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I don't exactly know how people are about SongFics here, but I do hope you will like this one. It was inspired by Episode 8 (or what I like to call "The Breach Episode") of one of my all-time and absolute favorite series known as Generator Rex (if I had Rex's nanite powers, that would just make my life complete, and I wouldn't worry about having to get a driver's license (Cars? Who needs cars? I can grow a jet pack! :D). It was also inspired by my love of Breach as well as Elvis Costello. Seriously, how can you not love her? She's awesome! XD And Elvis Costello music works really well for a lot of these fics in my opinion, or that's how I perceive it :)

Disclaimer: Let the record be known that Generator Rex and Elvis Costello does not, has not, and will not belong to me. All claims go to their rightful owners.

(If I am) Broken

If I am frightened then I can hide it
If I am crying I'll call it laughter
If I am haunted I'll call it my imaginary friend
If I am bleeding I'll call it wine

Here it is...my dollhouse.

It is my safety. It is my refuge. I hide here when I'm afraid. When I'm lost. When I can't go on. It gives me comfort. It brings me joy.

I am happy here.

My dolls are beautiful. I think they're beautiful. True, they are broken, but there is beauty in broken things. Or that's how I see it. Some people think these are bad things. Ugly things. Things without a purpose. But I see differently. What one would call disgraceful, I'd call it divine. Worthless becomes priceless. Psychotic into peaceful.

It's perfection

But you must never touch what I have done. Only I can make it better. I can perfect it. No one else. Just me and me alone.

Please...come and see my perfect world...

But if you leave me then I am broken
and if I'm broken then only death remains

Why? why leave me? Is my dollhouse not good enough for you?

I needed a new toy. You were so pretty...so shiny... I brought you here to make my dollhouse better. To replace the broken dolls.

I had to make you mine!

But no...you refused to cooperate. You didn't wan't to be there. I could tell. You destroyed what was mine. Uprooted it form the foundations. I had everything so perfect...but you came and ruined it's beauty. Have you no shame?

You destroyed my home!

If I am drifting then I can fight it
If I am am sinking no one will know it
If I am blinded I'll have voices to guide me
If they yet fled away I'd bless the silence

Have to stay calm. Janie will fix it. She knows what to do... No! Everything's all wrong. Destroy him! He's broken!

I don't like him anymore!

He has to be gotten rid of! I won't tolerate him wrecking what's mine! What I worked so hard on. What was once that only escape I had!

I can't watch!

But if you leave me then I am broken
and if I'm broken then only death remains

It's all over. No more. My heart is torn from the destruction. My dollhouse is ruined.

...There's no reason to go on...

Hopefully this turned out okay. BTW, the name Janie refers to the little girl that Rex was with in Breach's world. Don't ask me why, but she just looked like a Janie to me; until she went EVO, then she just looked ugly to me! XD HAHA! A little bit of my version of Rex humor for ya!

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