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When Julie opened her eyes the sun was shining into her room. She blinked a few times to stop the blinding sensation. Took a deep breath and sat up in bed. Maybe something good will happen today.

Her mother was taking her to the doctor. It was Thursday, so they would both be missing school but the doctor said it was important they returned in exactly eight days. Her father would not be joining them.

Julie slowly made her way out her door. When she arrived in the kitchen she was greeted with the harsh whispers of her parents.

"Good morning" Her parents looked up, startled.

"Oh Good morning Darlin'" Tami smiled at her daughter. She could do that now. She could smile at her daughter.

"Good mornin'" Eric mumbled. He turned away and brought his mug to his mouth and Julie took a seat at the counter. Eric stalked out of the kitchen and into his room.

Julie glanced down at the plate Tami had put in front of her. He had done that yesterday too. And the morning before.

After a few moments, Tami sighed.

"Julie, hun, it's almost time, you should go get ready."

Julie nodded and made her way to the bathroom. Right before entering the shower so could hear Tim enter the house.

"Did you do it?" She heard her mother ask.

Julie frowned, and stepped under the spray.


"So, hun?" Tami started. Julie turned and looked at her mother expectantly.

"Yeah mom?"

"Did you ever think of talking to anyone?" Tami glanced over to her daughter.

"You want me to go to shrink?"

" well, that might not be such a bad idea. I mean we should all go to one really. But I was thinking more along the lines of a friend?"

"I told Tim."

"Hun, you didn't actually tell Tim. You need to talk about it—"

" I talked to you on Tuesday."Julie interrupted.

After her mother had come home from the grocery store that evening, she and Julie had had a heart to heart. It was awkward at first, but Julie was willing to say anything. She had had finally gotten her mother back from Counselor Taylor's clutches.

"I know that honey, but I think you should speak to someone who's a third party like a shrink."

"yeah okay"

"And maybe someone who went through a similar experience?"

"I guess."

Tami sighed.

"You know Tyra went through a similar experience," Tami kept her eye on the road. She didn't know how her daughter would react to this.

Julie straightened. Tyra?

"You mean Tyra was…" Her voice trailed off. She still couldn't bring herself to say the word.

"Tyra was attacked but she got away. I think it would be good if you spoke to her."

Tyra was attacked.

"Maybe you can call her after school lets out today?"

But she got away.

"Hun? Are you hearing me?" Tami turned to her daughter.

"Yeah mom, I hear you" Julie said automatically.

Tyra got away.


Julie sat on the couch staring at the television. There was an action movie playing but she didn't really know which one, she couldn't even tell who the bad guy was.

There was a piece of paper in her hand with important words in it but she didn't bother looking at it, she already knew what it said.

High Risk. That's what it said. It said that her pregnancy was high risk.

The doctor said that the fact that she was so young was already a risk. But the fetus was attached very high in her uterus. He said that there was a chance the baby could grow into her fallopian tube. The tube could burst. The baby could die. She could die.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

Very loud gun shots rang from the TV.

Bang. Bang. Bang. That was what Julie felt like. Three blows to her heart one right after the other.

She was attacked. BANG

She was pregnant. BANG

She and her baby were at risk. BANG.

Julie didn't know what hurt more, knowing that the child might not have a chance, or knowing that none of this would even matter if that first gunshot didn't fire.

But Tyra didn't get shot, Tyra got away.

There was a cough. It startled Julie. She turned and saw Tim at the table using Tami's computer. She frowned and glanced at the time. It was just past 630. She'd been sitting there for hours.

Julie didn't bother acknowledging Tim, she just closed her eyes.

Tim lifted his head. Julie had made an odd sound a moment ago and looked at him, then turned around once more and about minute later he could hear her labored breathing. She was asleep.

Tim looked down at the computer screen once more. He was supposed to be typing up a paper, but instead he was googling. Tim learned a lot scrolling through those pages. For example, most fallopian pregnancies had to be aborted.

He had seen the paper in Julie's hand. In fact he leaned over her shoulder and read the whole thing. Julie didn't even noticed when he took that sharp breath after reading the part about possible death.

Tim glanced over at Julie's sleeping form. According the baby website he was on, random naps were more common in the second and third trimester but every pregnancy was different.

Tim stood and quietly walked over to the couch. After he gently picked Julie up and made it half way to her room, couch walked into the house. After settling Julie down to sleep, Tim walked back to the living room. When he noticed Coach was leaning against the counter in the kitchen Tim made his way towards him and sat on one of the stools.

Eric leaned down on his elbows and stared at the boy in front of him. The boy he now trusted enough to put his 16 year old daughter to sleep. When had everything gone awry?

Well of course Eric knew the answer but it seems that every second is an hour and he's been living a thousand years. Last week seems so long ago he has a hard time placing it.

"So you went down to the station?"Eric whispered loudly into Tim's face.

Tim looked down. If anyone recognized that smell it was Tim-it was clear where Eric had spent the last half hour after practice.

"Yes sir." Tim whispered to the counter.

"You told them everything you know, everything that happened?" Eric didn't even care that he was now talking to Tim's hair and not his face.

"I answered all their questions." He said that because he didn't tell the police everything that had happened that night.

He didn't tell them how he vomited in the woods that night. Nor did he tell them that he broke down and cried in his own truck that night.

When they asked him why he didn't take her to the hospital, he explained that Julie asked him not to tell anyone.

He didn't tell them that if Julie had asked him to dance on broken glass he would've done it. He didn't know why, but he knew he'd do it.

Coach was staring into his head. He wondered if coach would question his choice of words. But before he could say anything Tim had to let it out.

"I told them about the guy."

Tim felt Coach's gaze intensify. "You know something about that bastard?"

Tim nodded. The police didn't even have to ask the question before he told them.

"His name is Anton."

The Front door opened and closed. Eric closed his eyes.

Tami walked in and the first thing she noticed was that Julie was on the couch. She was sitting there like a zombie when she left.

"Where's Julie?"

Tim backed away from coach. "She's sleeping."

But Tami wasn't listening. She settled the bag of dinner she had just picked up on the counter. She had been too tired to cook. Tami took a few steps towards her husband and sniffed.

Tim took a deep breath. "I'm gonna turn in early."

Tami nodded without taking her eyes off her husband. "Yeah okay Tim, you do that."

Tim stalked on over to his/the guestroom. He'd moved in soon after Shelley left. Most nights he'd fall asleep in front of the TV on the couch, lately he'd been doing it on purpose in case Julie decided to sleep walk again. But tonight Tim figured he could sleep in his bed, coach would surely be occupying the couch.

Tim walked into his room and sighed. He had stopped by his old house to check on Billy, but instead he'd found an eviction note and a bag of his things on the porch. The door opened. Tim entered thinking he'd find Billy hiding from the bill collectors- Tim was wrong. The house was completely empty. Billy had taken everything with him wherever he was. Apparently everything Billy considered to be Tim's was in that bag on the vestibule. Tim sighed and walked out. He hoisted the surprisingly heavy bag into the bed of his truck and drove to his new home.

As Tim stared down at the bag now, he realized that he had to tell the Taylors. Technically, he was still a minor, what were they going to do with him. He was surely not going away from Julie. He promised he'd helped raise the child and he would.

Tim figured child rearing would be tough but he knew he could do it. All he really had to do was make sure this child's childhood was the opposite of his own.

Tim started to unpack.


Tyra got away.

That was the first thought that passed through Julie's mind when she opened her eyes Friday morning.

Tyra got away. Why didn't Julie?

Was she too weak? Too scared? Julie tried to think back. Maybe there was a way she could've fought him off. But that last thing Julie could remember was looking down at her bleeding stomach.

She'd fainted! She always went flimsy at the sight of blood, but shouldn't the adrenaline have kept her awake? Tyra surely had adrenaline. Tyra surely didn't faint. Tyra fought her attacker off and won. Tyra got away.

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