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So in this chapter, we get a little more detail on the whole Eames-has-a-little-sister-WHAT? Story. I know the end of the last chapter was kind of heavy, so I'm going a bit lighter here. Also, hopefully, we learn more about Desdemona's friends…so yeah!

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Arthur's POV


That's all he feels.

Eames has a little sister? What the HELL?!

Never once, in the 10 years Arthur had known him, had Eames mentioned his family; it was just something Arthur knew he wasn't allowed to talk about. Living in an orphanage for most of his childhood had scarred Eames, and he certainly wasn't thrilled that his parents had left him there so they could see the world. Arthur knew all this from the back-up research he had done on Eames when he had first met him (What? It's his job to know what's going on with the people he works with. Point Man! Duh!).

But a sister never showed in the research. Now, Arthur is not an egotistical man, but he does take pride in his work. He's just being honest when he says he is possibly the best point man in the world (ok, maybe he has a little bit of an ego). But the fact that he missed something as important as an effing little sister confuses him, (and SEVERLY annoys him). The only explanation Arthur can think of is that Eames manipulated his own files himself- complicated as hell, and he wasn't aware that Eames had the mental capability (What? No, Arthur didn't just insult the forger-get your act together!). The question is, if Eames HAD altered his own information-highly doubtful- why did he do it? If what the girl said was true, then Eames was an inconsiderate bastard for ditching his own pre-pubescent sister.

Arthur looks around discreetly. Desdemona's followers looked…well, Selena was disgusted, Calista and Melania were curious, and Alisa and Patia- was that boredom? The mixture of expressions didn't help Arthur at all. He couldn't tell whether her friends had known already, or if this was their first time hearing the story. If it was Arthur, he wouldn't have gone off to some warehouse to kidnap some people without knowing why. But then again, this is Arthur- who has to know everything.

Yusuf and Ariadne, for their part, had identical expressions of shock. Arthur had a brief feeling of gratitude that this crazy tattooed British sibling of Eames had come with so much drama; it seemed to be an effective way of making Ariadne forget that she was super pissed at him. Good. He could work on that. He was a successful ladies man when he put in a little effort into it. Therefore, he firmly believed that he could get back on her good side in no time. Hmm…very smooth Arthur…very smooth.

Right. Back to the subject at hand.

For the first time in his (admittedly not very long) life, Eames seemed uncomfortable. Embarrassed, even. Psh. Eames, embarrassed? When Hell freezes over. Eames is never embarrassed. Not even on that one night during an earlier job of theirs when Cobb forced them to share a room; Arthur had walked in to see Eames in bed with a woman in the middle of-


Right. Focus. Best focuser ever- point man, remember?

Wow. He hadn't noticed this before, but Eames' sister is HOT.


He's starts to wonder if he always reacts like this in stressful situations. Because that would be just mortifying. What did he put in his coffee this morning?

He knows he has to focus, so he repeats his personal mantra in his head; this is a life or death situation. If you don't focus, you or someone close to you could get hurt. And that would suck.

It works.

He eyes Desdemona-with professional interest, thank you- and tries to figure her out. People have always been the specialty of Eames, but Arthur is fairly good with people as well. He may not have Eames' charm, but he's good with people in a different way. Smoothly manipulative, is what Eames nicknamed it. Arthur didn't disagree with the description.

The girl's leather motorcycle jacket and black skinny jeans covered most of her body, but Arthur could still see that she had a LOT of tattoos, and there were surely more that were just hidden. She had several piercings too- three on her right ear and two on the left, one in her nose, one in her eyebrow, and he was pretty sure he had seen one on her tongue when she had been screaming earlier. Her dark, attractive features were made darker by copious amounts of black eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara. With all these embellishments, he wouldn't have been able to guess her age, if she hadn't told them.

Twenty-four. It was so young; to go through all the things she had gone through. His gaze slid discreetly back to Ariadne. She was the same age as this girl, Eames' sister, who had her innocence destroyed and her life ruined before she was even a teenager. What if all of this had happened to Ariadne? What if she was standing here, ready to kill all of them? Arthur's stomach clenched at the thought. Not her. God, not her. He hadn't been aware his feelings had been so strong, but there it was; he would do anything he could to protect her.

He turned back to Desdemona- he looked at this broken, wild creature, and he, he who only handed out subdued emotion in carefully measured quantities- he felt an overwhelming sense of pity, that started in his chest, and made its way to his throat. She had been nothing but hostile towards him, but, he figured this was how she was to everyone, and that obviously stemmed from her awful later childhood. Arthur had almost completely rid himself of his dislike of Eames, but it came surging back with such intensity, that he surprised himself.

This, funnily enough, didn't happen very often. If Arthur had a dollar for every time he had surprised himself, he would only have $7.50. No, the fifty cents wasn't a mistake- he had only half-surprised himself when he had kissed Ariadne back during the Fisher dream. See, he wasn't at all surprised by his own suaveness and cleverness during and after the little event, or by how pleased she had seemed. No, he was shocked that he had actually had the balls to kiss her in the first place.


Arthur starts to wonder if the Latina had some chemical rubbed into her skin that made him go all loopy when she tackled him. Or…something? Wow, Arthur, the snide little voice in his head that sounds exactly like Eames chuckles. That was incredibly intellectual. And sensible. Oh, and a little bit racist, too.

Shut up, Arthur tells the voice. I'm not usually like this. I always have answers. I'm always precise and on top of things. They must have done something to me, he reasons. After a pause, he addresses the voice again- You'd better not piss me off again- you sound way too much like Eames, and HE'S pissing me off- or I'll punch you in the face.

You'd be punching yourself in the face, mate, the voice points out helpfully. But did you think that maybe, because you DON'T have answers, and you're NOT on top of it, you're acting like a kid high on his mum's drugs he shouldn't 'ave touched?

Arthur considers this; it's a good theory, he muses. In fact, the more he thinks about it, the more reasonable it seems. The solution he comes to is that he needs to demand information ASAP- and then, he'll be back to normal- cool, calm, and completely good-looking.

Speaking now, Arthur.


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