Haven't written a fan-fiction in a little while, but I have wanted to do one for Avatar. Ive had a number of ideas regarding this subject, and I decided to go with a story about my favorite character, Dr. Grace Augustine. This is going to be a long one, and hopefully I'll be in love with Avatar long enough to make it a two-parter as I plan to.

Please R&R if you enjoy it at all. I try to make fanfictions insightful these days and I'll be expanding on some of the ideas presented in the first Avatar movie here. Your reviews are the fuel that keeps me going in these things. I'm also trying to make this as canon as possible, so if you see some egregious errors don't be afraid to speak up.

I hope you enjoy my fanfic :3 Oel ngati kamei

I am with her Jake...she's real

Night falls earlier than it did in our time. The sky, coated in the darkness of so much waste, the gutted earth's substance littered on the ground and in the atmosphere creates looming clouds, black and gray, keeping the entire planet under an almost constant state of overcast. The third Great Recession has hit nearly everyone, including the corporate giants, and relative success stories in the 21st century. For every medical advance, another plague descends. For every new innovation, another obstacle. The planet's population swells, then fights, reduing its number just enough to eke a living, scrabbling to get by, and yet ever-expanding. The pessimists say that man will soon outnumber the rats.

A little girl, an innocent with a shock of bright red hair, sits fixated before the projection screen. She is one of hundreds, as every man, woman, and child has all eyes on the mission that promises to find something to redeem them from their suffering and stagnation. The mission, made after observing the magnetic fields generated by this odd little moon, seeks to find something to replace all that was used as fuel in the last two hundred years.

The girl watches in awe, as across the screen flickers green plants, towering trees; the probe makes its first contact with life on an alien planet– the grainy images flashing, flickering with obscure foliage, with tantalizing glimpses of creatures unknown to any on earth – gleaming eyes, frighting jaws, and the most curious of all – the blue-skinned natives, who seemed to be equally curious as the little girl so many light-years away of the strange, robotic creature that had arrived to their home.

"Gracie – turn that thing off!"

The magic is not broken.

"In a minute mom!" The little girl shouts back, but doesn't move an inch, meeting the gaze of the being on screen, its yellow gaze locked with hers. The transmission goes blank, the girl stands up, and joins her mother in the other room. The screen blazes on, a woman's voice continuing through the speakers.

"... of extra-terrestrial life, as well as the presence of highly conductible metals that have a high potential to serve as an energy source..."

"Turn it off Gracie!"

"... feasible there will soon consider the means to form a manned mission to the moon..."

The little girl, full of energy, scampers back to the room, standing on her tiptoes to reach the control pad on the wall.