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A figure clad entirely in black held a wand to the girl's throat. The assailant's sharp fingernails dug into Rose's scalp, tugging her bright red hair almost off her head. A boy of barely sixteen stood opposite them, his blond hair mussed, his chest heaving with hyperventilation. Tears burned in his eyes as he worried violently over the conflict at hand.

Either he became one of them, or he and the girl would both die.

"Don't do it, Scorpius!" Rose screamed. The assailant holding her smacked her hard across the face. The girl whimpered and tears filled her blue eyes.

Scorpius had no idea at all they still existed. He had only heard stories from his father about his two years as a Death Eater, and how his grandfather was one before he was captured in the Great Battle of Hogwarts. Never in his wildest dreams did he ever think this would happen one day.

He never knew at all.