I suddenly love the idea of BardxMaylene – I've no idea why. It just popped into my head today. XD At any rate, I really think these two under-appreciated characters need more love.

So okay, Sebastian was a nice guy, Bard had had to admit that. He had manners, was always polite and usually patient (unless him and his fellow two servants weren't doing their jobs). Not to mention his physical appearance was one that any lady couldn't ignore without giving a second – admiringly – glance to.

Bard wasn't... jealous...envious, oh, no... well, maybe...

Maylene was walking down one of the hallways in the grand Phantomhive mansion, carrying a load of boxes in her arms. Like usual, she was foolishly carrying way too much of what her arms could hold. And, like usual, she lost her footing and was sent sprawling to the ground, the boxes landing in a heap around her.

"Oomph!" Her face met with the lush carpet, her glasses falling off and bouncing a few feet ahead of her in the process. "Ahh... my glasses..." Her hands moved quickly around to see if they could catch them.

"Oi, what're ya doing?" A rough voice reached Maylene's ears. She looked up, and could barely catch the image of Bard standing before her.

"B-Bard-san..." she stammered, standing up.

"Did ya trip again? Tsk. You're unbelievably clumsy."

"Yes, I'm sorry..."

"Carrying too much again?" Bard inquired, noticing the scattered boxes lying about.


"Sebastian wasn't here to catch you this time, huh..." he mumbled, half to himself.

Maylene's faced reddened slightly. "N-No...! I can't always be dependent on Sebastian-san! N-Not that I am... um..."

"Heh." Bard sighed. He glanced furtively at the maid out of the corner of his eyes. "Ya lose your glasses?"

"Yes... they fell off when I tripped..."

"That's a nice face though."


"Without your glasses; see, ya can actually see your eyes for once, and they're not a bad sight."

Maylene blushed once more. "D-Don't flatter me..." she stammered, and once again began to scan the floor for her glasses.

Bard turned around and stooped low to the ground, picking her lost glasses up. He faced her, and a mocking smirk tugged at his lips. "Hmm, should I really give these back to ya though?"

"Bard-san, please! Don't tease me... I can't see well without my glasses, you know that."

"Hmm..." Bard murmured, then dropped the glasses in her hands. He stooped to the ground yet again, this time, picking up a few boxes. "I'll help ya carry these..."

Maylene wore a surprised look on her face as she put her glasses back on. "R-Really? What's with the sudden generosity, Bard-san?"

"Even I can be nice sometimes!" Bard huffed, with his back turned to her. "Like that Sebastian."

Maylene smiled shyly. She knew that Sebastian was kind, of course, but she also knew that Bard was as well. He may not have been outwardly kind... but his subtle kindness was visible to her eyes – even with her poor eyesight.

"Thank you, Bard-san."