A/N: I don't exactly know when this takes place but you should like it… I think. Ok here are the rules. In Jumping the Gun when Coach Taylor realizes he has made the mistake. He invites Tim back into his home. And as far as he knows Julie and Tim live just like brother and sister. Shelly is still there annoying the hell outta erbody.

Matt Sarecen didn't exactly know what he was doing hanging out with Tim Riggins but he was. And they were driving around avoiding the elephant sitting in the back of Tim's pick up truck. Tim was swaying to the country music, driving with one hand and drinking with the other. Matt looked over and wondered what was so out of whack in Tim's life. All anyone knew about Tim was that he enjoyed women and beer. He occasionally kicked butt on the field. And he slept with his best friend's girlfriend.

Matt did know that Tim had problems. About two weeks ago everyone was shocked to see Tim on time for school and practice. But Matt had caught a glimpse of him sleeping in the locker room. So there was a mighty chance he was homeless, but no one said anything.

"ok Mattie here's the plan. We're gonna stop by the Landing Strip one last time and then hit Smitty's." Tim looked over to Matt with a hint of a smile on his face.

"A-actuallly, my grandma's waitin for me at home an' she needs to take her Meds" The part about the meds, Matt knew Tim would buy. And it was true, but it was Carlotta that was waiting on him, but Tim didn't need to know that.

"That's alright six, I'll even drop you off, right after I get something." Matt was surprised to see Tim turn in to Coach's driveway. Matt was surprised when Tim just walked into the house. A few minutes later Matt sat in the car with his jaw hanging open after Tim reentered the car with a wad of money wrapped in a piece of paper. "Alright six, lemme drop you off". It is safe to say Matt was surprised.

Tim Riggins was in the store standing in the aisle with ladies sanitary supplies. When he stopped by the house to pick up the grocery list and money that Mrs. T said she had ready, Julie had run out her room just as her mom was explaining a few things to him. He noticed that Julie had grabbed the list scribbled something, but he was listening to Mrs. T, because he didn't want to screw up her meat order.

Tim had gotten everything else on the list. And when he reached the bottom of that piece of paper and saw the words tampons/pads, the six pack he had downed earlier almost came back up. He was suddenly thankful for Shelly, because she had let him borrow her phone earlier this week and still hadn't asked for it back. Not knowing what else to do he dialed the Taylor's home phone. Julie picked up.


"I am not buying that" Tim wasted no time.


"Jules, I am not buying that"

"oh come on please Tim, it caught me by surprise and I really need something. If you don't buy it, I'll be bleeding all over the place, that includes the bathroom, the couch, the"-

"ok" he interrupted her, she had made a good argument. He slept on the couch.

"oh, thank you so much! Whatever you get, be sure to get two alright?" and then she hung up before he could asked which kind. Tim had no idea what to get, so he just closed he eyes and grabbed two boxes. Making sure not to look at what was lying at the top of the cart, he rolled down the aisle. As he tried not to think it, he ended up thinking aboutnit so much that he turned that cart and returned to the aisle.

Julie was wrapped up in a ball on the floor of her room trying to find a comfortable position. Not even her bed was comfortable at this point. She didn't even notice Tim standing in her doorway, staring at her only a little confused. When Julie looked up Tim was standing there with a little plastic bag in his hand.

Julie jumped for it and Found that Tim had not only bought her the best brand of pads, he got her midol too.

"I'm not doing it again" he emphasized in a very serious tone.

Julie didn't bother with a response but she gave him a peck on the cheek and ran towards the bathroom.

2 weeks later

Eric Taylor was ready for date night. He and his wife were finally going to have some alone time since Gracie Belle came along. Shelly was at a coffee shop with some of her realtor friends. Gracie belle was with the neighbor. And Tim was taking Julie to Lois' and picking her up. Eric didn't know where Tim was going to be during that, but Eric had made it clear to him that it would not be at the Taylor house.

"Hey Hun" said his wife as she lay dinner out.

"Hey" he responded in a coquettish voice.

Tami Taylor chuckled at her husband's attempt to be flirtatious. He had trouble with anything other than serious conversations. But she was used to it, and she loved it.

Settling down for the evening was going to be great.

Tim rolled up to Lois' house in a hurry. Julie had called him asking for help. He ran to the front door. It was all he could do not to bang on it. Lois' mother answered.

"Where's Julie?" he asked.

"Oh she went to the store about ten minutes ago." The little woman didn't know what to do. Big Tim Riggins' was asking her questions and all she could do was answering them.

"She went to the store on burton street"

Tim nodded and ran in that direction, forgetting that he had his truck. Which was a good thing too, because Julie wasn't at store, she was sitting next to a wall halfway there. And she was covered in blood.

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