Author's Note:: This is a crossover. I do not own any of the characters in this fic. Set between seasons six and seven of Desperate Housewives.

.The Age Old Question.

Chapter Two;

Looking behind herself, as she tore her eyes away from the window, Bree saw her husband. Orson was wheelchair bound now, ever since he had went inside the grotto during the Carol singing, he was going to fight for his love for Bree, against Karl, the man Bree had been seeing behind Orson's back. Things were terribly mixed up now, Karl was dead, Orson was in a wheel chair having been paralyzed when the plane had crashed through the small wooden house, and Bree was wanting out. She had been wanting out for a while, which is part of the reason she had began going to Karl, he was a divorce lawyer, but things had began to get too comfortable and they started something up, it was a way of escape for Bree.

The redhead looked to her husband, the man she had vowed to love in sickness and health, til death part them. Bree despised Orson now. He had trapped her in the marriage that she wanted to get out of, and the marriage Orson had originally wanted out of by threatening Bree with he goes or her company did. They were playing Cat and Mouse all the time, and Bree had gotten it bad when Orson had been bound to those wheels. He was a burden upon her, and since he couldn't work, she couldn't even throw him out and end the marriage then.

"What's going on?" Orson asked Bree as if the past few months hadn't happened, "Is that a moving van?" he asked a little excitable, wheeling himself over to the redhead at the window.

Seeing Orson was on his way over, the wheels squeaking slightly, she sighed and stepped out of the way so he could see for himself. Bree really didn't feel like speaking with him at the moment. Ever, at all. She hated Orson now that Karl was dead, he had been her chance at getting out of the marriage and starting anew life, a new business and everything that came with that. But now that wasn't going to happen at all, the clutches Bree had held on getting out were failing fast.

"Have you saw the new neighbors yet?" he asked her yet another question.

"Yes." Bree answered plainly and looked to him, sitting there like a child waiting for candy.

"What are they l-"

"Single mom, a daughter." Bree responded, really cringing as she spoke to Orson. She blamed him for what happened to Karl, it helped her to cope with the fact he was gone. In all reality, it was all her own fault for getting into something with the lawyer, but she didn't see that. Bree hated Orson for not signing the papers for the divorce, so she decided he was responsible for Karl's death, add it to his resume, as well as being responsible for leaving Mike after running him down. He'd almost died; ended up in a coma.

"And how abou-"

"No, like I said. Single mom."

"Oh. Okay. Hey, remember when Katherine and Adam moved in?" Orson smiled to Bree and looked up at her.

"Yes, when I was suggesting we play banjos on the front porch because Andrew was saying we should tell people Benjamin was Danielle's baby." Bree hissed a little.

"Yes, yes then." Orson looked down feeling forlorn that Bree didn't want to look at him, let alone talk to him. He gave a sorrowful sigh and turned himself around in his chair before he then muttered, "I suppose I shall get my own tea. Would you like some?"

"No, I just had some." Bree somewhat snapped at Orson.

Orson just glanced to Bree before he wheeled himself away from Bree and off out into the kitchen to make himself tea, feeling sorry for himself as he rolled on. The redhead just watched Orson leave out of the corner of her eye, she then rolled her eyes at the burden he was on her life now, and turned back to the window once again as she watched for their new neighbours to move themselves in properly.

Author's Note: Not a very long chapter, but whatevs. Hope you enjoyed it all the same.