Minerva said, "Somehow Harry was transported through time to twenty years in the past and he just got back."

Kingsley said, "Are you going to do it again?"

Harry said, "No." Everyone looked at him and he said, "I'm certain it won't happen again. Don't ask me how I know but I do."

Minerva said, "There is more and this next part is what I wanted you here for. In my recollection and in Albus' we do not remember there ever being an animagus with more than one animal. Can you recall any?"

Kingsley said, "When I was working for the registry office enforcement there was no one on the list with more than one animal, why?"

Minerva nodded at Harry and he transformed into the dog.

Kingsley said, "You look just like Sirius. I'll check the registry again. What do you want to do if there has been no one?"

Minerva said, "We don't know. That's what we wanted your input for."

Harry changed back and said, "It's more complicated than you think Kingsley. I don't just have two, I have four and two are magical animals. I would like to keep part of this a secret. I already have more than enough fame I don't want anymore."

Kingsley thought for a moment, "Percy doesn't the Ministery have some top secret files only for the eyes of the Minister for Magic?"

Percy said, "There is a file like that, you may want to talk to Fudge about where it is kept. You won't have access to it being just an intermediate. But if you get voted in you will be able to access it. The Animagus transformation needs to be registered within four months of the first successful transformation. We should have time to wait it out and put his other three forms in that file then the information can be released sometime in the future if needed. No minister can release any information out of that file unless all involved parties approve or they are dead. It's part of the vow of office so a rival Minister doesn't release information that a past Minister has promised to protect."

Kingsley said, "The vote is to take place at the end of the week. So we should be fine. I want to look in that file too, if anyone previously had multiple animagus forms it may be in there if nowhere else."

Minerva said, "We also need to know if anyone has been able to do magic in their animagus form."

Kingsley looked at Harry, "My word, you were busy in the last three days."

Harry said, "I only thought to try when Professor McGonagall said that my eyes would be my identifying feature. Professor have you ever tried to do magic in form?"

Minerva said, "No I haven't , I'll try eye color like you did." She tried several times but was unsuccessful. She transformed back , "I'll keep trying but I don't think I can. I think it may be because some of your forms are magical animals."

Harry said, "I have a question back on that file if I can ask."

Percy said, "You can ask but I don't know that I'll be able to tell you."

Harry nodded, "Say Fudge added a secret about a death eater and now that person needs to go to Azkaban, but without the secret from the file he can't be sent."

Percy said, "If the party with the secret had done something illegal it can be let out without their approval."

Harry nodded then asked, "Since it's my secret I can tell who I want can't I?"

Percy said, "Yes I don't think I need to say this but be careful about it."

Kingsley asked, "Which form do you want to register?"

Harry said, "The black panther. The dog I can use to walk around without anyone knowing who I am. I definitely want to keep both magical animals secret."

Albus said, "Wise choice Harry, Minerva told me about Stapp and Karcle who else is running other than you Kingsley?"

Kingsley replied, "Just the three of us. The other heads didn't want to put their names in."

Albus asked, "Any changes in the Wizemigot?"

Kingsley, "We have lost three during the last year but they haven't been replaced yet. Perkins, and Smythe were killed and of course Umbridge has been sentenced to Azkaban for her Muggleborn registration act and siding with Voldemort."

All the teenagers yelled, "Yes!" and the adults chuckled.

Albus said, "Well then you shouldn't have any trouble."

Harry said, "Not to add pressure or anything Kingsley, but I don't want to tell anyone but you my secret, so you better win."

Ron chuckled, "There's you campaign slogan, Because Harry Potter wants me to win."

Albus laughed, "Wonderful idea but I don't think he's going to need it."

A week later Kingsley Shacklebolt was sworn in as Minister of Magic. After searching the secret file it was discovered that Harry was the first multiple animal anamagus ever recorded. He followed that by becoming the youngest Auror in history when he and Ron joined the office the week after.

Twenty years later when Kingsley decided to retire from the Ministry the next Minister was given a shock. Harry now had a complete file dedicated only to him.

Minister Wood said, "Merlin, I… wow… I always knew he was a special person but… does he have any idea…" finally he pulled himself together, "No wonder he kept this stuff hidden, he'd never have a moments peace from anyone if this got out."

Kingsley said, "I know that's why I made that file. By the way he's going to be here in a few minutes to answer any questions for you."

There was a knock on the door and Kingsley opened it to admit Harry. Harry shook Kingsley's hand the reached towards Oliver Wood, "Minister Wood how are you today?"

Oliver said, "Harry we've known each other since we were teens, it's just Oliver. And today I am shocked speechless."

Harry laughed, "I can't tell you how glad I was to hear you had won. Quite a relief."

Oliver said, "Yes, I wouldn't want Lucious Malfoy knowing all these secrets either. I know he's paid his debt and changed his ways but he'll always be a Death Eater to me. Anyway looking at all this stuff if I didn't know you Harry I would think this was a joke but even then some of this is hard to swallow. I knew about your panther form, but three more?"

Harry didn't say anything he just changed into his dog form. Oliver raised an eyebrow then Harry changed into his Phoenix then back to his human form. Oliver said, "You aren't going to show the other one are you?"

Harry said, "No he won't fit in this office."

Oliver nodded, "Later then." Oliver kept skimming through Harry's file, "I'm not going to rush through this can I assume that you would be available to talk in the future about all this?"

Harry nodded, "Sure any time."

Oliver said, "Does Ginny know about this stuff. Merlin time travel Harry?"

Harry grinned, "Ginny knows everything, but my kids don't know any of it. When they each come of age I want to bring them in and let them read it if that's possible."

Oliver laughed, "After looking at this file I have confirmed what I have always believed, with you Harry anything is possible."