002: Middles

Just so it's know, the It Happens chapter has been edited. The song, except for one lyric, no longer appears in the chapter.

Rose was a middle child. She had plenty of older brothers and sisters and she also had a younger brother, Michael and a baby sister, Holly. (The Lindstrom girls were all named after flowers) She loved being in the middle because she got to experience being a big sister and a little sister. She never once felt neglected, even if she wasn't Gunter and Alma's birth child. She was always the level headed one, even if she was a bit naïve. Most kids hate being in the middle, but Rose loved it because it made her feel more secure.

One day, in 1994, while Dorothy was visiting Florida, she, Sophia, Rose and Blanche decided to celebrate at Disney World. It had been awhile since all four ladies were reunited and they were really happy. After taking a few photos with Mickey and Minnie and Goofy and Chip & Dale, and riding the Teacups and Dumbo, they came upon the line for the park's newest attraction. The Tower of Terror.

"Alright!" cried Sophia. "Let's get on this one!"

"Ma, are you sure you should be riding this?" questioned Dorothy.

"Please! I'm 88 years old. I've seen and been through a lot in my day! I can handle a falling elevator!" Sophia said, waving her hand in a general direction.

"This does look like fun." began Blanche. She normally hated rollercoasters, but she decided this one had to be better than going all topsy turvy.

"Yeah and we can all sit together too!" continued Rose excitedly.

"But, honey. You and Blanche have had major heart surgery!" warned Dorothy.

"Oh, pishaw! I haven't had any trouble with my heart or my pacemaker since February 1990! I'll be fine!" Blanche said.

"Yeah and the writers haven't mentioned my bypass once since 1992! I'll be fine too. Don't be such a worrywart!"

Dorothy just sighed. "Well, alrighty then…"

The four friends got in line. It took about thirty minutes, but the girls were finally seated in back row in this order: Sophia, Dorothy, Rose and Blanche. As the ride slowly rose up, there was a mini video about this being a haunted elevator. It was scary enough for the girls to hold onto each other and just mere seconds later, the ride dropped. The four friends screamed as loud as they could. As the ride shot down and up, Rose wrapped each arm around Dorothy and Blanche's necks. She held onto them as hard as she could and screamed again.

Yup. Rose loved being in the middle.

A/N: Realistically, Rose and Blanche most likely wouldn't have been able to ride the Tower of Terror, due to Blanche having a pacemaker and Rose having triple bypass, but since the show is full of continuity errors, I decided to have a little fun with it, and have one on my own!