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House blew out a heavy breath as he sat in Cameron's dark hospital room. Beside him, Cameron slept in her bed, a little smile on her face. Without a sound, he reached over and brushed her hair away from her face. Then he got to his feet and shuffled across the room.

Beside Cameron's bed was a clear bassinet, and House heard the tiny noises made by the little wrinkled and red person that wasn't even a day old. Six hours ago, he had held Cameron's hand and watched as she brought that life into the world.

And it still hadn't quite sank in yet. He was a father. He was responsible for a completely innocent and helpless little person. His stomach clenched.

At that moment, a nurse walked into the hospital room. Her mouth dropped when she saw House, the sarcastic ass who harrassed the entire staff, staring at a tiny baby in Cameron's room.

Immediately he glared at the nurse. He didn't want his child gawked at. "What are you doing?"

The nurse flinched. "I-I'll come back later," she stammered. "I didn't know you were busy." The terrified nurse scampered out

He smirked and looked down into the isolette. "See that?" he whispered. "If you're really my kid, you'll learn how to do that."

The baby gurgled.

"Yeah. I know, I'm not much to look at." His hard look softened just a little. "I'm sorry that you got stuck with such a lousy father."

He leaned closer to the isolette and looked at the bracelet on the baby's tiny wrist. Cameron Allison House. His daughter.

He heard Cameron stir, but said nothing.

"Mm," Cameron mumbled. She lazily opened her eyes and saw House standing there over the isolette, looking at the baby. Their little girl .

Shifting his cane to his left hand, he reached down and awkwardly scooped the baby up in his right arm. Then he sat down in the closest chair. He hadn't been eager to hold the baby right after she was born, and Cameron hadn't been willing to let her go. And now, he still didn't feel ready. But he got the feeling that he wouldn't be able to get away with not holding the little thing until she was moving around on her own.

Cameron smiled at the sight. She knew that no matter what House thought, that he would be a good father. She knew that deep down under the sarcastic exterior, lay a more gentle side.

He studied the baby's puckered face. "I'm going to make a lot of mistakes," he whispered. "I'm not the man your mom thinks I am. But if it helps, your Uncle Wilson likes kids. Maybe he can help me."

Cameron was silent. She could see the pain in House's face as he mumbled the words, mixed with fear. It was so beautiful, yet so heartbreaking.

"You and your mom both deserve better, much better than I could ever give you. But I'll be here."

She knew what House was terrified of- becoming his father. But she knew that House would never bring himself to hurt a child. She wanted to grab his hand and tell him that he was wrong.

He studied the baby's face, looking for any sign of his self. But all he could see was her mother. Her nose, her mouth... He held the baby closer.

Cameron could see his face soften, and it made him look loving as she watched him hold the baby, the tiny, beautiful creature that she-that they-had made.

He shifted the baby to his shoulder and gently rubbed her back with a calloused hand. He didn't have the faith or confidence that Cameron had in him, but he had to believe that he could be a better father than his had been.

Cameron knew that he could do it. She trusted him to help her raise their little daughter, to change diapers, teach to walk and talk, send to school.

House heard Cameron sigh, and he glanced over at her.

"You're going to be great," she whispered.

He looked at the baby again. Cameron had so much faith in him. To her, he could do no wrong. But that wasn't true. If he wasn't careful, he could destroy the life of an innocent baby.

"I trust you," Cameron continued. "I know that you'll be a good father. You'll be there for her."

"There's a difference in being there and being a good father." And while he was sure that he could be there, he wasn't as confident about being a good father.

"A good father takes care of a child," Cameron said. "I know you'll do that. I know that you can protect her."

Maybe he was the one she needed to be protected from.

The baby began to whimper, and he looked at the tiny face.

Cameron sighed. Her words had come from her heart, they were the honest truth. But she read House's face and could tell that he didn't believe her.

He shushed the baby, and he was shocked when she settled and grasped his shirt with her impossibly tiny fingers.

"She's going to be a daddy's girl," Cameron pointed, smiling. "See? She already likes you."

He looked at Cameron, and there was a glimmer of hope in his cerulean eyes. But after a moment, he broke the gaze and looked at the baby again

Cameron's teal eyes followed his every move. "I saw that," she whispered.

He looked across the room, then settled back in the chair and closed his eyes. The baby seemed to be just as tired as he was. She sighed and closed her eyes.

Cameron watched as he began to finger the baby's tender cheek, a look of love in his eyes. It was amazing

Holding the baby close, he propped his legs up on Cameron's bed. "Wilson is her godfather," he said decisively. They hadn't talked about it, but if anyone could help him learn to be a decent father, Wilson was definitely a good choice

Cameron nodded. "Okay," she whispered. "Are you starting to believe me?"

He shrugged. Maybe the lack of sleep was starting to get to him, but he was finally allowing himself to consider the possibility that he might not be the worst father.

Cameron smiled at him She reached forward and lay her slim hand on his arm. "You believe me, I know."

He shrugged again. "It's late. You should go back to sleep."

"I've been sleeping a long time," she replied. "You need to sleep more than I do."

"I'll sleep later. You just had a kid."

"And you've been sitting here awake for over six hours."

"I'll sleep," he said firmly. He made himself more comfortable in the chair, reasoning that he hadn't left because he didn't want any more nurses staring at his baby.

Cameron pushed herself up in bed. "And I crushed your hand when I was in labor."

"My hand is fine."

"Just sleep," Cameron commanded. "You need it."

"So do you," he countered, rubbing his daughter's back.

Cameron could see the affection he used as he rubbed their baby's back. "I'll sleep when you sleep." She looked at his worn face, and knew he was absolutely exhausted.

He closed his eyes. "I'm sleeping."

"Cute," Cameron scoffed, rolling her eyes. "Real cute."

He smirked. "I know I am."

Cameron watched as he caressed the tiny baby in his arm. It would make an amazing family photo. "Yep," she whispered. "You are."

With an amused chuckle, he lightly brushed his lips against the baby's head. Then he leaned his head back and yawned wearily

The gentle kiss he gave the baby was what really made Cameron happy. It was a kiss a loving father gave his daughter. It was so incredible, so amazing.

House fell asleep a few moments later, still holding the baby securely to his chest.

The door opened quietly a few moments later, and a bright eyed, grinning Wilson eased into the room. He waved at Cameron.

"Hey," Cameron said, returning the wave.

He looked at House and the baby. "She's beautiful, Allison."

Cameron nodded proudly. "She is," she whispered softly.

Quietly he went to the bed. He was one of the only people House and Cameron had chosen to tell who the baby's father was, and he felt trusted. He looked at Cameron. "He's been here with you all night?"

"All night," she said. "He just now went to sleep." She studied House's sleeping figure, and their tiny daughter in his arms.

Wilson also watched his best friend holding the newborn. "He looks...happy," he commented, amazed.

"He is," Cameron agreed. "He just doesn't know it yet."

"He'll figure it out." He moved to his best friend's chair and reached for the baby. When the baby moved, House grumbled and held her tighter, then settled down again. Wilson smirked and took a step back.

"See? He already adores her," Cameron chuckled.

Wilson touched his chin, then leaned over and gently hugged Cameron. "I'm going to let everyone know that you're both okay," he murmured. House had been unwilling to let anyone into the room and disturb his little family. "There are already a bunch of presents and flowers waiting in the nurse's lounge. I'll bring them in tomorrow."

"Okay," Cameron whispered, returning the hug. "Thanks for stopping by."

"I had to see her." He reached out and touched the baby's tiny arm.

"She's incredible." Cameron tenderly touched the baby's dark head.

"Yes, she is." He kissed Cameron's cheek. "Just like her mother." He fluffed Cameron's pillow, then backed away from the bed. "Get some sleep. If you need anything at all, you can call me."

"Will do," Cameron said. "But I can tell she's going to be her daddy's little girl, so watch out."

He chuckled. "I wouldn't be surprised. Sleep well, Allison."

Cameron laughed softly. "I will." She finally closed her eyes, and fell asleep.

He watched the sleeping family for a moment. Whether or not they were ready, they were a family. And maybe that was exactly what House had been missing for too long. He smiled softly and slipped out of the hospital room, then went down the hall to tell Cuddy all about the new baby.