A/N: This is my first attempt at a Golden Girls fic, and I'm hope I'm good at it! I'm partaking in a 100 fic challenge on LifeJournal where we have to write 100 fics, based on prompts given to us.

001: Beginnings. Rose's thoughts her first night with Dorothy and Blanche.

Dear Diary,

Today was my first day in my new house with my roommates, Blanche and Dorothy. God, this is weird. A new city, a new state, new beginnings. It's all so nerve wracking. I thought after my Charlie died, I wouldn't be able to go on and I realized I wouldn't unless I moved from the farm and out of St. Olaf. Now, here I am, six months later, thousands of miles away in Miami, Florida. It's really beautiful here. The weather is really different, lots of sunshine, warm weather, and no snow. Dorothy and Blanche are really nice too. Dorothy is a substitute teacher and divorced (her husband cheated on her) and a bit of a smart alec and Blanche is an assistant at the art museum. She also wears too much makeup and is a slut. But she's widowed like me. She told me the first year is always hard. She had her kids with her, so it helped eased the pain. My kids definitely did take some of the mourning away.

I did accidentally break Blanche's vase that her dying grandmother gave her. I felt really bad so I took them to the Dairy Queen for the Strawberry Blizzard special. We got to know each other better and I think I'm going to like living here with them. I know it'll help a lot with the mourning process. I still miss and love Charlie and I miss my kids, and the farm, but moving on feels good too. Well, I better get to sleep. Tomorrow, I'm making the roomies a big breakfast and then I'm going to start job hunting.

XO Rose