Good, my family is safe… but still… I don't know what it is… it just feels like something is still wrong…" Syaoran closed his eyes. "Sakura… I'll never be able to repay you…" Syaoran held out a picture of Sakura he kept on his dresser and hugged it. "Sakura…" and Syaoran fell asleep hugging the picture of Sakura.

"SAKURA! IT'S THE PHONE!" Fujitaka's voice cried throughout the house. "Coming!" Sakura replied as she headed down the stairs. As Sakura got closer, Fujitaka said, "It must be a new friend of yours. She said her name was Mia." Sakura's eyes widened. "Mia?" Fujitaka handed her the phone. "Hello?" Sakura said. "Hello Sakura… I wanted… to know… what happened… because after… well, you know…" Sakura smiled. "Don't worry. Syaoran's fine." Mia sounded relieved. "I'm so glad! I guess that means we're done…" Sakura thought. "Well, can't you come visit sometime?" Mia sighed. "Actually… to tell the truth, I live in Kyoto. It's too far from here… but… I'll be sure to visit some day… and Sakura… thank you…" Sakura started to hang up. "Oh, but one more thing… I'll be sure to keep your secret safe…" Sakura hung up and sighed.

Eriol sat in his den in front of a fire. "So master, I guess that just abut wraps it all up." Eriol nodded to Spinnel. "I guess that means our tests can finally begin, master." Eriol nodded again. Nakuru leaned on Eriol's chair from behind him. "At last, it's all over."

Eriol leaned forward towards the fire. "Now that, I'm not so sure of…"

To be continued in "Sadin's Revival…"